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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Madeline Oh Madeline!

After Bailey and Shane's long kiss, Bailey pulled away and suddenly said, "But this doesn't feel right. I'm with Andrew and for now, I'm just going to go to him for love. It's not you, it's me." Shane nodded and looked at her. "Alright. Have a nice relationship with Andrew while it lasts." Shane walked away after that and Bailey followed him and turned him around. "What do you want me to do? It's not my fault two guys like me at the same time, Shane!" Bailey shouted. "Bailey, you are a great girl and I have been thinking so much and I have thought of you every night but was afraid to tell you the truth about what you really mean to me and now I just want to tell you that all those nights, I have been thinking if I was in love with you. And now I really do think that I am." Shane held on to her hands after what he told her. "No one has ever told me how they felt about me the way that you have. Shane, I really have feelings for you too and you know what? The best thing for you is if you can wait for me because I don't want to tear Andrew's heart apart. What if I ever did that to you? You wouldn't like it. So please wait for me, Shane." Bailey looked at him in the eyes. "I will do anything for you, baby. I will do it because I love you and I will support you and Andrew while it lasts." Shane smiled and put his hand through her face and grabbed gently on her hair. "Thanks." Bailey smiled back and hugged him like if he was her best friend again. "So.. do you want to go back to the party?" Shane asked her feeling weird. "Sure." Bailey started walking with Shane back into Rain's house. The song that came up when they entered was, "Down" by Jay Sean. Shane started looking around awkwardly. "Well, I'm going to go party." Shane told Bailey pointing to a random spot. "You sure?" Bailey asked. Shane nodded as quickly since he didn't want any weirdness if she wanted to dance with him. "Okay." Bailey said before she walked away.

Shane strolled to the crowd and looked to the floor. The beat to the song was loud that he felt it in his heart. He was enjoying that feeling and then slowed down and suddenly felt a pair of feet under his. "Ow!" a girl cried out. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry." Shane told her. "It's alright." she smiled. Shane looked at her and then commented, "Wow, you are pretty." The girl giggled and stuck out her hand. "I'm Madeline Drake and you are?" "Shane Knowles." they shook hands and Madeline smiled. "It's nice to meet you, Madeline." Shane told her sarcastically like a gentleman. "As well, Mr. Knowles." Madeline snickered. "So do you want to dance?" Shane asked her. "Cool." Madeline declared while sticking out one hand out to grab his right hand. Shane and Madeline swayed to the song mentioned earlier by Jay Sean at 1 minute and 48 seconds in to the song. "I like this song, you know?" Shane stated. "Yea? It's my new favorite song." Madeline flirted which made Shane blush. After the song, Shane took her out of Rain's house and walked with her under the full moon and city lights."I'm really starting to think that you are a really cool girl." Shane looked at her while walking to nowhere with her. "I think that you are romantic by asking me to dance with you and saying, 'Sorry' when you stepped on me. You know, no other guy has really never told me that they were sorry when they stepped on my foot." Madeline told him. "Ha! Well, the other guys are just jealous because you really do have nice shoes." Shane sarcastically said. "What? These old things? I had these Vans since the freshman year and now we are going to be juniors." Madeline laughed. Shane really started liking her by her silliness.

"You know what? I like your personality. Little Miss Sunshine and dorky at the same time. That's really my bulls eye in a girl." Shane confessed. "Oh really? That's sweet and very intense for me." "Why so intense?" Shane asked confusedly. "I've never met a guy like you. You're so down to Earth and funny at the same time. All my other ex boyfriends were always so disgusting and freaky which makes for an unhappy Madeline Drake here." Shane laughed and then said,"Well, I think you are amazing for a girl I just met. Before, I use to make the girls get nervous and with you, I feel that you're the one to make me nervous but at the same time, confident." Shane explained. "Why so nervous?" Madeline copied him. "I think you are pretty and fun to be around with. And heck, I like you so much right now." Shane shouted. Madeline blushed and weakened her voice, "I think you are a great guy too." Madeline felt strong after that sentence and then a few seconds later she asked him, "Is it okay if I like you back?" Shane smiled with his face turning red. He looked at her and stopped walking. "It's okay with me, Madeline." Shane assured her. "Nice." Madeline told him. "Do you want me to walk you home or do you want to party more?" Shane asked. "You know what? Just follow me." Madeline commanded him. She took his hand and ran with him until they got to a park with only swings, a slide, and monkey bars. "You are so unpredictable." Shane complimented. Madeline walked herself to a swing and started swinging. "Join the party, Knowles." Madeline giggled. Shane ran to a swing and started swinging with Madeline. After a minute, they stopped swinging and then just sat on the swing. "It feels I have known you since forever." Shane told her. "Yea really? It's maybe because I am just so out there and my mom says the same thing about me. She always told me, 'You're a social butterfly, watch out for the people you talk to'!" Madeline impersonated. "Ha! She's got it right." "Yea, and I feel like I am talking to the right person," Madeline hopped off her swing. "and she sticks the landing!" she added. "That's sweet." Shane chuckled. "Sweet but true." Madeline lied on the cold grass and looked at the stars. Shane joined her and then after a few minutes, Madeline called his name, "Shane?" Shane turned to her waiting for the question and instead he got a beautiful and firework popping kiss. Shane pulled away surprised. "What's wrong?" Madeline asked. "Wow." Shane whispered.
To be continued...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Party... And Blood?

