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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Where Are You, Rain?

After the kiss of Heather's and Shane's....

Shane just walked to the lunchroom with her and did what they did. Which eat and so on. "So Shane," Juliette started teasing. "Where did you take Heather?" she finished. "Somewhere." Shane said just making her think a lot. "Seriously, where did you take her?" Bailey asked. "A private place where it can never be public." Shane replied. "Oh. That is interesting." Bailey told him laughing her head off. Meanwhile, Jenna has got the second biggest revenge that will tick Heather and Rain so they can never talk to each other either forever or for a while. She wants Mandy to be with Rain until Mandy gets tired of him and moves on. She has got the biggest, nastiest, cruelest revenge to plot. She was going viciously hostile! It will come up on the next post probably. After lunch, Shane and Heather walked with each other hand and hand. They practically were together in a relationship. I wonder how Rain will take it. Very pondering, huh? Heather was off to Science class and Shane was going to go to History. "I will see you after class. You can wait around here if you want." Shane told Heather. "Okay." Heather smiled. They were going to meet around the lockers near the second period of Rain. Which is Math. Heather didn't know no one in her class. She sat by this guy. He had such cool hair and he looked like a football player. She just felt uncomfortable being near the "cool dude" or anything else as they refer him. She was really the little punk type with a mix of girly. Or as Heather would like to call,"Purly" or also,"Gink". All she ever did was mix the words together and made it as simple as that. There was this little, fat, and old lady that seemed freaky to Heather just by looking at her. Her name was Ms. Horpo. She talked like a man. She was scary and tough. She didn't seem sympathetic or at all sensitive. When the lady called roll and called the guy that sat next to Heather he said,"Here!" His name was Jared. He was cute. But right now, Heather had her eyes on her boyfriend. Or, were Shane and Heather at all in a relationship? It seems like it since they kissed. Heather loved the kiss a hundred percent. She was so happy. She bet Rain would be happy for them. Why wouldn't he be!? He is a supportive friend. Science was okay. The only thing the class talked about was the solar system and astronomy. Oh wow! This stuff is so fourth grade. Maybe even second grade. After class, Shane was waiting there in front of the door. Mr. Mikel let them go early for some reason. Shane smiled when Heather came out the Science room. "Hey." he told her. "Hey." Heather told him back. They kissed their little "welcome to me" kisses and talked and walked slowly. "So... How is the second day of school for you?" Shane asked. "Pretty lame but the cool-ish lame." Heather replied sarcastically. "Oh. That's great." Shane laughed. Shane pulled his binder from his knees to his tummy. He looked at the front of it and then opened it and stopped walking. Heather had her confused face on. "What are you doing?" Heather asked. Shane pulled out a paper that had words on them. "I made a poem when I was bored. I am very different from all the guys. They usually throw spitballs when they are bored." Shane told her. "I love different." Heather smiled. Shane looked at her smiling. "Thank you beautiful." Shane said. He put his binder on his left hand and grabbed Heather's hand with his right hand. Heather looked away and blushed. She now knew that they were together. "What are you blushing about?" Shane asked her as if he knew the answer. "Are we for real together?" Heather asked him. "I don't know. You tell me." Shane smiled and kissed her cheek and then he took off leaving to his fifth period. Heather giggled as he left. She bit her lip filled with joy. After school, Heather walked out the school hoping to find her boyfriend! She was so glad that she found someone in the third day of living in the city that never sleeps. sleeps sometimes. After 5 minutes of waiting in a certain spot, she saw him walking with a guy, talking and laughing. She headed for him and when she was getting near, she put her hands through his arms and was almost like hugging him. He turned around and saw her. "Hey baby!" Shane excitedly said. They kissed and blah blah! "Shane, Rain wants me to come to the hospital. Want to come?" Heather asked him hoping for a yes. "Sure. He is my best friend. Did I tell you? No?" Shane asked her. Heather shook her head but knew NOW that they were best friends. "Since when?" Heather asked him. "Fifth grade," he smiled kindly. "So are we going to go already?" he finished. Heather nodded with a smile. Meanwhile, Rain was laying down on his bed counting his fingers for boredom. But the boredom came to an end when Jenna came through the door with a video camera. He looked confused. "Hey Rain. I need to show you something..." Jenna said viciously. He was watching a video on the camera. "It's a video that you will not like at all." she finished. He saw Heather on it with Shane. For some reason, Heather had his hoodie on. He felt confused until he saw a lip-lock on the video. He felt like the world was ending. He didn't want to see Heather now. Once Jenna left, Rain stood on his feet, took off the hospital dress thing and put on his jeans and shirt. He was going to leave the hospital. Rain was crying like the only thing he could do was that. He ran for his life and didn't care if the bruses were hurting him. He only felt pain through the heart. He raced to a different place. Almost near his house but a little further then where he normally lives. When Heather got to his hospital room... it was empty. She found herself being confused and then...
To be continued...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alone in Hospital

