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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

After the song was finished, Rain and Bailey sat together in a couch and then started talking lots of random stuff. You would be freaked on how random they were. Chicken in bath tubs, gay people dating lesbians, peanut butter and jelly time (love that time), and different stuff. Then a slow dance came up. The DJ said for everyone to dance with a partner so it can be a "special" moment. Aah! Whatever. She is only your friend.... that I kissed a few days ago. Rain thought. "Um.. Do you want to slow dance?" Bailey asked. She felt uncomfortable showing love as in BF and GF style to Rain. It's to weird to Bailey. "Well, it clearly doesn't mean anything and we are only friends and everyone knows that, right?" Rain replied. "Yea, I guess." Rain grabbed her hand and then they started dancing. Bailey was looking around avoiding eye contact with Rain. "So," Bailey said feeling shy. Rain smiled quickly and then stood there thinking still slow dancing with her. "I am sorry that I keep thinking of that kiss. It is very weird for me to kiss a guy that is my best friend. And it is very pondering to me." Bailey said. "You're not alone. I am thinking of it too." Rain smiled. "Well, how about we just completely forget of it." Bailey insisted. "What if it was hard to do?" Rain asked feeling like he didn't want to say that. It sounded like he was flirting. "I mean- I didn't mean that. Uh, yea. Let's forget about it." Rain continued. Bailey smiled and hugged him. "You are such a good friend, Rain." Bailey opened her eyes and stopped hugging him and still was slow dancing with him... in New York City. Meanwhile, Shane and Heather were slow dancing too. "I am a bad dancer, trust me." Shane told her. "Okay, why do you tell me this while I am observing the bad dancer dancing with me in a slow dance song?" Heather asked smiling. "Hey!" Shane yelled feeling sarcastically offended. "I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?" Heather asked. "Very badly." Shane cried and faked 4-year old tears. Heather put on a fake sad frown and then kissed his lips. Shane pulled away and then looked at her smiling a little. Heather looked away and then Shane kissed her cheek. They stayed quiet until the song finished. Shane looked around. He even tippy-toed to get his eyes over the tall football players and nerds. Shane took her through the crowd. "Shane, where are we going?" Heather asked. Shane ignored the question. He went in a closet with a window. It had a view of a skyscraper and it was almost dark outside for the closet to be dark. He closed the door and was alone with Heather. He softly pushed her to the wall and made out with her. It was such a moment for Heather and Shane. Or should I say, Shather? Heather and him stopped for air. "Wow. I am so getting in trouble if my mom found out of you and me being alone." Heather smiled. "Well, let's make her crack." Shane insisted. They made out even more. After they stopped, Shane was grabbing on to her hips. Heather put her hands on his. Then someone walked in. They turned to the opened door and saw Jenna there. "Heather?" Jenna blinked. "Yea?" Heather felt confused. "Mandy invited you here? And you are here alone with Shane?" Jenna asked. "Mandy did invite me. And Shane and I are together. That is why we are alone." Heather explained. "Wait, I thought you liked Rain." Jenna said. Shane widened his eyes. Oh no, she might spill Rain's secret of his love to Heather. Shane thought. "I don't like Rain. He's my best friend. Who told you that?" Heather frowned. "Um, Hey! Why don't we party? Come on! Shake it by Metro Station!" Shane tried. "Wait, Mandy told me that you do because Rain-" Jenna was going to continue until Shane couldn't take it anymore and kissed Jenna! Heather stood there with her mouth wide opened and then a tear fell off her eyes. She ran away from Shane and couldn't talk to him no longer. She ran to a place where he couldn't find her. She went upstairs to a room and luckily, there was no one doing it on the bed. Heather cried and felt her eyeliner come through her cheek. She wiped her face and cried a little more. Then she heard the door open and then saw Jenna there. "Hey Heather, I need to talk to you." Heather turned herself away and said,"What do you want? My next boyfriend's lips?" Heather asked. "First of all, my boyfriend is Jared and I wouldn't steal anybody's boy only because Jared is too hot for me so I can go on and cheat on him." Jenna smiled sweetly. "Why did Shane even kiss you anyways?" Heather asked meanly. "Well, I would tell you but that means stabbing Mandy in the back. And that only happens to you and your friends. I would rather ask Rain what is going on and why I will not tell you." Jenna insisted. She walked out of the room and then Heather wondered what is going on that she doesn't know about that her best friend does. Oh, I see how it is. Rain won't share a dirty little secret, eh? Is that why Shane kissed Jenna. Because a secret she was going to spill of Rain. And Shane was trying to be a friend? Heather thought and went downstairs to find Rain.

