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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home Plate (with Rain and Shane?)

Shane asked,"Where is Rain?" Heather "OMG'ed" the moment and then called Rain. No answer. "Oh God. He is not answering his phone." Heather said. Shane called him. Meanwhile, Rain took a look at his phone and saw that Shane was calling him. He decided to pick it up since he can feel Heather's feelings. Worried. "Wh-What?" Rain stuttered. "Dude, where are you?" Shane asked dramatically. "Why should I tell you?" Rain said meanly. "You are my best friend." Shane told him. Rain gave him a moment of silence. "You still there?" Shane asked. "Yea," Rain sniffed with tears coming out his eyes. "I just feel sad." he finished. "Why? Did I do something wrong? Tell me please." Shane begged. "Forget it." Shane sighed impatiently for the real answer. "Where are you then?" Shane asked. "Near my house." Shane grabbed Heather's hand and ran with her downstairs to go near his house. He wanted to save his friend. His best friend. Shane was very worried because Rain was like a brother to him that were the same age. He didn't want nothing to happen to him. Especially when he runs away from the hospital with billions of bruises on his chest. Once they got near his house, they found him looking out to the streets sitting down with a tear coming out falling through a calm face. "Rain." Heather said as she was coming near him to hug him. She lay her head on his shoulder. Rain felt his heart break again and felt like crying a little more. Shane just stood next to the opposite side of where Heather was. He was scraping the wall to come down to sit. "Why are you not in the hospital?" Heather asked him. "I feel better. It's a miracle, huh?" Rain sarcastically told her with a stuttering voice. Heather frowned. "Rain, I would never try to hurt you in any way. If it was my fault if I did something then please forgive me. I don't appreciate people hating on me because of a stupid reason." Heather told him. By her sentence, you could tell that she wants him to not care of the stupid reasons to hate someone and let it go and never let it come back to your feet to be depressed for something very idiotic. Rain smiled a little bit and hugged her hard feeling a little better. He was glad now for two reasons. ONE: She is near him. TWO: She doesn't want him to be sad.