Rain felt so alone in the hospital that he waisted his time watching the clock and thinking most of the time. He felt a little sore but a little okay. He wanted to fall in to a deep sleep and stop thinking of Heather. Heather. She's the only one that Rain had in mind. Is she okay? Is she thinking of me? Rain got himself depressed without people around. Especially Heather. He just wanted to talk to her exactly like yesterday. He was thinking of their lips almost meeting and saying hello to each other. AHH! Why did she have to sneeze? Stupid allergies. He was also wondering if she was getting along wonderfully with Shane. And by wonderfully, he jealously means,"WONDERFULLY" Rain was actually in the first time jealous of his best friend, Shane. Heather liked Shane. Rain predicted. She kept on giggling the cute giggle that came through her mouth yesterday. It was adorable to Rain. It made him like her more than ever. One day might be just as lucky as... well almost like yesterday. But more better. Rain sighed. He heard the clock ticking. He lay down in his bed, taking off the covers from his body. He didn't feel too cold. Just normal. The clock said 12:48 PM. Just 3 more hours left and maybe Heather will come to the hospital. He grabbed his cellphone and texted Heather. He knew what time to go to lunch. So, she must have her cellphone at lunch. Er, would she? Rain texted,"Hey Heather. Hows the lunch?" He waited for a text from her. Hopefully. He jumped when he heard the phone go off. It read,"Are you okay? The lunch here is okay." He smiled and imagine her voice saying the text on his phone. He couldn't take anymore of it. "I'm ok. Go to the restroom or somewhere private, I wanna call you." he texted her. He waited 30 seconds to go by. He sighed. He felt like yelling for exactly no reason. He dialed in her number. "Hello?" Heather said. Rain smiled and said,"Heather!" He felt so excited to hear her voice finally. "What are you doing?" Heather asked customarily. "Just laying in bed having so much pain for so many reasons," he replied. Heather was one of the reasons why he had a pain. He didn't just want to hear her. See her to be exact. "I feel so alone without Juliette, Bailey, and you." he finished. "Oh. I miss you too." Heather said. Heather said that so she can calm him down. She didn't know him that much but decided to say it anyways. Rain smiled at the phone. "So are you going to come over here to see me?" Rain asked. He knew and hoped that the answer would be yes. "Yes. I am going straight there." Heather told him smiling. "Cool. Tell Bailey, Juliette, and Shane that I said hi." Rain commanded. "O-," Suddenly, Rain started shouting of pain. "OWWW!" Heather felt scared. She didn't know what to do. Rain closed his eyes very tightly and grinded his teeth shut together and putting his hand on his shoulder. "Rain! Are you okay?" Heather asked feeling more and more scared. No reply. Heather hung up and went straight to the lunch room to warn Bailey and Juliette. "What!?" Bailey yelled. "He shouted full of pain. I tried asking if he was okay but there was no answer." Heather said. "Don't worry. He must have pain." Juliette calmed them down. Heather had a frown and a scared face mixed together on her face. She shook her head and thought of him. And while she was thinking of him, she didn't notice Shane coming to sit next to her and put his arm around her. "Hey Heather." Shane said. Heather blushed and felt his muscles lie down on her back. "Hi." Heather replied. She totally forgot about Rain. Juliette and Bailey smiled at each other for Shane calming her down. "So, you look pretty in that polo shirt." Shane told her. "Thanks." Heather said while she multi-tasked. Smiles, giggles, and blushing. That is what I mean by multi-task. He got on his feet when he took his arm off of her. "Come with me." Shane told her. "Okay!" Heather said waiting for what will happen next. He took her somewhere where the people weren't so it could only be just them two alone. When they reached a private spot he let go of her hand and turned around to look at her. He smiled the smile that Heather wanted to see every second of her life. "It's just you and me." Shane told her. Heather nodded smiling shyly. "So..." Heather managed to say. Shane looked around for exactly no reason. It's just so cool to do when he is alone with some so pretty as Heather. So now you know that Shane has a little crush on Heather too. A little breeze went to them making Heather a little cold. She forgot to bring her hoodie because the weather channel forcasted a cold front. "Oh my gosh! It's cold." Heather said. Shane took off his hoodie and gave it to her,"Here. You can wear this." Shane told her nicely. Heather smiled. "Thanks." "You're welcome." Shane replied fastly. They both hugged in the wind. Shane smiled ear to ear and so did Heather. Heather kissed his cheek and felt very warm in her face. Shane laughed and then kissed her lips. Heather never felt this happier in her life. "Th-Th-Thank you!" Heather stuttered.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day After Rain's Crash