Juliette, Don't Cry

In a burst of a storm, Mandy was coming through pushing people seeing his step brother with Juliette. "Aaron! What are you doing with her?" Mandy asked harshly. "Uh...Aaron you know her too?" Juliette asked. "She's my step sister." Aaron said feeling bad. Juliette has finally had it. Most of her world involved Mandy in it. Like most kids, there life is mostly about Hannah Montana. It was annoying. "What!?" Juliette yelled dripping her madness slowly. Aaron wanted to say something but couldn't travel the words out his mouth. "Dude, Aaron.. what are you doing standing near Juliette? I thought you didn't like her." Aaron's friend Paul asked. Aaron widened his eyes and couldn't believe that he said that in front of Juliette. "Oh Lord." Aaron whispered to himself. Juliette just thought he was someone she can love for some time. "Juliette I-" Aaron was trying to explain but Juliette interrupted and said,"You just wanted to tease the stupid animal lover, huh? You don't like me. I know you don't need to pretend anymore. Mission accomplished." Juliette's voice shuck as she was going to cry. Heather made a frown. Juliette ran out of Mandy's house and went to cry outside near the stairs. Heather and Bailey went to go and make her tears disappear. "Juliette, will you be okay?" Bailey asked sympathetically. "I thought I liked Aaron. It was one huge lie." Juliette cried extra tears. "Juliette, don't cry. He is just a stupid guy. That is all he will ever be. You are something special and you will always be." Heather said. "You're right. Thanks for being there for me." Juliette hugged Bailey and Heather. "Hey, that's what we are here for. You." Bailey smiled. "You are special to us in every way and you should of known that by now." Heather smiled. Juliette smiled and Bailey also added,"You are a wonderful person. You were there for me when I was crying for my parents divorcing and me staying with my dad until I find a place." Heather cleared her throat,"Hello?" "You too, Heather." Bailey laughed. They group hugged once again and then came Aaron walking down the stairs. "Will you handle it?" Bailey asked. Juliette smiled and nodded, "I will." Juliette turned around and Bailey and Heather disappeared in Mandy's house. "Juliette, first of all I want to say I am sorry if I hurt you. And I had no mission. I like you but I am not allowed to. Orders from the step princess. But who cares. What cares the most to me is you." Aaron told her. Juliette shed a tear and her voice was shake when she said, "Wow. No guy has told me that they care about me. Except my dad and brother." Aaron laughed. "Are you still mad at me or are you just going to stand there and not give me a kiss?" Juliette smiled and kissed his cheek. "You are forgiven, Romeo." They both laughed. "So are you going to come in with me?" Aaron asked. "Sure." Juliette said wiping her face. Aaron held on to her hand and walked her inside. The song that played was, "Let Me Take You There" by Plain White T's. They danced together and smiled. Heather said suddenly,"They look so good together." Bailey smiled affectionately and nodded. "What is this song called?" Juliette asked. "I know the song is by Plain White T's." Aaron said. Juliette smiled and nodded with no words left to say. She felt so nervous being in a party with the guy she likes. Dancing with him! And feeling the romantic stomach tangle up inside her. She loved this feeling a lot. It ment the world to Juliette. This day is the best day ever. 10/31/08 :]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Party

So, Rain was dancing with Mandy feeling depressed just being near her. He didn't want to show the feeling or else she will tell Queen Jenna. It bothered him that Mandy always told everything to the preppy gossiper. Rain was dancing by just swaying his body. He wasn't really a good dancer. He just tried his best a little. After "Forever" by Chris Brown was done, Mandy smiled at him and then Rain just fake smiled back at her a little and then just walked away trying to find a couch to sit in. He was kind of tired of walking 2 blocks and dancing. He sighed and took a deep breath. His favorite song came up, "Six Feet Under the Stars" by All Time Low. He sang along a little. He stood on his feet when the song got on 1:26 and saw Heather dancing in front of him. "Want to dance?" Heather asked. "Sure." Rain said gladly. He danced by jumping up and down with Heather. By the time he was tired jumping it was nearly the end of the song. So then he just shook his head like if he was rocking out his hair by messing it up. Heather laughed and shook her head too. The song has ended and then they both laughed. When they stopped, they looked at each other with a serious face. They were getting closer and then some fat football players ran in between them which made Heather fall on her bottom. "Heather, are you okay?" Rain asked while he was lending her a hand. "Yea. I am fine. Thanks Rain!" Heather smiled and got up. Rain smiled at her. Meanwhile, Bailey was dancing with Shane to the song, "Hot N' Cold" by Kate Perry as friends. Bailey was laughing because Shane kept dancing like a hippie. He did that disco dance with the finger. Juliette was sitting on a chair drinking some Hawaiian Punch. Also known as blood that is very wet for Halloween. She was thirsty and then she saw this guy she thought was mean but very cute. She liked him for quite a while now. His name was Aaron Livingstone. He was so cute to Juliette. She wanted to talk to him so badly. But she was still kind of mad what he did to make her sad. Like I said, Juliette is a huge animal lover and she is a vegetarian. FLASHBACK: "Hey Juliette," Juliette looked to Aaron. "I got a chicken burger! I love chicken so much, I can eat it ALL day." Aaron smiled and took a bit of his burger knowing that Juliette loved animals badly. Two of his friend's laughed and did a handshake with him. Juliette slowly put her hand around her stomach. Shane was mad at the immature guys that hurt Juliette. End of flashback. Juliette shed only one tear while she was staring at Aaron. Er..., staring in space. Some of his friends were telling Aaron that Juliette was staring at him. Aaron turned to see her. "She must desperate." Aaron lied. His friends laughed and then they walked away. He waited until they left the room and went near Juliette. When Juliette found movement in her eyes she looked next to her and there was Aaron. "What do you want? Chicken burger?" Juliette asked folding her arms. "No." Aaron said. "Why are you near me then?" "Because, I-I saw you looking at me." Aaron replied. Juliette looked at him and leaned her head on her hand. She nodded happily. "Uh... so," Aaron couldn't speak. He liked Juliette too. He wanted her since he noticed her looking at him. "So.." Juliette managed to say while she smiled. She got up on her feet and grabbed his hand and they were dancing to "Hot N' Cold" Aaron was smiling under his costume which was ninja. Juliette laughed because he was so cute in his ninja costume. The next song that came up was "Check Yes Juliet" by We the Kings. Aaron was singing to the song just for Juliette. Juliette blushed and danced a little. "Don't sell your heart, don't say we're not meant to be. Run, baby, run. Forever will be, you and me." Aaron sang. Bailey and Shane were looking at Juliette having the time of her life. "Aw!" Bailey shouted out. Juliette looked at her and giggled. Rain and Heather caught up with Bailey and Shane and he asked, "What did we miss, Bailey?" Bailey pointed to Juliette. "Ooh. Juliette has a boyfriend." Rain laughed. "Aw," Heather smiled. "I would love to have someone sing to me." Heather danced a little. Rain got interested in that sentence. He should sing to her one day if he had the guts. After the song, Juliette had to stand on her toes just to hug Aaron. "Will you be my Juliette?" Aaron asked. "Like totally, Romeo" Juliette smiled. They kissed and then Heather and Bailey said 'Aw!' so loud that everybody turned to them. "It was them two!" Bailey pointed to Shane and Rain. Everybody looked at them and they just shrugged and frowned. Everybody started partying again. "Promise we will never do that again in a group of lots of people." Heather smiled. "Promise." Bailey laughed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday... Mandy's Party

