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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Second Period... AND HERE IT IS!!

When Rain turned around, he found Heather looking at him hoping she didn't hear that. Juliette smiled a little and just thought of something to save Rain's butt."Um.. We were just talking about how cool your pictures on your binder look." Rain turned his head and saw Juliette looking at him. Then he turned to Heather,"Yea. I like the Elmo picture." Rain said. "Thanks." Heather told Rain while she smiled. He fell in a trance once she smiled that sweet smile that she gave away to him the first time they met. This morning. You might be wondering,"Wow! Rain liked her very fast." Juliette knew he was deep in her eyes so she just distracted Heather so she wouldn't get the wrong idea that he LOVED her like A LOT. Though, Rain doesn't like her THAT much. That would just be too crazy. When the bell rang, Rain ran to his seat to get his drawing of Heather and his binder. He looked at his drawing and smiled. Rain was a very good artist if you ask me. He is not the stick figure drawing kind of dude. Very artistic if you ask me again. Heather walked out with him and just talked about her next class and how it was her favorite subject. Her next class was Theatre Arts. Rain was sadly not in that class. But at least he got to see her in the morning and first period. Hey, in his next boring class, he can finish his drawing of Heather. You guessed correctly. His next class was math with the evilest teacher, Mr. Poleron. He was old, wrinkly, and mean. The stuff that Rain has as a pet peeve. He would just miss Heather and her cute giggle for 30 minutes. There was 30 minutes in each class. At least it was better than an hour. Heather walked in her classroom and saw Juliette. Hmm... She was someone she already knew. Why not sit by her? She went to an empty seat and sat there just looking at the board that said,"Welcome to Theatre Arts," 'Oh my god, this is theatre arts?' Heather sarcastically thought to herself. "Mrs. Wilson is your substitute for the day."the board said. Yes! Substitutes are always mindless to students that she never knew. "Hi Heather," Juliette said a little loud. The other students looked at her. Heather could already read their minds,"Is that a new girl?" Heather just waved to Juliette and smiled."You will like this class."Juliette finished. Heather nodded. "Cool. It sounds interesting." Heather told her as Juliette nodded her head. "You want me to introduce you to Bailey?"Juliette asked. Heather nodded even though she didn't have a clue who Bailey was. "Bailey! Over here!" Juliette yelled out as a blonde girl with curly hair came in the classroom. She had a good taste in style. Bailey turned to Juliette. She smiled and came her way over to her."Bailey this is Heather."Juliette said. "Hi. You are new here, huh?"Bailey asked. "Yea. It's crazy here so far."Heather replied."Then you started off the right way."Bailey told her. Heather smiled a little."Has she met Rain yet?"Bailey asked Juliette."Actually, Rain introduced me to her in first period."Juliette said."Oh! Heather, you are so lucky to be with them in first period."Bailey smiled. Heather just sat there quiet waiting until the end of school ended. She was already tired and bored even though she was talking. Juliette and Bailey started passing notes without Heather knowing. Here is what the note said:

Juliette: Hey Bailey, you know what Rain said about Heather?

Bailey: What did he say? Something bad?

Juliette: No, just don't tell Rain I told you. And don't tell Heather.

Bailey: Fine! What did he say? Tell me already!

Juliette: Rain likes Heather.

To be continued...


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Awesome post!!! Your story is getting better and better!! Keep up the great work!

Have the bestest day everrr!
~ MeGaN
=D <33

Glass Mannequin said...

Awesome. Rain is a great name.

I like your blog.

Krosemarie said...

I looove Rain!! That is such an awesome name and I can already tell he's going to be a great character. Your story is great so far, I am definitly staying posted!


Ali loves Island Park said...

I cannot wait to see what happens next Leilah!!! EEEEP!! I'm so stoked to read it!! Keep writing! :D

Anonymous said...

yeah i love this blog

Anonymous said...

yeah i love this blog