The next day, Rain was still in the hospital. Heather has heard that he will stay there for one more day and he will be fine. She felt so bad for him. After that thought, she was already on the sidewalk walking to school. She hoped that Shane would not make her blush today. He was so hot in many ways. He had such cool hair. And his beautiful, sky blue, sparkling eyes that light up like a glow in the dark ring if only it was blue in the night and afternoon. Lots of random thoughts came in running through her head. Did she have homework? Will Shane make her blush? Is Mandy going to start drama about Rain's accident? Is Rain going to die? She laughed at the thought. She kept walking. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming closer to her. Don't be Mandy! Don't be Mandy! "So, I heard Rain's accident. I can't believe you got him in the hospital, klutz." Mandy said. Heather didn't bother to talk back to her. She didn't want to fight right now. It was too soon. Especially in the morning. "Kid, you better start talking some words to me or you will be sorry." Mandy complained. Heather turned furious. "Listen to me speak. It was an accident. I did not do nothing to hurt Rain. I would never hurt him. He is too nice. Unlike you." Heather finally told her. "Oh, I know you didn't say that." Mandy got offended. "Well, I bet others will find it to be true. And guess what honey, I just said that!"Heather yelled. Mandy stopped walking with her. She took her purse and hit it on the back of Heather's head. Heather fell and she felt a humongous pain in her head. What the heck did she have in the purse anyways!? "See you later, freak." Mandy smiled viciously while she walked away like a runway model. Heather frowned while she was getting up. She was thinking of stuff she would regret later. Mandy seriously wants something to happen between Heather and her. Fight. Revenge. Hatred. Those were the negative thoughts that wouldn't normally be in Heather's mind. But, someone already put it in her head. I bet Jenna was a bigger pain. She made Rain cry after all. But it's all worked out now. And it ends up like this. Rain in the hospital, Heather having a big pain in the back of her head, and lots of other crappy stuff. Now, she wants to see Shane to make her smile by his flirting. Once she got to her first period, she sat near Juliette. And Mrs. Altree did the attendance as usual. Once she called Rain, she looked around confused. She knows that he has perfect attendance since fourth grade. Now, the record is broken. "Where is Rain?" Mrs. Altree asked. Heather kept quiet and then said,"He is in the hospital." Mrs. Altree gasped and asked why. "He got hit by a car on accident." Juliette finished for Heather. "Oh my. This is very serious. Will he be okay?" she asked. Juliette nodded. "He will be here tomorrow." Heather added to the nod. After all the first period stuff and going on to the Theatre Arts second period. Trust me, first period can be boring on the second day of school. Bailey was seated in her chair and then when she saw Heather come in, she turned herself around in her chair. "Do you know when he will come back?" Bailey asked. "Tomorrow."Heather replied. She felt tired of talking about Rain and his accident. It seems like she did something wrong. It seems like it is all her fault and people are asking her all theses questions! It was crazy. At least she can day dream the whole 30 minutes. The sleeping substitute was there again. Heather was lucky this time. So she shared ZzZ's with the substitute. Bailey and Juliette just day dreamed unaware of what happened when the idiotic boys kept doing and saying their stupid immature jokes.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just You and Me