It was Saturday morning in New York City. Shane was awake since 6 AM and thought of starting his days by the usual. Eat breakfast, brush teeth, watch a little bit of TV, and go out for a walk. He usually did that while going to school. But he didn't walk to school today, of course. After his walk, he just sat on the front of his house's stairs looking at the weekend's rush hour start. He looked at his watch and read 7:38 AM. He heard some birds sing and saw some flying in the skies. He sighed of tiredness. He spent half an hour sitting on the stairs. He went inside to sleep a little more to let himself cool down and let his eyes relax. Once he woke up it was 10 AM. He was on the couch and still his whole family was asleep. His little sisters and Ali (twins), his mom, and his dad. Heather kind of woke up at the same time with Shane. She was thinking of Mandy's party and how it's going to be today. AAH! Today is Halloween. She was going to be Lovely Ladybug. Shane was going to be Indiana Jones, Rain is going as Captain Jack Sparrow, Bailey is Sponge babe, and Juliette was going to be Graveyard Fairy. Heather couldn't wait to be there at the party. It's the first time for Heather to go to a party with lots of people that she doesn't really know. She will probably see that guy she talks to in her Chemistry class. His name is Jared and is a football player. He is very funny to her. Heather wondered if Juliette, Bailey, Shane, or Rain knew him. It would be cool if they did. Mandy has not made a plan to destroy the people that she hates the most. But she hopes there will be a coincidence at her party that will get her to cry home and never try to show her face again. Mandy was going to be Disco Fairy. It was a short dress and was the color silver and black. She hopes to get Rain's attention. Jenna was going to be Dorothy for the party. She couldn't wait to be partying. Jenna really didn't know that Mandy invited Heather. Also referred to as "boyfriend stealer". It would totally confuse Jenna if she saw Heather at the party. Jenna would probably get a little mad that Mandy's ex-boyfriend's friend was at the party. If it was something to do for fun, she will separate Rain and Heather and make them never talk to each other. Of course, she tried once. But she will try harder the next time she hears something horrible. When the clock turned to 3:06 PM, Heather went to get her costume out of her closet and went to the restroom to change, put make-up, and look at her reflection. Once she was done straightening her hair and everything else, she finally looked at herself in the mirror and said,"Wow." It was 5:48 now and when she got out of the restroom she heard the doorbell ring. Must be the trick or treat-ers. She thought. She was walking to the door until Toby ran and opened the door. "Hello. May I help you?" Toby asked. "Yea, is Heather there?" Heather recognized that voice. It was Rain! "Toby!" Heather yelled out annoyed. She ran to the door and pushed Toby. "Is that your other boyfriend?" he asked. "Toby, shut up," Heather yelled. "Sorry Rain." she finished. "It's okay." Rain blushed. "So, you are.." "Jack Sparrow. And you must be a lady bug." Rain said. Heather smiled and nodded. "So are we going to party or what?" Heather asked excitedly. "Let's go." Rain finished. He took her hand and walked her down the stairs. He let go quickly when they reached Earth's surface. "Where is Juliette, Bailey, and Shane?" Heather asked. "Juliette and Bailey are going to catch up to us at the party and Shane is going to meet us at his house," Rain explained. "Want a candy?" Rain asked. "Alright. Thanks." Heather laughed. They both walked to his house which was not too far away from Heather's house. Once they got to Shane's house, Shane was sitting on the stair steps and stood on his feet when he saw Heather. "Trick-or-Treat!" Heather smiled. "I got no candy." Shane said. Heather rolled her eyes sarcastically. "That sucks. Rain is better than you. He gave me candy." Heather frowned and hugged Rain. Rain felt his stomach drop and was glad he gave her a candy. "Sorry okay. I am not bad. I am Indiana Jones!" Shane smiled. Heather laughed and let go of Rain. Rain had his moment there. He smiled from ear to ear. They walked two blocks just to get to Mandy's house. "Are we there yet? This lady bug is tired." Heather gasped feeling sweaty. "Yea. Just 10 steps away." Shane said. Heather counted while she stepped a foot. Once she got to 10, she said,"We are here?" "Not yet." Rain smiled. "How about I piggy back you?" Shane planned. Heather shrugged and just got on his back. Rain scratched his head and just kept walking feeling awkward. When they got there, Shane set her down. "Yeah! We are here!" Heather screamed of excitement. Juliette came laughing with Bailey in there costumes and then saw Shane and came running. "Hey!" Bailey and Juliette hugged Rain, Heather, and Shane. Bailey stood next to Rain since she kept thinking about the kiss and all. Rain thought about it too but tried to erase that thought out of his mind. "Hi." Bailey told Rain. "Hey." Rain said looking down to his feet. Heather looked at him with a, "Why is he looking down in an awkward way?" face. It was 6 PM already and they went inside. Mandy saw Rain coming in with Bailey. She hummed a little bit and heard the song,"Forever" by Chris Brown pop up. She came up to Rain and said,"Hey Rain." Rain felt like he didn't want to face her right now. So he just said,"Hi." very quickly to get the conversation over with. "Do you want to dance with me?" Mandy asked with a smile. "Uhh.. I am not a good dancer." Rain told her. "Yea right. Come on. Only one song?" Mandy begged. Rain felt like rolling his eyes but he couldn't so he just had to dance with her. It was only one song, right?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Awkward Moment

