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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day After Rain's Crash

The next day, Rain was still in the hospital. Heather has heard that he will stay there for one more day and he will be fine. She felt so bad for him. After that thought, she was already on the sidewalk walking to school. She hoped that Shane would not make her blush today. He was so hot in many ways. He had such cool hair. And his beautiful, sky blue, sparkling eyes that light up like a glow in the dark ring if only it was blue in the night and afternoon. Lots of random thoughts came in running through her head. Did she have homework? Will Shane make her blush? Is Mandy going to start drama about Rain's accident? Is Rain going to die? She laughed at the thought. She kept walking. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming closer to her. Don't be Mandy! Don't be Mandy! "So, I heard Rain's accident. I can't believe you got him in the hospital, klutz." Mandy said. Heather didn't bother to talk back to her. She didn't want to fight right now. It was too soon. Especially in the morning. "Kid, you better start talking some words to me or you will be sorry." Mandy complained. Heather turned furious. "Listen to me speak. It was an accident. I did not do nothing to hurt Rain. I would never hurt him. He is too nice. Unlike you." Heather finally told her. "Oh, I know you didn't say that." Mandy got offended. "Well, I bet others will find it to be true. And guess what honey, I just said that!"Heather yelled. Mandy stopped walking with her. She took her purse and hit it on the back of Heather's head. Heather fell and she felt a humongous pain in her head. What the heck did she have in the purse anyways!? "See you later, freak." Mandy smiled viciously while she walked away like a runway model. Heather frowned while she was getting up. She was thinking of stuff she would regret later. Mandy seriously wants something to happen between Heather and her. Fight. Revenge. Hatred. Those were the negative thoughts that wouldn't normally be in Heather's mind. But, someone already put it in her head. I bet Jenna was a bigger pain. She made Rain cry after all. But it's all worked out now. And it ends up like this. Rain in the hospital, Heather having a big pain in the back of her head, and lots of other crappy stuff. Now, she wants to see Shane to make her smile by his flirting. Once she got to her first period, she sat near Juliette. And Mrs. Altree did the attendance as usual. Once she called Rain, she looked around confused. She knows that he has perfect attendance since fourth grade. Now, the record is broken. "Where is Rain?" Mrs. Altree asked. Heather kept quiet and then said,"He is in the hospital." Mrs. Altree gasped and asked why. "He got hit by a car on accident." Juliette finished for Heather. "Oh my. This is very serious. Will he be okay?" she asked. Juliette nodded. "He will be here tomorrow." Heather added to the nod. After all the first period stuff and going on to the Theatre Arts second period. Trust me, first period can be boring on the second day of school. Bailey was seated in her chair and then when she saw Heather come in, she turned herself around in her chair. "Do you know when he will come back?" Bailey asked. "Tomorrow."Heather replied. She felt tired of talking about Rain and his accident. It seems like she did something wrong. It seems like it is all her fault and people are asking her all theses questions! It was crazy. At least she can day dream the whole 30 minutes. The sleeping substitute was there again. Heather was lucky this time. So she shared ZzZ's with the substitute. Bailey and Juliette just day dreamed unaware of what happened when the idiotic boys kept doing and saying their stupid immature jokes.


Krosemarie said...

oh, Mandy is so mean!! I can't believe she would actually blame her and hit her with her really heavy purse!! Great story, your characters are excellent!!


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Ugh. Die Mandy! Haha jk ... but really, how rude and mean!!! She is eeeeeeviiilll ... ooo, she has GOT to go!!! lol

Keep up the great work! I think you're an awesome writer!

~ MeGaN