Heather went to see what was wrong with Rain. She found him sitting on a bench just shedding small tears. Heather felt like crying with him. But, right now she didn't feel like crying with someone. She wanted to cheer up someone instead. Rain looked at her while his face turned red."Rain, what's wrong?" Heather asked. Rain shook his head because she didn't want her to know. Heather looked away for a second. Rain looked at her and finally said,"Jenna doesn't want me to talk to you." Heather frowned,"What? How can she-" Rain interrupted her,"She also said I should get back with Mandy." Heather had her sad face on and just looked away. She was thinking of negative thoughts then said."How could you? And you do what she says?"Heather cried. She couldn't help but cry a tear. Heather got on her feet and ran away from him. She thought he would be a better friend than this! Maybe he wasn't the generous type. He was the idiot too, just like all the other boys around the world. Rain cried for a few more seconds and ran after her."Heather! Wait,"Rain shouted out. Heather didn't dare to see him. She just folded her arms and looked across the street. "I am sorry." Rain said in a calm voice. Heather just erased her mad face and looked to her boots and walked across the street. And as soon as she was on the other side, Rain realized that she didn't know her way through New York and she might get lost. Rain ran across the street, not knowing that there was a car coming that ran him over. Heather gasped and ran to the street."Rain!" Heather yelled. He was unconscious and was in a deep sleep for a couple of hours. The next thing he knew, he was at a hospital and Heather was just sitting there thinking of what she has done, not knowing that Rain woke up. Rain grunted so she could get his attention. Heather turned his way and smiled."Sorry Rain. It's all my fault. I should of known better." Heather told him feeling worried. "Don't worry. It was not your fault. It was an accident. I didn't know the car was coming."Rain said. Heather rolled her eyes and said,"You should. I thought you knew your New York."Rain nodded. "I do. But, I can't predict cars coming my way."Rain corrected."Oh." Heather sadly said. Rain kept looking at her while she looked down at her lap. Rain smiled for a second or two and was glad that she actually cared to be in the same room when they were both mad at each other. Were they mad right now? "So, are we cool with each other?" Rain asked hoping for a yes. Heather nodded and smiled. She got up to give him a hug."Ow!" Rain shouted in pain. Heather backed away. "Looks like I got a bruise." Rain said. Heather smiled as he searched for it. Rain took off his shirt and found 4 bruises around his chest."Oh! That looks like serious pain." Heather didn't want to look at his pain. But she got closer to him instead. Rain looked at her. Heather looked at him. "Thanks for being here for me."Rain told her. "Your welcome. I had to skip school for you. I was very worried." Heather replied. They got closer and were about to kiss. But then to emberass herself on accident, Heather sneezed. Heather covered her nose and then Rain laughed. She got a tissue and wiped it off. Then she smiled a little. Then they got silent for a few seconds when they heard words coming through the door. Juliette and Bailey walked in. "We heard what happened." Bailey said. Heather nodded and just stood up so Bailey can sit down on the chair. "Rain, how you feeling?" Juliette asked. "I am okay. Just that I got a few bruises on my chest." Rain told her while she showed her. Juliette smiled and just looked at Heather. "So, who else heard of this accident?" Rain asked Bailey. "Shane and your mom." Bailey answered. Rain smiled a little. "In fact, Shane is coming right now in a few minutes." Juliette said. Heather felt her heart beating a little faster than usual. And she also started to sweat in a very cold building. Bailey looked at her sweat. "What's wrong Heather?" Bailey asked. Juliette and Rain took a look at her. "Oh, nothing. It's very hot in here." Heather lied. She took off her sweater and revealed a pink Hello Kitty tank top. "Cute shirt!" Juliette yelled out. "Where did you get it?" Juliette asked. "New Jersey. Where I use to live." Heather replied. Once Shane walked in, Heather looked at him and smiled. Shane caught her eye and told her,"Hey! You are from the lunchroom." Heather nodded. "Nice shirt." Shane complimented. "Thanks. I like your... your shoes. I like converse too. It's just that I am wearing boots right now." Heather told him feeling stupid. Rain looked at her confused. Shane smiled and said thanks to her. Heather giggled a little. Rain can feel that Shane was flirting on her. But, he didn't want to yell to stop, or else Shane would of took that in a mean way. But, Rain didn't feel too mad. I mean seriously, Heather and Rain almost kissed. Isn't that something?

What's Wrong Rain?