"It's okay Bailey. It was just-" Rain paused for a second and didn't know what to say next. Bailey looked down. "I am such a mess up, aren't I?" Bailey asked. Rain shook his head as if that was the stupidest question she has asked. Bailey hid her lips behind her mouth and then looked at him. "You know it's true. My parents are divorced, my dad beats me, I got two enemies, and I just kissed my best friend." Bailey said. "But Bailey, there is one thing that is good about your life," Bailey perked up and hid her frown. "You have some good friends that will never stab you in the back and you are a very beautiful girl." Rain told her hoping he would make her feel better. "Thanks. But, I see other people having the time of their life. Mandy and Jenna are popular, they got the looks, they are cheerleaders, and they get the boys." Bailey responded. "Are you sure that you need all that to be happy?"Rain asked. Bailey leaned her head on her hand. "No. I don't." Bailey confessed. Rain thought she was such a good person. She was clever enough to be happy with all of the stuff that she mentioned about Mandy. "So, do you want to go inside?"Rain asked. "Uh, sure. And Rain," Bailey was going to remind him of something. Rain turned around. "Pretend that the kiss never happened." Bailey commanded. Rain smiled and nodded like a bobble head. They both laughed and they hugged. But Mandy overheard them and got confusedly mad. So when Bailey went inside with Rain, Mandy thought of lots of stuff to get back at Bailey... and Heather. She wanted to include Juliette for no exact reason. It will happen at the perfect place. Mandy's Halloween Party. Her Halloween party was 4 days away. It was going to be on October 31 of course. Today was Wednesday, October 27, 2008. Mandy was going to be dressed up as a disco ball fairy. Her costume was silver and had a little bit of black in it. She wanted to be sexy just for Rain. Maybe Rain would fall for me and forget about Heather! She thought. Mandy was finally happy again but still she wanted to create revenge on Heather, Bailey, and Juliette. She already had the most perfect revenge for Heather. But she has to think about the revenge on the two others. After school, Shane and Heather were together talking to each other about the math test and how hard it was. "Man, I thought I was going to die in the middle of it!" Shane said. "Too late. I am glad you are alive." Heather smiled. "I guess," Shane smiled back. "Oh! I got something for you..." Shane stuck his hand in his backpack and then took out a necklace that had a heart with little diamonds on it. He put it around her neck and then said,"It's a necklace for you." Heather smiled with a big O on her face. "You didn't have to give me this." Heather said knowing that all relationships in the movies always have that sentence in the movie. "Well, I hope you like it." Shane blinked. "Like it? I love it!" Heather jumped. Shane's heart popped out to her for that sentence. Shane loved her as a best friend that like each other. It was too sweet to him. He was going to go to Mandy's Halloween Party. Not that he thought she was cool, only to have his party on. He hasn't been to a party since the last day of school. It was pretty inappropriate. Every jock was throwing beer around their faces and Shane gagged. He smelt like beer for a week. His mom grounded him for 2 months because she thought that he drank some. He hoped that Mandy wouldn't bring alcohol to her party. It was horrible last day of school party. He couldn't wait to go with Heather. He was going to go as Joker. He wondered what Heather was going to be for the party when he got home. But it would be too weird to call her just for one answer. Shane was very tired so he took a nap in his bed. In the city. Dreaming with his mind wide open.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Thunder and the Rain