(Sorry for the wait) School ended and Heather was excited to be a junior next fall. She had lots of text, email, and Myspace messages, and a full load of calls. Heather suddenly picked up her phone when she saw Rain calling her. "Hey babe." Rain flirted. "Hi Rain, what's up?" Heather asked. "I called you to tell you that there is going to be a party at my house and Bailey is came with Andrew yesterday to stay at my house so they will be at the party too. My parents aren't home so yea. Spread the word?" Rain happily asked. "Sure." "Well, I can't wait to see you at 5. Love you." "Love you too!" Heather shouted and hung up. The time was 2:47 PM and Heather texted everyone on her contact list, 'Hey dude, party at Rain's house at 5. Be there!' Heather was about to get ready for the party. It took her an hour and forty minutes to look like she wanted to look. She wore denim blue skinny jeans with a teal tank top and a gray and white striped Hollister tank top over it. She straightened her hair and smiled in the mirror. When it was time to go to the party, she put on her white high top Converse and told her mom she was going to get back home at 10. She heard music once she was at the steps of Rain's house.

Heather opened the door and walked in. She now was searching for Rain and found him in his living room turning up the music. "Hey love!" She shouted since the music was so loud. "Hey!" Rain turned around and kissed her. "Wanna party?" Rain asked. "Sure!" Heather smiled. They started dancing to 'Best I Ever Had' by Drake. After the song, they went together to get some drinks and they both found Bailey and Andrew. "Hey love birds." Bailey shouted. Heather looked to her right and smiled. "Bailey!" Heather started hugging her. "Oh my god! I heard you and Shane broke up when you left." "Yea, but I got someone new." Bailey held on to Andrew's hand. "Who?" Heather asked curiously. "Andrew." Bailey smiled. "Oh my god, I'm so happy for you and you too Andrew!" Heather yelled with excitement. "So how long has it been since you and Rain?" Andrew asked. "Well, not including the break ups, it has been almost 8 months." Heather jumped of joy. "Yea." Rain looked at her with his blue eyes sensually.

Andrew and Bailey were going to go to dance when they heard the song, 'Knocks You Down' by Keri Hilson. Bailey was dancing so very sexy with Andrew. Suddenly, Shane walked in and accidentally bumped into the couple. "Whoa!" Shane shouted. "Ow!" Bailey fell on the floor. "Bailey? What are you doing here?" Shane asked confused. "I'm here for the summer and in this house to party." Bailey said. Shane helped her up. "Look, we need to talk." Shane told her straight up. "Andrew, I'm gonna talk with Shane for a little bit. I'll be back in a few minutes." Bailey told Andrew. Shane walked with Bailey outside where it was quiet. "Bailey, I made a mistake to breaking up with you. I'm sorry. I was stupid and only thought about where you were staying forever and how far you are. Now, the only thing I'm thinking about everyday is you." Shane told her with emotion coming out of his breath. "I'm sorry Shane, but since you broken up with me, I've been going out with Andrew. I would've never cheated on you if we were still together and even though Andrew lived under the same roof as me. You should of thought that the whole time that I was not that kind of girl you thought I was. So can we forget it and stay friends just like when we were 3 year old kids?" Bailey spoke back. "So that's it? I've liked you for many years. You don't know how painful it was like to have waited so long to kiss you just like I did when you had that break down a year ago and when you didn't know Andrew at all!" Shane yelled. "Shane, you don't know how much I liked you too. I don't want you to act this way and just wait for me. Right now, Andrew is my boyfriend and you are my best friend. I love you with all my heart, I really do. Shane, we need some space." Bailey started crying. "Bailey, don't cry. You didn't know Andrew all your life like I have known you. He never has loved you like I have. I have been there for you when you cried, was excited for something, when we watched Spongebob Squarepants, and when you hurt yourself on the playground, when Mandy was pushing you around, and Bailey..." Shane stopped, looked to the floor, and closed his eyes.