Lunch was going great. Rain was making Heather laugh a lot just to see the smile that she gave. Juliette and Bailey were sitting in front of them. They were eating sandwiches with chips and with water bottle to get their throats un-sticky. Mandy you could see was sitting 2 tables away watching them laugh being jealous with the evil eyes. She turned furious. Mandy didn't want to fight though. She still had red all over the left side of her face. "One day, I am so going to get back at that little freak."Mandy thought. Jenna was coming to sit next to Mandy."Mandy, what is up girlfriend? You know today, Jared totally asked me out and then I am all like,'Dude, yes!' I only wanted to date him because he is also popular like me and he is quarterback on the football team. Isn't that great?" Jenna asked. Mandy nodded madly."God, if you are jealous then just tell me. It's not cool to keep it all in."Jenna said."There is this new girl that I hate. She is hanging out with Rain my boyfriend! Man, I hate that Heather chick."Mandy explained."What!? Someones messing with your boyfriend? I won't allow this. Where is this Heather girl?"Jenna asked angrily. Mandy pointed to her and Jenna saw where she hit her pointers. Jenna smiled and then came to the table. When she was coming closer, Juliette and Bailey faded their smiles from all the jokes told by Rain. Heather and Rain turned around."Rain! We need to talk."Jenna said. Rain put on his confused face on and then Jenna yelled,"NOW!" Rain quickly got out of his seat and then Jenna pulled him to a different place."Who is she?"Heather asked."She is the most evilest cheerleader on this planet."Juliette said. Bailey nodded."Why does she need to be mean to make friends?"Heather asked like it was a difficult question to answer. "Because, most say she hypnotizes boys or the boys are just too stupid to figure out that she is vicious."Bailey answered. Heather looked at her talking without hearing her."So, I guess she is my enemy too?" Bailey and Juliette nodded in a,'Trust us' face. When Heather looked back to her tray she thought that she wasn't hungry anymore. Then she looked up to where the people walk and then noticed a guy. He was tall, had black hair, blue eyes, and was very attractive. Heather looked at him like she didn't want to stop looking at him."Wow. Who is he?" Bailey looked back. She turned back to her."Shane?"Bailey asked. "Oh God! You know him?" Heather said frightened. "Know him? We are best friends with him!" Juliette told her. Shane came to sit next to Juliette."Sup." Shane said. "Hey Shane! Have you met Heather?"Bailey asked him. "No. But I noticed her."Shane said. Heather turned red and then hid her face with her striped sweater for a few seconds. Shane looked at her and said,"Hi. I am Shane." He stuck out his hand for a shake. "I-I-I am Heather." Heather said as they shook hands. Shane smiled at her then gave her a wink. Heather blushed then quickly said,"I will be right back." Heather went to the nearest restroom to wash off her face. She dried her face with her sweater then smiled. She took a deep breath and went back to the lunch room to see if Shane was still there. He wasn't. Good. No more blushing for now. She went further and further and then sat down on her seat. "Looks like someone likes Shane." Juliette teased Heather."Shut up. I know, you don't have to remind me that I like him."Heather said. Bailey kept quiet. She was thinking about Rain and if he knew that Heather liked Shane he would be crushed. So now, she pretended that she never knew about Rain liking Heather. Bailey was on Juliette's side now. When Rain came back he came with a little tear coming down his cheek. Heather looked at him but he didn't dare to look at her. Rain took his stuff and then walked out of the lunch room. He looked at the drawing of Heather and then he disappeared very quickly. "What's wrong with Rain?" Juliette asked sympathetically. "I don't know, but he seems very very sad." Bailey replied. Heather just sat there, feeling like if she wanted to go help him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Slap Fight

Bailey: Are you serious?!

Juliette: Not lying a word. He likes her.

Bailey: WoW! Rain is a freak though. Ha! LOL!

Juliette: Yea. Man, this substitute is wicked. She is boring.

Bailey: Dude, let's talk after class, okay?

Juliette: Sure.