"Listen, my boyfriend is Shane and you got to know that is true." Heather told Mandy. "I never seen you guys kiss." Mandy said. "Well, why do you need to see us kiss? It's between Shane and me. It's our relationship. Not yours." Heather meanly confronted. "Well, I got to see some "proving it" scenes." Mandy softly hyped up. "Fine! But if you think that that will help you believe it, I will. Before lunch." Heather smiled meanly. "Oh, and before you go Heather," Heather turned to her, waiting for an answer to go catch up with her dorks. "There is a party at my house on Halloween. You are invited." Mandy smiled sweetly. That face was fake but gullible to Heather. Heather just faked a sweet smile back and walked fast to catch up to Rain and Shane. The rain sounded like tapping two pencils on a wooden desk. Mandy smiled intensely with the evilest mind ever. She hoped one day to be as evil as her idol, Jenna Reese. They were practically sisters and listened to each other like normal friends. But outside the walls where all the people stand, they torture them like chicken being cooked in an oven. It was cruel and sad. Too much drama. That was their friendship quote for everybody else they thought were losers. Once Heather was behind Shane and they didn't know that she was behind them, then Heather jumped on Shane's back to give her a piggy-back ride. Shane grunted as he felt weight coming on his back. He saw Heather's hair in his shoulder and held on to her legs. "I didn't know it was you." Shane told her. "Surprise weird little man," Heather laughed. "Mandy still doesn't believe we are together and then now she-" Shane interrupted to avoid Rain feel so sad about them two being love birds. "Uh... why don't we talk about something else?" Heather jumped off his back. "Why?" "Huh... Mm... Because Mandy is not that cool to be talked about." Shane said. "Yea, that is kind of true." Heather agreed. Heather lied her head on the side of his shoulder and put her arm around his waist. Shane shook a little. "Shane! What's wrong with you? You are acting strange." Heather told him. Rain looked down then looked at Shane and then Shane read Rain's lips,"Don't worry about me." Shane looked back at Heather and said,"Nothing. You just tickled me." Heather smiled and then continued with putting her arm around his waist. Then Shane put his hand around her waist too. The rain kept on pouring. Falling down the gray and puffy clouds and the sky making little thunder storms. It was misty and beautiful. Rain loved the way the lights reflected on the wet streets when it rained. It was just so beautiful. Like Heather. Heather was like wet streets in the city to him. It was noticeable and lovely. Once they got near the school, they found Bailey sitting on a bench with a sad face. "Bailey, what's wrong? Why the long face?" Shane asked. Bailey looked at him and shook her head. She didn't want to tell him, Rain, or Heather. Or even Juliette. It seemed as if her heart was broken to pieces. Rain sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. "You can tell me. We are best friends since the fourth grade." Rain begged. Bailey cried and then you can notice her eye liner going down her cheek. She covered her face by hiding it with her hands and putting her head on Rain's shoulder. Rain hugged her. He felt sympathetic for a day. Rain hugged her. Bailey started mumbling something to him. "What?" Rain asked. "My parents are divorced and now I am stuck with my dad. And my dad beats me." Bailey whispered in his ear. "Bailey," she looked up to him. "You got to stand up to your father." Rain told her. "I tried. He only slapped my face," Bailey cried getting closer to him. Rain hugged her even tighter. "I want to run away!" she finished. Rain widened his eyes. "What!? That means I will lose my best friend since primary school." Rain sadly told her. Shane cleared his throat and said,"Hello?" Rain shook his head and sighed, "You can't run away. You might die." "Maybe heaven is a better place for me than living with my dad." Bailey mumbled. "It shouldn't be at this time when you are only 16 years old!" Rain yelled softly. "What do you know?" Bailey barked. "I know chemistry, calculus, and other subjects. I also know what is right for people. " Rain told her. Bailey smiled a little. Shane and Heather left at this time. They weren't even talking to Bailey or Rain at all. "Maybe, I shouldn't live with my dad but I shouldn't run away either." Bailey planned. "What are you going to do?" Rain asked curiously. "I don't know yet." Bailey stared behind him. "Why don't you come live with one of us freaks?" Rain suggested. Bailey sniffed her nose and then smiled and then she said,"Thanks. That's what a good person would do. I love you Rain." Bailey hugged him tight and closed her eyes. When they pulled away, Bailey looked at him and got closer to him and kissed him. Once she took her lips back. Rain looked at her. "Wh-What was that for?" Rain asked stuttering. "Oh my gosh! I just kissed you. I am so sorry." Bailey panicked at the wrong time. She kissed her best friend! She couldn't believe her actions. Though she thought that Rain's lips were soft. What will happen if Mandy finds out? What will be Shane, Heather, and Juliette's reactions? Will Jenna do payback on Bailey? Will Rain and Bailey end up being a couple?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going to School...