"Do you want to go somewhere with us to forget about this silly sadness?" Shane asked. "Sure. That would be cool." Rain smiled knowing that his best friend also doesn't want to see drama on the Heather's second day to know them both. "Hey, Shane can I borrow your phone so I can tell my mom that I am going somewhere? My phone is out of battery." Heather asked. Shane took out his phone and gave it to her. She went to a private spot where they can't hear her. "Hello?" "Mom. Can I go somewhere with my friends?" Heather asked. She hoped for a yes by crossing her fingers and closing her eyes. "No! Are you crazy? I have to know your friends more. What if they kill you or do something else with you?" her mom yelled. "Mom! Please!" Heather begged. "I said no. That's final. Now come home or you are grounded for four weeks." her mom commanded her. Heather moaned and closed the phone angrily that the phone made a slap sound. "I can't go. My mom has to know you guys more. She believes that one of you might kill me or do something else. My mom always thinks the negative side. I hate that." Heather told them. "Oh. That's too bad. How about we go with you to meet her so she can trust us to be with you?" Shane insisted. "Yea! I like the idea. It's very customary." Heather told him sarcastically. The three of them laughed. Being sarcastic was probably the biggest inside joke to them. They were pretty dorky in the coolest way. And apparently, Heather didn't care if they really meant that she was a big dork. Once they got to her apartment, Heather opened the door with her key and hoped that her mom wouldn't be mad of bringing boys home with her. She got in and saw her mom in the kitchen preparing food. "Mom. I want you to meet two of my friends." Heather yelled out. Her mom jumped out from the kitchen with her mighty smile. She usually puts the smile on her face when she is about to meet someone. Heather finally noticed that by 16 years of living. "Mom, this is Shane and Rain. Rain, Shane, this is my mom." Heather said out of the ordinary. "Hello boys. I'm Heather's mom. So you two known each other long?" her mom asked them. "Yea, we met in the fifth grade." Rain replied. "Oh, that's good. Well, make yourself feel welcome here." Heather's mom said kindly. "Hey, why don't we discover the wonders of my room?" Heather asked both the guys. "With the door open?" mom asked. "Mom!" Heather said embarrassed. "Just don't be alone." her mom corrected her own sentence. Heather walked to her room with the guys following her. "So, this is your room?" Shane asked. "Yep. The place where the world finds a silly little girl like me." Heather told him. Shane smiled with his teeth. Rain looked around her room. Rain sat on her bed which was apparently near the window. For some reason, Rain loved to look through windows to see what was happening without him being there. He looked through the window for 7 minutes. And during the time, Shane was tickling her sides and teasing her. Heather giggled and told him to stop. Shane kissed her quickly smiling with a laugh ending the kiss. Rain didn't see that, thank God. After he stopped looking through the window he just stood on his feet and said,"You are so lucky to have a window near your bed. My bed is away from it." Heather looked at him and teased him in her own mind for several seconds. "Ugh. I'm getting hungry."Shane said. "Come on then." Heather told them both. The beautiful smell of pizza came through the room. "Pizza?" Rain asked. Heather nodded. She grabbed both their hands and then pulled them in the kitchen. "Mom, you making pizza?" Heather asked. "Mm-Hm" she hummed. "Yeah! I love it." Rain said making Heather giggle. Oh, Heather. How he wanted to kiss her SO bad. But it would be too weird since he knows that Shane loves her. And her loves Shane. Out of no where, Rain's phone rang. "Hold on." Rain said walking out the apartment. "Hello?" Rain said wondering who it was. "Hey Rain." Mandy flirted out. "What do you want Mandy?" Rain asked feeling stalked every time she called. "Um...Well, today since it is October 2nd, I been thinking about Halloween a lot." Mandy told him. "Okay. But why do you need to tell me?" Rain asked. "I was thinking of a Halloween party. I can invite Heather if you want me to." Mandy viciously thought of horrible plans while she said that sentence over the phone to Rain. "Exactly on Halloween?" Rain asked. "Yea. It is on Halloween, you know where my house is. We were together once." Mandy told him reminding him of the old days. "Okay, bye." Rain hung up and walked back in watching Heather and Shane about something. "That is funny!" He came closer to sit down. "Who was that on the phone?" Shane asked. "Mandy." Rain said. "Ugh!!" Heather and Shane moaned. "I know." Rain whined. "Who is Mandy?" mom asked. "The worst nightmare," Heather said. "She is a very mean person. Mandy thinks that it is all about her only." she finished. "Oh. Pizza is ready." Heather's mom really knew what she meant but she just changed the subject because she knew what she will say. After pizza, Rain had to get home to take care of his sister. He hugged Heather goodbye and a handshake with Shane. 2 minutes after he left, Shane and Heather went to her room and began doing homework. "So the square root of 5 equals what?" Heather asked. "I don't know." Shane told her while he laughed. Heather laughed. Heather sat on her bed with her binder in her lap with a pencil in her hand and a math paper in front of her. Shane sat next to her on the bed too. "I like your laugh." Shane complimented. "Thanks," Heather smiled. "Did I mention your smile?" Shane asked. "No. I'm good for now. You already made me blush. What's the point?" Heather blushed and smiled with her teeth when she said that. Shane took a look at his math paper wetting his lips. Heather looked at him and looked away without him knowing. "Guess what." Shane said looking at his paper. "What?" Heather asked curiously impatient of the answer. "Nothing." Shane smiled. "You're so weird." Heather told him. "I know." he whispered. He opened his binder and then saw the poem that he mentioned earlier. "Oh! Right! I forgot to show you the poem that I made." Shane told her. Heather grabbed the crumbled paper from his hands and read it.
The beautiful blue eyes that swim in the bird's air.
Makes me love her and fly the sky because I care.
What a lovely girl made of strength and love.
She looks like an angel from above.

"Aw!" Heather loved the poem. It meant to her that she is so special to Shane as a girlfriend. Shane is out of this world. So awesomely radical. "I haven't finished all of it. But I will keep it to an end at there." Shane replied. Heather hugged him and smiled. Shane had one arm around her and his other hand exploring her hair and her face. He waited for a kiss. But it felt a little too soon right now. Until she was slowly digging right to his face to start off with a slow and passionate kiss. After a few seconds, someone walked in!

To be continued...


Krosemarie said...

Poor kids. I wonder who walked in!!! I love this story so far. I'm really caught up!!!!

I saw you used the world Radical. Awesomeness!! Thats the best word!