Bailey looks at Heather and then smiles at her without her knowing. She smiled of the whole Rain liking Heather thing. It was something she wanted to know more about. It was interesting to her that Rain has a crush that doesn't involve the stupid brat, Mandy. And her dumb preppy leader, Jenna. Jenna was the most evilest girl that lived on the planet. She was a cheerleader, teacher's pets, and had lots of popularity and boys. Who needs that to be cool? Boys. Some were cute. But the cute ones were idiots. Why did it always end up this way? Guess all the cute guys were too immature to figure it out. The other cute ones were always with Jenna and Mandy. It was always too freaky that guys want to be near Jenna. It was either that Jenna hypnotized them or the guys are just too stupid to notice that she was evil. Bailey sighed thinking about how she was so bored to be in this class. She was just sitting there, the substitute was literally sleeping, and the kids were just either whispering so she couldn't wake up or passing notes. Ah! What a suckish day for Bailey. The bell finally rang and Bailey was gossiping about the whole Rain and Heather thing with Juliette. Mandy noticed that they were talking about Rain. But she didn't know that they were talking of Heather also. "Hey, stop talking about my boyfriend, geeks!" Mandy yelled. "Make us." Bailey yelled back. Mandy had her 'Bring it on' face and walked 3 inches in to Bailey's face. "You want me to make you?" Mandy asked harshly. "Go ahead Ms. 'I do whatever Jenna says' girl."Bailey teased her. Mandy and Bailey were in a fight I guess. Heather was watching in awe. Rain came in behind her and Heather looked at him when he looked at her. Rain felt like smiling from ear to ear. But he couldn't since the fight was urging to see. Yes, the whole school always wanted to see Mandy and Bailey fight. Bailey slapped her. Mandy slapped her back. Bailey of course did it even harder that she knocked Mandy off her feet."Bailey!"Juliette yelled. Bailey turned around to find Juliette. "Stop fighting! It is rude to be slapping your neighbor." Juliette said. Juliette of course was against fighting and loved peace. Rain came in next to her. Bailey saw him and smiled when the thought came popping in her head like popcorn in the microwave. Juliette knew what she was smiling of so then Juliette and Bailey went somewhere where Bailey wouldn't blab it out. So then the bell rang. It was only Rain and Heather in the hall. The teachers were already locked in their classrooms just staying there most of the time like locked royalty. "So.."Rain managed to say. Heather smiled and blushed because he said it like if he needed to go somewhere in a manly voice."So?" Heather replied. Rain leaned against the lockers. Heather just looked at Mandy still on the floor covering her head in pain. Rain took a deep breath. "Want to go to lunch?"Rain asked. "We already go there?" Heather asked surprised. Rain nodded. "Oh!" Heather said. "Follow me."Rain told her. Heather came his way and just walked with him feeling a little weird. She felt like falling in his arms for her tiredness. But instead, she yawned and then laid her head on his shoulder like how most friends do when they are tired. Rain blushed and felt his stomach twist. He was thinking to put his arm around her. So he did. Heather looked at him with a smile. Mandy saw them walk away with the cuddling. "She is taking him away from me!" Mandy thought as she was getting up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Second Period... AND HERE IT IS!!

When Rain turned around, he found Heather looking at him hoping she didn't hear that. Juliette smiled a little and just thought of something to save Rain's butt."Um.. We were just talking about how cool your pictures on your binder look." Rain turned his head and saw Juliette looking at him. Then he turned to Heather,"Yea. I like the Elmo picture." Rain said. "Thanks." Heather told Rain while she smiled. He fell in a trance once she smiled that sweet smile that she gave away to him the first time they met. This morning. You might be wondering,"Wow! Rain liked her very fast." Juliette knew he was deep in her eyes so she just distracted Heather so she wouldn't get the wrong idea that he LOVED her like A LOT. Though, Rain doesn't like her THAT much. That would just be too crazy. When the bell rang, Rain ran to his seat to get his drawing of Heather and his binder. He looked at his drawing and smiled. Rain was a very good artist if you ask me. He is not the stick figure drawing kind of dude. Very artistic if you ask me again. Heather walked out with him and just talked about her next class and how it was her favorite subject. Her next class was Theatre Arts. Rain was sadly not in that class. But at least he got to see her in the morning and first period. Hey, in his next boring class, he can finish his drawing of Heather. You guessed correctly. His next class was math with the evilest teacher, Mr. Poleron. He was old, wrinkly, and mean. The stuff that Rain has as a pet peeve. He would just miss Heather and her cute giggle for 30 minutes. There was 30 minutes in each class. At least it was better than an hour. Heather walked in her classroom and saw Juliette. Hmm... She was someone she already knew. Why not sit by her? She went to an empty seat and sat there just looking at the board that said,"Welcome to Theatre Arts," 'Oh my god, this is theatre arts?' Heather sarcastically thought to herself. "Mrs. Wilson is your substitute for the day."the board said. Yes! Substitutes are always mindless to students that she never knew. "Hi Heather," Juliette said a little loud. The other students looked at her. Heather could already read their minds,"Is that a new girl?" Heather just waved to Juliette and smiled."You will like this class."Juliette finished. Heather nodded. "Cool. It sounds interesting." Heather told her as Juliette nodded her head. "You want me to introduce you to Bailey?"Juliette asked. Heather nodded even though she didn't have a clue who Bailey was. "Bailey! Over here!" Juliette yelled out as a blonde girl with curly hair came in the classroom. She had a good taste in style. Bailey turned to Juliette. She smiled and came her way over to her."Bailey this is Heather."Juliette said. "Hi. You are new here, huh?"Bailey asked. "Yea. It's crazy here so far."Heather replied."Then you started off the right way."Bailey told her. Heather smiled a little."Has she met Rain yet?"Bailey asked Juliette."Actually, Rain introduced me to her in first period."Juliette said."Oh! Heather, you are so lucky to be with them in first period."Bailey smiled. Heather just sat there quiet waiting until the end of school ended. She was already tired and bored even though she was talking. Juliette and Bailey started passing notes without Heather knowing. Here is what the note said:

Juliette: Hey Bailey, you know what Rain said about Heather?