"What is it?" Bailey asked. "Nothing." Shane slowly said and started walking away with a tear on his face. "Shane," Bailey turned around and spun him around to face her. "..and Bailey, what?" she asked. "I cried every night when you left after the day of New Years Day and I have cut myself." Shane showed his arm and revealed an arm filled with red cuts and bruises. He started crying like no one has cried before. His tears were coming out like a river. Bailey's mouth dropped and she told him, "You didn't have to do that." "I was in pain, I got to feel the pain somewhere where my heart isn't." "Shane.." Bailey whispered. Shane looked at her and Bailey looked at him in the eyes. Shane got closer to her and then they started to kiss so very hard and it was intense and very sweet. :)

To be Continued...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love Perfection

After the talk that Rain had with Toby, Toby actually apologized and made Heather smile. Heather hugged Toby and said,"It's okay Toby. It's not like I will hate you forever." "I'm sorry Heather and I am glad you accept my apology." Toby told her rolling his eyes sarcastically. They both laughed and made Rain feel good inside for what he did for the both of them. After that, Toby took off to his room to go play his Nintendo DS. Heather hugged Rain and thanked him. She almost squeezed the air out of Rain but Heather didn't care. "You're welcome." Rain had told her after the squeeze.

Bailey thought about Shane while laying on her bed. Suddenly, a knock on the door scared her and the door opened appearing to be Andrew. "Hey Bailey." Andrew smiled and sat on her bed. "Hey." Bailey sounded moody and Andrew noticed that. "Are you still sad about Shane dumping you because of long distance?" Andrew asked. Bailey nodded sadly and one tear fell off her face. Andrew hugged her to tell her by signs that he cares for her. "It's okay Andrew. I'll be fine. I am just starting to get over it for now." Bailey encouraged him. "Oh, that's a good way to not let it get to you." Andrew smiled and got closer to her without Bailey knowing. Bailey smiled and burst out,"Thanks for understanding me." Bailey looked to the floor and saw his feet and her feet. His foot wore socks and hers wore nothing but neon green nail polish.

Bailey smiled inside and then looked at Andrew. Andrew suddenly looked at her too. Bailey's eyes closed slowly as she got closer to Andrew's face. Andrew's face did the same. Bailey wrapped her hands around his neck and Andrew's hands were around her waist. They suddenly were kissing as slow as a snail can walk. Andrew's tongue was knocking on Bailey's lips for entrance. Bailey opened her mouth fastly and her tongue played hockey with Andrew's. Once they couldn't breathe any longer, Andrew pulled away and dropped his mouth like if he couldn't believe it. She kissed me this time. Andrew thought since he is the one that usually kisses her. "Um.. Thanks." Andrew confusedly told her. "Should we ... get ... together?" Bailey offered him. "Okay." Andrew smiled and exploded inside for joy.
To Be Continued...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Talk it Over

"Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that Rain and I got back together and stuff." Heather told Juliette. "Oh I see. Well, I am glad that you two love birds are back together." Juliette smiled while looking at her phone. "Yea, it was all a misunderstanding so everything was confusing me." Heather said. "Mandy can be an evil genius. Don't let her take over the real truth." Juliette commanded. "You are right, I would've believed Rain. But, UGH! I was so mad that I couldn't think straight." Heather responded. "Oh, well that was something!" Juliette shouted. "Yea, it was. And it was something big that I couldn't believe it. Juliette, I got to go. The doorbell just rang so I will call you later." Heather replied. "Okay bye!" Juliette hung up and just stared at the ceiling thinking of her random past.