The next morning, Heather got dressed in a black shirt, a skirt, and some boots. She was thinking of Wednesday to be a day to relax. She felt tired. But she lived it through. She yawned when she got to the kitchen. She was thinking of getting some pop tarts. She ate it without putting it in the toaster. Heather for some reason loved it frozen. She got some grape juice and drank it. After her delicious breakfast, she went to the restroom to brush her teeth and grabbed a her book bag and then took off without saying a word to her family. She was very tired by the rocks at the window at 11 PM. She usually sleeps at 9 or 10 PM. But she chose to be a little rebel and beat herself up by not taking it the easier time. When she got out of the building, she saw Shane sitting there by the door with a dark green shirt and some skinny jeans. Shane saw her walk and look at him. His eyes were telling her, Hello darling. Heather laughed at him and took out her hand to pick him up. She grabbed his hand and then he got up. "God! I'm so tired." Shane told her. "Have you been sleeping right here over night for me?" Heather asked giggling. "Yea, Heather. I am a hobo." Shane dramatically told her being sarcastic. Heather smiled. Out of nowhere, Rain came in from behind Heather. "Hey." Rain said. "WHOA! You scared me." Heather shrieked. "You always get scared when I am coming from behind you." Rain laughed. "I know! I am such a spaz! Ugh." Heather told him feeling bad about herself. "Yea, I know right?" Shane imitated. "Shut up." Heather smiled. "Ah, I don't feel like going to school today." Rain yawned. "Me too." Shane replied. "Oh my gosh," Heather screamed. "What!?" Shane yelled. "I don't want to go to school either!" she laughed. "You scared me for a second." Shane sighed. "Everyone is a spaz. It's a new thing. Don't worry Heather." Rain told her. Heather laughed and then thought of what he said and then said,"Hey!" Rain smiled as though he was laughing inside but smiling on the outside. Then the horrible storm came in. It was raining. "Hello Rain." Heather said. "Hello rain." Rain told the sky. Heather smiled. Shane put his arm around her shoulder. Heather looked at him. She laughed hard for exactly no reason. "What is so funny?" Shane asked. "I don't know but laugh with me." Heather commanded. Rain and Shane started laughing in the rain. To Heather, Shane had a cute laugh. To Rain, Heather was beautiful. They stopped walking and laughed under a shade. The rain kept falling hard. Mandy suddenly came and saw them under the shade. "Hi Rain!" Mandy excitedly yelled out. "Oh crap." Rain whispered to himself. Heather looked at Rain and heard what he said. Shane just saw Mandy coming in her red high heels coming down the street with her gigantic purse over her head. When she was in front of Rain, she asked meanly,"What is that next to you?" she looked to Heather. Heather just rolled her eyes as if Mandy didn't have a life and was that bored and just bugged the new girl. "A girl. DUH!" Rain talked back. Heather laughed quietly covering her mouth, turning to Shane. "Why are you acting this way?" Mandy folded her arms and expected a mature answer. "Because you are acting mean to Heather. She doesn't deserve this stupid stuff from you. Heather never did nothing bad to you." Rain told Mandy. Mandy puckered her lips, frowned, and thought of what he said. She thought of the best answer to that sentence. "Yea she is! She is taking you away from me!" Mandy yelled. "Um.. No I am not. Rain and I are just friends." Heather told her standing in front of Mandy. "How would I know you are lying?" Mandy asked hoping she would say what she would want her to say in front of Rain,"Because Shane is my boyfriend!" Heather said. Mandy was lucky today. She did say what she wanted her to say. Rain's eyes started to turn red. Shane looked at Rain. He saw his eyes turning watery. So then Shane asked him to walk with him. "Dude, your eyes are red." Shane told him. "Yea. I got something in my eye." Rain lied. "Both your eyes?" Shane knew he was lying. Rain sighed and nodded. "Tell me the truth." Shane commanded him. "I can't. You would probably hate me." Rain told him wiping his face without tears coming out. "I promise I won't hate you. And why would I hate you? You are my best friend. Brothers since the fifth grade." Shane smiled and punched him softly on the shoulder. "I like Heather." Rain whispered. "What?" Shane asked. He didn't hear him. His voice was too quiet. The rain kept falling hard over their heads and then Rain sighed and said,"I like Heather." Shane looked in front of him and kept walking. But he walked slower because that sentence got interesting to him. "You like her?" Shane asked. Rain nodded. "Oh, that's cool! I like her too." Shane tried to make things not awkward. He didn't like drama. He didn't want to start it either. So out of nowhere, he blurted out,"Do you want me to break up with her just for you?" Rain wasn't that kind of person. He was the supportive type. Exactly like Heather said he was. "No. You guys should be together. I don't want no depression all because I like Heather." Rain said. "You are such a good friend Rain. I am glad we are best friends." Shane smiled. They did their friendship handshake which is hard to do at first but a piece of cake after you do it a lot or practice it. Rain smiled knowing that Shane was the coolest dude that he ever met. He was also glad that they were best friends. Or pratically brothers. "I wouldn't care much if you made out with her. Go ahead. But I will punch you if you don't give me a dollar." Rain joked. "Oh God." Shane sarcastically yelled. They both laughed and then they reached the school. Meanwhile with Mandy and Heather;
To be continued...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Love Keeps Coming

The person who came in was Heather's little brother, Toby. He was 12 years old. "Ill!" Toby shouted. "Toby, get out!" Heather yelled. Toby frowned and walked away. "Toby is your little brother?" Shane asked. "Apparently." Heather replied. "Oh. That was kind of embarrassing to make out in front of your brother." Shane blushed. "Sorry." Heather hoped that Shane was not annoyed by her brother. It would be embarrassing to have a brother like that. She sighed while her smile disappeared. After they did their homework, Shane had to go home before his mom had a heart attack or something. "Okay, bye." Heather told him waving. "Bye Heather. I heart you." Shane said sarcastically. "Heather has a boyfriend!" Toby sang teasing both the teenagers. Heather was getting more and more annoyed each time Toby butted in and teased them. "Shut up Toby!"Heather yelled. So instead of a kiss goodbye, Shane hugged her for SEVERAL seconds and then left. Heather ran to her room with an excited scream. "Are you two together?" her mom asked Heather. "Yes. And I'm so happy with him. He is so cool and down to Earth." Heather told her. "Oh, that is nice. Just don't-" Heather interrupted because she knew what she was going to say,"Mom! I know. I will be careful. I won't take it too far." Heather commented. "Okay. Good. I taught you well." mom laughed. Heather smiled and shook her head.