Bailey: What did he say? Something bad?

Juliette: No, just don't tell Rain I told you. And don't tell Heather.

Bailey: Fine! What did he say? Tell me already!

Juliette: Rain likes Heather.

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rain...Rain... Juliette?

As the bell rang, a few students went into class to not be counted tardy or absent. Mrs. Altree was calling roll and Rain was just sitting in his seat drawing what he saw this morning. He saw the most beautifulest thing that ever appeared in front of his face. "Heather!" Rain perked up and Mrs. Altree noticed him. "Are you Heather?" Heather looked back and caught Rain's eyes. She smiled and waved."No, I am Rain."Rain replied. Mrs. Altree looked at the attendance sheet and saw his name,'Rain Wilton.' "Okay, I got you. Heather!" "Here!" After Mrs. Altree finished calling roll she let the students walk around and introduce themselves. Rain went straight to Heather and said,"Hey!" "Hi Rain!" Heather giggled. Rain smiled from her cute giggle. That made him fall in love with her even more. "Do you mind if I introduce you to someone?" Rain asked."Sure! I won't mind." Heather replied. Rain grabbed her hand and held it tight. But not too tight where her blood gets lower and then she explodes. Rain leaded to a girl with the most majestic and dark brown hair you will ever see in this world of ours."Juliette, this is Heather. Heather this is Juliette." Rain said. "Hi! It's nice to meet you Heather. You are new, right?"Juliette asked. "Yea, I am new. In New York City."Heather replied. Juliette laughed a little. "Did you know that Juliette was vegetarian and loves animals?"Rain asked Heather. "Really? That's great!"Heather said. While the two girl were talking, the words started going away from Rain's ear. All he heard is mumbling even though they were talking loud. Rain spent his time looking at Heather's beautiful eyes. He began thinking and complimenting her in his mind."Wow. She is the beautifulest girl on the face of the Earth." Juliette noticed that Rain was looking at Heather while she was talking. When Heather finished her sentence and waited for Juliette's response, the words that came out of her mouth was,"Heather, can you give Rain and I a moment?" "Sure! You kids have fun having your moment." Heather said. Juliette gave her a sweet smile and then pulled Rain to a private and quiet spot of the room. "Hey! What are you doing?" Rain asked. "What are you doing?" Juliette smiled suspiciously. "Huh? What are you talking about?" Rain asked her confused. "You must seem to like Heather."Juliette told him. "How would you know?" "Aha! So it is true!" Juliette said. "Shush! God, you don't have to be TOO loud. She is in this room too, you know?" Rain shushed her. Juliette gave her a smile. Then she walked behind him to be mysterious to him. Rain turned around."Why did you turn?"Rain asked. "I am so bored looking at the wall."Juliette lied. "Okay,"Rain said confused again."Just don't tell her. Please, I know I can trust you. So, can you keep a promise not to tell her. She is very pretty to me." Rain told Juliette."Hey, umm.. What are we talking about?" Heather asked behind Rain's back. Rain widened his eyes without her looking at him....

To Be Continued....

