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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going to School...

The next morning, Heather got dressed in a black shirt, a skirt, and some boots. She was thinking of Wednesday to be a day to relax. She felt tired. But she lived it through. She yawned when she got to the kitchen. She was thinking of getting some pop tarts. She ate it without putting it in the toaster. Heather for some reason loved it frozen. She got some grape juice and drank it. After her delicious breakfast, she went to the restroom to brush her teeth and grabbed a her book bag and then took off without saying a word to her family. She was very tired by the rocks at the window at 11 PM. She usually sleeps at 9 or 10 PM. But she chose to be a little rebel and beat herself up by not taking it the easier time. When she got out of the building, she saw Shane sitting there by the door with a dark green shirt and some skinny jeans. Shane saw her walk and look at him. His eyes were telling her, Hello darling. Heather laughed at him and took out her hand to pick him up. She grabbed his hand and then he got up. "God! I'm so tired." Shane told her. "Have you been sleeping right here over night for me?" Heather asked giggling. "Yea, Heather. I am a hobo." Shane dramatically told her being sarcastic. Heather smiled. Out of nowhere, Rain came in from behind Heather. "Hey." Rain said. "WHOA! You scared me." Heather shrieked. "You always get scared when I am coming from behind you." Rain laughed. "I know! I am such a spaz! Ugh." Heather told him feeling bad about herself. "Yea, I know right?" Shane imitated. "Shut up." Heather smiled. "Ah, I don't feel like going to school today." Rain yawned. "Me too." Shane replied. "Oh my gosh," Heather screamed. "What!?" Shane yelled. "I don't want to go to school either!" she laughed. "You scared me for a second." Shane sighed. "Everyone is a spaz. It's a new thing. Don't worry Heather." Rain told her. Heather laughed and then thought of what he said and then said,"Hey!" Rain smiled as though he was laughing inside but smiling on the outside. Then the horrible storm came in. It was raining. "Hello Rain." Heather said. "Hello rain." Rain told the sky. Heather smiled. Shane put his arm around her shoulder. Heather looked at him. She laughed hard for exactly no reason. "What is so funny?" Shane asked. "I don't know but laugh with me." Heather commanded. Rain and Shane started laughing in the rain. To Heather, Shane had a cute laugh. To Rain, Heather was beautiful. They stopped walking and laughed under a shade. The rain kept falling hard. Mandy suddenly came and saw them under the shade. "Hi Rain!" Mandy excitedly yelled out. "Oh crap." Rain whispered to himself. Heather looked at Rain and heard what he said. Shane just saw Mandy coming in her red high heels coming down the street with her gigantic purse over her head. When she was in front of Rain, she asked meanly,"What is that next to you?" she looked to Heather. Heather just rolled her eyes as if Mandy didn't have a life and was that bored and just bugged the new girl. "A girl. DUH!" Rain talked back. Heather laughed quietly covering her mouth, turning to Shane. "Why are you acting this way?" Mandy folded her arms and expected a mature answer. "Because you are acting mean to Heather. She doesn't deserve this stupid stuff from you. Heather never did nothing bad to you." Rain told Mandy. Mandy puckered her lips, frowned, and thought of what he said. She thought of the best answer to that sentence. "Yea she is! She is taking you away from me!" Mandy yelled. "Um.. No I am not. Rain and I are just friends." Heather told her standing in front of Mandy. "How would I know you are lying?" Mandy asked hoping she would say what she would want her to say in front of Rain,"Because Shane is my boyfriend!" Heather said. Mandy was lucky today. She did say what she wanted her to say. Rain's eyes started to turn red. Shane looked at Rain. He saw his eyes turning watery. So then Shane asked him to walk with him. "Dude, your eyes are red." Shane told him. "Yea. I got something in my eye." Rain lied. "Both your eyes?" Shane knew he was lying. Rain sighed and nodded. "Tell me the truth." Shane commanded him. "I can't. You would probably hate me." Rain told him wiping his face without tears coming out. "I promise I won't hate you. And why would I hate you? You are my best friend. Brothers since the fifth grade." Shane smiled and punched him softly on the shoulder. "I like Heather." Rain whispered. "What?" Shane asked. He didn't hear him. His voice was too quiet. The rain kept falling hard over their heads and then Rain sighed and said,"I like Heather." Shane looked in front of him and kept walking. But he walked slower because that sentence got interesting to him. "You like her?" Shane asked. Rain nodded. "Oh, that's cool! I like her too." Shane tried to make things not awkward. He didn't like drama. He didn't want to start it either. So out of nowhere, he blurted out,"Do you want me to break up with her just for you?" Rain wasn't that kind of person. He was the supportive type. Exactly like Heather said he was. "No. You guys should be together. I don't want no depression all because I like Heather." Rain said. "You are such a good friend Rain. I am glad we are best friends." Shane smiled. They did their friendship handshake which is hard to do at first but a piece of cake after you do it a lot or practice it. Rain smiled knowing that Shane was the coolest dude that he ever met. He was also glad that they were best friends. Or pratically brothers. "I wouldn't care much if you made out with her. Go ahead. But I will punch you if you don't give me a dollar." Rain joked. "Oh God." Shane sarcastically yelled. They both laughed and then they reached the school. Meanwhile with Mandy and Heather;
To be continued...


Krosemarie said...

Thats really sweet of Shane to try to shake off the drama and make Rain feel better, thats very awesome of him!! Love the story so far, you're writing is the bomb, I can't wait to read more!


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Aw, that's really sweet what happened between Shane and Rain! (Omg lol that rhymes!!) Ooo that purse-swingin', nasty-wasty, venom-spittin', red-high-heeled-witch Mandy had better stay away from Heather!!!

You rock!!! Keep up the great writing work!!

~ MeGaN
<33 =D