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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just You and Me

Heather went to see what was wrong with Rain. She found him sitting on a bench just shedding small tears. Heather felt like crying with him. But, right now she didn't feel like crying with someone. She wanted to cheer up someone instead. Rain looked at her while his face turned red."Rain, what's wrong?" Heather asked. Rain shook his head because she didn't want her to know. Heather looked away for a second. Rain looked at her and finally said,"Jenna doesn't want me to talk to you." Heather frowned,"What? How can she-" Rain interrupted her,"She also said I should get back with Mandy." Heather had her sad face on and just looked away. She was thinking of negative thoughts then said."How could you? And you do what she says?"Heather cried. She couldn't help but cry a tear. Heather got on her feet and ran away from him. She thought he would be a better friend than this! Maybe he wasn't the generous type. He was the idiot too, just like all the other boys around the world. Rain cried for a few more seconds and ran after her."Heather! Wait,"Rain shouted out. Heather didn't dare to see him. She just folded her arms and looked across the street. "I am sorry." Rain said in a calm voice. Heather just erased her mad face and looked to her boots and walked across the street. And as soon as she was on the other side, Rain realized that she didn't know her way through New York and she might get lost. Rain ran across the street, not knowing that there was a car coming that ran him over. Heather gasped and ran to the street."Rain!" Heather yelled. He was unconscious and was in a deep sleep for a couple of hours. The next thing he knew, he was at a hospital and Heather was just sitting there thinking of what she has done, not knowing that Rain woke up. Rain grunted so she could get his attention. Heather turned his way and smiled."Sorry Rain. It's all my fault. I should of known better." Heather told him feeling worried. "Don't worry. It was not your fault. It was an accident. I didn't know the car was coming."Rain said. Heather rolled her eyes and said,"You should. I thought you knew your New York."Rain nodded. "I do. But, I can't predict cars coming my way."Rain corrected."Oh." Heather sadly said. Rain kept looking at her while she looked down at her lap. Rain smiled for a second or two and was glad that she actually cared to be in the same room when they were both mad at each other. Were they mad right now? "So, are we cool with each other?" Rain asked hoping for a yes. Heather nodded and smiled. She got up to give him a hug."Ow!" Rain shouted in pain. Heather backed away. "Looks like I got a bruise." Rain said. Heather smiled as he searched for it. Rain took off his shirt and found 4 bruises around his chest."Oh! That looks like serious pain." Heather didn't want to look at his pain. But she got closer to him instead. Rain looked at her. Heather looked at him. "Thanks for being here for me."Rain told her. "Your welcome. I had to skip school for you. I was very worried." Heather replied. They got closer and were about to kiss. But then to emberass herself on accident, Heather sneezed. Heather covered her nose and then Rain laughed. She got a tissue and wiped it off. Then she smiled a little. Then they got silent for a few seconds when they heard words coming through the door. Juliette and Bailey walked in. "We heard what happened." Bailey said. Heather nodded and just stood up so Bailey can sit down on the chair. "Rain, how you feeling?" Juliette asked. "I am okay. Just that I got a few bruises on my chest." Rain told her while she showed her. Juliette smiled and just looked at Heather. "So, who else heard of this accident?" Rain asked Bailey. "Shane and your mom." Bailey answered. Rain smiled a little. "In fact, Shane is coming right now in a few minutes." Juliette said. Heather felt her heart beating a little faster than usual. And she also started to sweat in a very cold building. Bailey looked at her sweat. "What's wrong Heather?" Bailey asked. Juliette and Rain took a look at her. "Oh, nothing. It's very hot in here." Heather lied. She took off her sweater and revealed a pink Hello Kitty tank top. "Cute shirt!" Juliette yelled out. "Where did you get it?" Juliette asked. "New Jersey. Where I use to live." Heather replied. Once Shane walked in, Heather looked at him and smiled. Shane caught her eye and told her,"Hey! You are from the lunchroom." Heather nodded. "Nice shirt." Shane complimented. "Thanks. I like your... your shoes. I like converse too. It's just that I am wearing boots right now." Heather told him feeling stupid. Rain looked at her confused. Shane smiled and said thanks to her. Heather giggled a little. Rain can feel that Shane was flirting on her. But, he didn't want to yell to stop, or else Shane would of took that in a mean way. But, Rain didn't feel too mad. I mean seriously, Heather and Rain almost kissed. Isn't that something?


Krosemarie said...

oh, I want Rain and Heather to get together so bad!! I love them together!! Awesome story I love it so far!!!


mariposa said...

I like the way you write - cool story!

:)♥KaNdY-LoVe♥(: said...

OMG. This story is the cutest story my eyes ever read. I got to read more. It's too cute. And I love Rain so far. That's a cool name for a dude that looks so hot like Alex Evans! Ehehe. I want Rain and Heather together. It's crazy. And I hope Rain gets better in the hospital. AHH! They almost kissed. Shane is a flirt dude, right? So he KINDA likes Heather as I read on the side. Keep writing!


♡☮Su-sU tHe OREO LoVeR♥☮ said...

I agree with the comment above me. I hope Rain DOES get better. It's so ca-razy that Heather almost kissed Rain. Some luck for Rain. LOL! I love Rain! Shane I think he is cute. :P
Who is he anyways? Is he like some superstar that is unknown to me or something in real life? Keep writing Leilah.


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

gaspgaspgaspgaspgasp Rain!!!!!! Poor dude! First I'm all like, "OH NOES! Feel better!" and then I was all like, "What were you thinking, why didn't you kiss her!?!?" Rain and Heather are so cute, Bailey and Juliette are so awesome, and Mandy and Jenna are just seriosly evil!!!!!

Keep writing, this is an uh-maze-ing story so far!!!!

~ MeGaN
<3 =D