That night, Heather took a bath and sat on her bed listening to car honks and saw the beautiful moon out her window with the lights off. Her phone rang out of a sudden. It was Juliette. "Hello?" Heather said. "Heather?" Juliette asked. "Yea, it is me." Heather told her smiling. "I heard you and Shane are a couple." Juliette teased. "You heard correctly." Heather told her laughing. "Oh. I thought so. How and where did you get together?" Juliette asked curiously. "Today, when he pulled me out to show me something at lunch time, we kissed because he told me that I looked cold and let me wear his hoodie. Then I thanked him and hugged him. Then I kissed his cheek and he kissed my lips. And we got together." Heather told her. "How did Rain take it?" Juliette asked. "He is very supportive though today he left the hospital."Heather replied. "Oh. Okay," Juliette said weirdly while she scratched her head. "I guess." she finished. "Listen, Juliette.. I got to go to sleep. I will tell you more tomorrow. Or just call Shane or something."Heather yawned. Once they hung up, Heather lay on her bed and wrote in her diary:

Dear Diary,

I got a boyfriend now. His name is Shane. Wow, he is extremely cute. He is very cool and funny. New York is crazy, I am kind of getting home sick. But at the same time, I am getting use to it here by all the noise and the traffic. It's cool. I made a new enemy. Her name is Mandy Baltimore. I hate her! She hit me with her big purse filled with probably bricks. My head is still in pain. She is so jealous of me hanging out with Rain for some reason. I don't know why, but I think she is confusing that I like him. He is nice and sympathetic but I like him as a friend more. His blue eyes are cool too. Every one has blue eyes now. I got blue eyes, Shane and Rain too. It's crazy, though Juliette and Bailey don't got blue eyes. Their eyes are dark brown I guess. Oh my god! How did I get eyes in to this subject? The point is that I have a boyfriend. The End!


Suddenly, there was a rock that hit her window. She turned to the window and opened it. She looked out the window and saw Shane standing there with a smile. He had a brown t-shirt and some jeans. "What are you doing?" Heather asked. "I am bored, love," Shane yelled out. Heather put one finger across her lips for the sign for him to quiet down. "I came to tell you that I am so bored that I can't sleep." Shane told her. So New York City doesn't sleep. I was correct. Heather thought. "Just shut your eyelids and go count sheep!" Heather told him back. "Fine, but just know that that sentence offended me. And you are so lucky that I love you. A LOT." Shane yelled walking away. Heather laughed. She closed the window and counted sheep with him in her sleep.

Home Plate (with Rain and Shane?)

Shane asked,"Where is Rain?" Heather "OMG'ed" the moment and then called Rain. No answer. "Oh God. He is not answering his phone." Heather said. Shane called him. Meanwhile, Rain took a look at his phone and saw that Shane was calling him. He decided to pick it up since he can feel Heather's feelings. Worried. "Wh-What?" Rain stuttered. "Dude, where are you?" Shane asked dramatically. "Why should I tell you?" Rain said meanly. "You are my best friend." Shane told him. Rain gave him a moment of silence. "You still there?" Shane asked. "Yea," Rain sniffed with tears coming out his eyes. "I just feel sad." he finished. "Why? Did I do something wrong? Tell me please." Shane begged. "Forget it." Shane sighed impatiently for the real answer. "Where are you then?" Shane asked. "Near my house." Shane grabbed Heather's hand and ran with her downstairs to go near his house. He wanted to save his friend. His best friend. Shane was very worried because Rain was like a brother to him that were the same age. He didn't want nothing to happen to him. Especially when he runs away from the hospital with billions of bruises on his chest. Once they got near his house, they found him looking out to the streets sitting down with a tear coming out falling through a calm face. "Rain." Heather said as she was coming near him to hug him. She lay her head on his shoulder. Rain felt his heart break again and felt like crying a little more. Shane just stood next to the opposite side of where Heather was. He was scraping the wall to come down to sit. "Why are you not in the hospital?" Heather asked him. "I feel better. It's a miracle, huh?" Rain sarcastically told her with a stuttering voice. Heather frowned. "Rain, I would never try to hurt you in any way. If it was my fault if I did something then please forgive me. I don't appreciate people hating on me because of a stupid reason." Heather told him. By her sentence, you could tell that she wants him to not care of the stupid reasons to hate someone and let it go and never let it come back to your feet to be depressed for something very idiotic. Rain smiled a little bit and hugged her hard feeling a little better. He was glad now for two reasons. ONE: She is near him. TWO: She doesn't want him to be sad.

