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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

After the song was finished, Rain and Bailey sat together in a couch and then started talking lots of random stuff. You would be freaked on how random they were. Chicken in bath tubs, gay people dating lesbians, peanut butter and jelly time (love that time), and different stuff. Then a slow dance came up. The DJ said for everyone to dance with a partner so it can be a "special" moment. Aah! Whatever. She is only your friend.... that I kissed a few days ago. Rain thought. "Um.. Do you want to slow dance?" Bailey asked. She felt uncomfortable showing love as in BF and GF style to Rain. It's to weird to Bailey. "Well, it clearly doesn't mean anything and we are only friends and everyone knows that, right?" Rain replied. "Yea, I guess." Rain grabbed her hand and then they started dancing. Bailey was looking around avoiding eye contact with Rain. "So," Bailey said feeling shy. Rain smiled quickly and then stood there thinking still slow dancing with her. "I am sorry that I keep thinking of that kiss. It is very weird for me to kiss a guy that is my best friend. And it is very pondering to me." Bailey said. "You're not alone. I am thinking of it too." Rain smiled. "Well, how about we just completely forget of it." Bailey insisted. "What if it was hard to do?" Rain asked feeling like he didn't want to say that. It sounded like he was flirting. "I mean- I didn't mean that. Uh, yea. Let's forget about it." Rain continued. Bailey smiled and hugged him. "You are such a good friend, Rain." Bailey opened her eyes and stopped hugging him and still was slow dancing with him... in New York City. Meanwhile, Shane and Heather were slow dancing too. "I am a bad dancer, trust me." Shane told her. "Okay, why do you tell me this while I am observing the bad dancer dancing with me in a slow dance song?" Heather asked smiling. "Hey!" Shane yelled feeling sarcastically offended. "I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?" Heather asked. "Very badly." Shane cried and faked 4-year old tears. Heather put on a fake sad frown and then kissed his lips. Shane pulled away and then looked at her smiling a little. Heather looked away and then Shane kissed her cheek. They stayed quiet until the song finished. Shane looked around. He even tippy-toed to get his eyes over the tall football players and nerds. Shane took her through the crowd. "Shane, where are we going?" Heather asked. Shane ignored the question. He went in a closet with a window. It had a view of a skyscraper and it was almost dark outside for the closet to be dark. He closed the door and was alone with Heather. He softly pushed her to the wall and made out with her. It was such a moment for Heather and Shane. Or should I say, Shather? Heather and him stopped for air. "Wow. I am so getting in trouble if my mom found out of you and me being alone." Heather smiled. "Well, let's make her crack." Shane insisted. They made out even more. After they stopped, Shane was grabbing on to her hips. Heather put her hands on his. Then someone walked in. They turned to the opened door and saw Jenna there. "Heather?" Jenna blinked. "Yea?" Heather felt confused. "Mandy invited you here? And you are here alone with Shane?" Jenna asked. "Mandy did invite me. And Shane and I are together. That is why we are alone." Heather explained. "Wait, I thought you liked Rain." Jenna said. Shane widened his eyes. Oh no, she might spill Rain's secret of his love to Heather. Shane thought. "I don't like Rain. He's my best friend. Who told you that?" Heather frowned. "Um, Hey! Why don't we party? Come on! Shake it by Metro Station!" Shane tried. "Wait, Mandy told me that you do because Rain-" Jenna was going to continue until Shane couldn't take it anymore and kissed Jenna! Heather stood there with her mouth wide opened and then a tear fell off her eyes. She ran away from Shane and couldn't talk to him no longer. She ran to a place where he couldn't find her. She went upstairs to a room and luckily, there was no one doing it on the bed. Heather cried and felt her eyeliner come through her cheek. She wiped her face and cried a little more. Then she heard the door open and then saw Jenna there. "Hey Heather, I need to talk to you." Heather turned herself away and said,"What do you want? My next boyfriend's lips?" Heather asked. "First of all, my boyfriend is Jared and I wouldn't steal anybody's boy only because Jared is too hot for me so I can go on and cheat on him." Jenna smiled sweetly. "Why did Shane even kiss you anyways?" Heather asked meanly. "Well, I would tell you but that means stabbing Mandy in the back. And that only happens to you and your friends. I would rather ask Rain what is going on and why I will not tell you." Jenna insisted. She walked out of the room and then Heather wondered what is going on that she doesn't know about that her best friend does. Oh, I see how it is. Rain won't share a dirty little secret, eh? Is that why Shane kissed Jenna. Because a secret she was going to spill of Rain. And Shane was trying to be a friend? Heather thought and went downstairs to find Rain.


Krosemarie said...

oh my goodness. a TON of stuff happened in that post!!!! very good, but I'm a little confused. The whole Shane thing was confusing, but really good!


♡!!Su-sU the 0re0 ßαߥ!!♡ said...

Wow! To everything and that evil Shane. Well he had to do what he had to just to keep it all SHH. he is a good friend but a bad boyfriend? I guess.


Ali loves Keyshia Cole! said...

Wow!! Really awesome post Leilah!!! I REALLY hope Heather and Shane stay together!! they are so cute!!