Fight to Love

The next morning was Monday! Heather felt so excited and worried at the same time. She wore a striped black and purple sweater with black pants and boots. She ate a lovely breakfast of toast and eggs with orange juice. Her school was just 2 blocks away and she knew how to handle herself with strangers. So it took a long 3 minutes to convince her mom that she is responsible enough to walk by herself to school. "Yeah! Thank you mom! I promise I won't get kidnapped!" Heather thanked her happily. So, she went downstairs and when she got out of the building, she put her bookbag near her hips and walked. A guy about her age saw her walk alone and started walking towards her. Heather didn't notice him until he scared her by saying,"Hi, I am Rain. I noticed you, and you seem new." "Whoa! You scared me. My name is Heather. I am new to Barrymore High School. And Rain? That is a strange name to name someone."Heather replied. "I know. My mom told me that is raining when I was born. Speaking of birth, what grade are you in?" Heather laughed because birth had nothing to do with what grade she was in."Sophomore." "Really? So am I!" Rain seemed pretty excited. "Cool." "So where are you from?" Rain asked. "Ne Jersey. I moved yesterday. Of course, I feel a little sad but, at least I will get to refresh my life here." Rain nodded then said,"Welcome to New York." "Thanks Rain. I could use a welcome." Heather sighed and smiled. They stayed quiet for a few minutes. Then a girl came out of no where behind Rain and said,"Hey baby! Do you miss me? Uhh.. Rain who is that?" "Mandy, this is Heather. Heather, this is Mandy." "Uhh.. Heather, I don't like you. Now, stay away from my boo!" Mandy commanded. Rain got mad at Mandy. "Mandy, be nice. It's her first day at Barrymore." "Good luck child. And newsflash, no one wears those boots anymore." Mandy meanly told Heather."Guess what Mandy, no one says newsflash anymore. And I make these boots look good on me." Mandy put her angry frown face on. "Mandy, stop it! I am trying to get you to be nice to someone but it is never easy for you!" Rain told Mandy. "You're correct and I will always be!" Mandy yelled. "I am going to school, alright?" Heather said. "Nerd."Mandy replied. "See! There you go again," Heather started to hear his words of his voice fading away. "Maybe we were never right for each other!" Rain finished. "What!?" Mandy screamed. Rain nodded for his response. "Maybe we weren't!" Mandy said. "Never will be." Rain added. Mandy just pushed him and walked away. Rain looked at her thinking,"This is the best thing that has ever happened."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exploring the Sleepless Afternoon

Here I am. In New York. :] I feel different in the same way. Don't worry Diary, that confused me too. I just wanted to write that down to remember. I wonder what will happen next. I am just so curious of what the future brings me. I see lots of double dutchers on the corner, lots of people walking, and traffic of course. This might be a new beginning for me. School is tommorow and that sucks. Enjoying a day then just going to school? You got to be kidding me. Well, I got to go and explore the world around me in my new life.


Heather and her family went almost everywhere after they got their house. They went to Ground Zero where the World Trade Center use to stand. Heather felt very very bad. So she prayed two prayers that she learned in her church a few months back. She was thinking about how sad the families were who were related to the victims in the building. It felt unreal to her, but very depressingly real when near Ground Zero. But now we can get over it once in a while. Once Heather got to her new house, she was laying in bed looking out the window next to her and thought to herself, "This might be a new beginning for me."

Monday, September 15, 2008


Dear Diary,

This is my first time I say and do this in all my life to live. I am moving to New York City! I am going to miss my friends. Well, we all got to live somewhere else. I'll make new friends. I might find a crush too. If I have time for them. Hmm... Here is my last goodbyes and looks to New Jersey. I will miss it here a lot. But I know for sure that I will visit here over the Christmas break or even Summer. I will come back for more when I enter the city that doesn't sleep. I got to hit the road.


Heather was already packed and ready to go to New York. "Mom, I am ready!" Heather yelled out feeling a little melancholy. "Okay. Come on down. We are going to the car and the moving van to put in our stuff." her mom replied. Heather came downstairs and set down her suitcase near the car and sighed. "I'll miss you New Jersey." Heather was thinking to say bye to her friends. But, it would be too sad to see them cry and follow the car all the way to New York. Or, that is what Heather thought would happen. Some of her friends can be a little too sensitive. "I'll send them a message on Facebook later on." she told herself. When everybody was ready to go, they got in the car and had a long driveway to New York. All the ride, she had her iPod on and listened to all her favorite songs. Which was all 56 songs. She wondered what will happen to her in New York. What happens in New York, stays in New York. Typically. This was actually the best drive ever. Only because dad didn't sleep and snore, Toby, her brother didn't ask her billions of questions, and mom didn't sing to the radio. It was madness if all that was put together. Things couldn't get any better. Oh, there it is. The sign that says,"Welcome to New York City!"

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Heather Danish is a new girl in Barrymore High School. She moved to New York City, New York. She use to live in New Jersey. Where everything was normal. And if you screwed up, it will just go away quickly or just stay with you. She is going to a new school to start all over, and make new friends, and probably meet some boys. Only if she had time for them. To her, the city she is moving to, seems like a place to never sleep because of all the honking of taxi's and everything. But after every thought, everything goes quite different. So she decides that not everyone wakes up in the middle of the night to want to try to sleep again. So here we go, off to a new place. Starting.... NOW!!