"Do you want to go somewhere with us to forget about this silly sadness?" Shane asked. "Sure. That would be cool." Rain smiled knowing that his best friend also doesn't want to see drama on the Heather's second day to know them both. "Hey, Shane can I borrow your phone so I can tell my mom that I am going somewhere? My phone is out of battery." Heather asked. Shane took out his phone and gave it to her. She went to a private spot where they can't hear her. "Hello?" "Mom. Can I go somewhere with my friends?" Heather asked. She hoped for a yes by crossing her fingers and closing her eyes. "No! Are you crazy? I have to know your friends more. What if they kill you or do something else with you?" her mom yelled. "Mom! Please!" Heather begged. "I said no. That's final. Now come home or you are grounded for four weeks." her mom commanded her. Heather moaned and closed the phone angrily that the phone made a slap sound. "I can't go. My mom has to know you guys more. She believes that one of you might kill me or do something else. My mom always thinks the negative side. I hate that." Heather told them. "Oh. That's too bad. How about we go with you to meet her so she can trust us to be with you?" Shane insisted. "Yea! I like the idea. It's very customary." Heather told him sarcastically. The three of them laughed. Being sarcastic was probably the biggest inside joke to them. They were pretty dorky in the coolest way. And apparently, Heather didn't care if they really meant that she was a big dork. Once they got to her apartment, Heather opened the door with her key and hoped that her mom wouldn't be mad of bringing boys home with her. She got in and saw her mom in the kitchen preparing food. "Mom. I want you to meet two of my friends." Heather yelled out. Her mom jumped out from the kitchen with her mighty smile. She usually puts the smile on her face when she is about to meet someone. Heather finally noticed that by 16 years of living. "Mom, this is Shane and Rain. Rain, Shane, this is my mom." Heather said out of the ordinary. "Hello boys. I'm Heather's mom. So you two known each other long?" her mom asked them. "Yea, we met in the fifth grade." Rain replied. "Oh, that's good. Well, make yourself feel welcome here." Heather's mom said kindly. "Hey, why don't we discover the wonders of my room?" Heather asked both the guys. "With the door open?" mom asked. "Mom!" Heather said embarrassed. "Just don't be alone." her mom corrected her own sentence. Heather walked to her room with the guys following her. "So, this is your room?" Shane asked. "Yep. The place where the world finds a silly little girl like me." Heather told him. Shane smiled with his teeth. Rain looked around her room. Rain sat on her bed which was apparently near the window. For some reason, Rain loved to look through windows to see what was happening without him being there. He looked through the window for 7 minutes. And during the time, Shane was tickling her sides and teasing her. Heather giggled and told him to stop. Shane kissed her quickly smiling with a laugh ending the kiss. Rain didn't see that, thank God. After he stopped looking through the window he just stood on his feet and said,"You are so lucky to have a window near your bed. My bed is away from it." Heather looked at him and teased him in her own mind for several seconds. "Ugh. I'm getting hungry."Shane said. "Come on then." Heather told them both. The beautiful smell of pizza came through the room. "Pizza?" Rain asked. Heather nodded. She grabbed both their hands and then pulled them in the kitchen. "Mom, you making pizza?" Heather asked. "Mm-Hm" she hummed. "Yeah! I love it." Rain said making Heather giggle. Oh, Heather. How he wanted to kiss her SO bad. But it would be too weird since he knows that Shane loves her. And her loves Shane. Out of no where, Rain's phone rang. "Hold on." Rain said walking out the apartment. "Hello?" Rain said wondering who it was. "Hey Rain." Mandy flirted out. "What do you want Mandy?" Rain asked feeling stalked every time she called. "Um...Well, today since it is October 2nd, I been thinking about Halloween a lot." Mandy told him. "Okay. But why do you need to tell me?" Rain asked. "I was thinking of a Halloween party. I can invite Heather if you want me to." Mandy viciously thought of horrible plans while she said that sentence over the phone to Rain. "Exactly on Halloween?" Rain asked. "Yea. It is on Halloween, you know where my house is. We were together once." Mandy told him reminding him of the old days. "Okay, bye." Rain hung up and walked back in watching Heather and Shane about something. "That is funny!" He came closer to sit down. "Who was that on the phone?" Shane asked. "Mandy." Rain said. "Ugh!!" Heather and Shane moaned. "I know." Rain whined. "Who is Mandy?" mom asked. "The worst nightmare," Heather said. "She is a very mean person. Mandy thinks that it is all about her only." she finished. "Oh. Pizza is ready." Heather's mom really knew what she meant but she just changed the subject because she knew what she will say. After pizza, Rain had to get home to take care of his sister. He hugged Heather goodbye and a handshake with Shane. 2 minutes after he left, Shane and Heather went to her room and began doing homework. "So the square root of 5 equals what?" Heather asked. "I don't know." Shane told her while he laughed. Heather laughed. Heather sat on her bed with her binder in her lap with a pencil in her hand and a math paper in front of her. Shane sat next to her on the bed too. "I like your laugh." Shane complimented. "Thanks," Heather smiled. "Did I mention your smile?" Shane asked. "No. I'm good for now. You already made me blush. What's the point?" Heather blushed and smiled with her teeth when she said that. Shane took a look at his math paper wetting his lips. Heather looked at him and looked away without him knowing. "Guess what." Shane said looking at his paper. "What?" Heather asked curiously impatient of the answer. "Nothing." Shane smiled. "You're so weird." Heather told him. "I know." he whispered. He opened his binder and then saw the poem that he mentioned earlier. "Oh! Right! I forgot to show you the poem that I made." Shane told her. Heather grabbed the crumbled paper from his hands and read it.
The beautiful blue eyes that swim in the bird's air.
Makes me love her and fly the sky because I care.
What a lovely girl made of strength and love.
She looks like an angel from above.

"Aw!" Heather loved the poem. It meant to her that she is so special to Shane as a girlfriend. Shane is out of this world. So awesomely radical. "I haven't finished all of it. But I will keep it to an end at there." Shane replied. Heather hugged him and smiled. Shane had one arm around her and his other hand exploring her hair and her face. He waited for a kiss. But it felt a little too soon right now. Until she was slowly digging right to his face to start off with a slow and passionate kiss. After a few seconds, someone walked in!

To be continued...