Meanwhile, Heather opened the door and opened her eyes. She smiled and hugged Rain. "Hey babe." Heather said pulling away from the hug. "Hey. I just wanted to come over. Look, I'm sorry about the abortion thing. Juliette seriously needed that. Well, not NEED it bad but you know what I mean, right?" Rain asked her. "Don't worry, I'm already cool with it." Heather sighed looking to her feet for a second. "Are you sure?" Rain lifted her face to look at him. Heather giggled and blushed. Rain smiled because Heather knew that he loved her giggle. "I'll take that as a yes." Rain told her. "Okay." Heather said leaving the door open as a sign for him to come in and shut the door. Rain entered the living room and closed the door. Heather wrapped her hands around Rain's neck while Rain had his hands around her waist.

"So, what should we do?" Heather asked him. "I don't know. I was hoping you would know." Rain said. "Well, you were the one that came down here to my house, right?" "Oh yea. We can watch a movie or something." Rain replied. "Okay." Heather sat down on the couch getting the remote and looked at Rain to make him sit down next to her. Rain took off his jacket and sat down next to Heather. Heather put on White Chicks, her favorite comedy movie. It was halfway over but they both didn't care. It was beautiful outside. Cloudy, the way it usually is sometimes. And it was 66 degrees. A beautiful Saturday afternoon. Rain laughed at the part when Latrell was singing "Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton in the car to the impostor of Tiffany. Heather smiled and sang when they played the song. "I love the way you sing." Rain told Heather. Heather smiled and put her hand on his face and kissed him passionately slow. "Ew! Kissing is gross!" Toby shouted. Heather looked up to see Toby laughing at them and emberassing Heather.

"TOBY!" Heather yelled filled with anger. Heather chased him around for a few seconds until Rain stopped her. "Heather, can I handle this?" Rain asked. Heather said nothing and let him go take care of the little monster. "Toby, it is not polite to yell while two people are having a moment. When you are my age, you'll be kissing a girl." Rain calmly had his hand on Toby's shoulder. Heather suprisedly was shocked on how he took care of it. She smiled and leaned her head sideways.
To be Continued...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goodbye Bump

After Rain and Aaron raised enough money for Juliette's abortion, Juliette drove with Aaron to the clinic. "Excuse me, I would like to get an abortion." Juliette told a nurse. "How old are you, child?" the nurse asked. "15 years old." Juliette told her. The nurse smiled and took out a fill out sheet for Juliette to fill out. "Will it hurt me?" Juliette asked feeling scared. "It will feel like the cramps you have every month." the nurse responded. Juliette nodded and followed the nurse to a room. Aaron stayed outside of the room and just sent a text to Rain.
Aaron: She's getting the abortion now.
Rain: Really? You guys got there fast.
Aaron: I know, well it's time to say bye to the baby.
Rain: That's pretty sad. I feel bad though it has to be done for many reasons.
Aaron: Yea, well. I got to go, I'm reading this magazine. Don't ask me why.
Rain: Why?
Aaron: Shut up Rain.

Several hours later...
Juliette came out of the room and frowned. "Thanks for coming, Juliette." the nurse waved goodbye. Juliette tried to smile and just waved goodbye to her. "Juliette, are you okay?" Aaron asked. "I will be. Can you drive me home?" Juliette crossed her arms around her stomach and sighed. When they both climbed in Aaron's car, Juliette rested her head on the window. The window was quite cold and the snow ran down from the sky. It was 7:34 PM and the sun was already down. When Juliette got home, she entered and ran straight to her room. She turned off the lights and cried herself to sleep.

Sunday, March 1, 2009....
Heather woke up and dressed herself in to a navy blue shirt with Super Mario on it with black skinny jeans and with small lime green socks. It was 11:42 AM and she walked to the kitchen with a yawn coming out. Heather searched for the chocolate flavored pop tarts that she bought for her brother, Toby and herself the other day. She always ate the pop tarts frozen. Heather already got over the whole Juliette thing and accepted that she was too young to have a baby. In fact, Heather found out that Juliette had an abortion yesterday. When she was done with her pop tart, she called Juliette. "Hello?" "I heard about your abortion." Heather said going in her room closing the door. "I hope you are not mad at me." Juliette told her. "I got over it. It's okay, you panicked. Everybody does and I will forgive you, okay?" Heather didn't yell at her at all and that made Juliette relieved. "Thanks so much, Heather. You are a good friend. I thought you were going to be mad at me like on Thursday." "It's okay. Have you told Bailey?" Heather asked. "No. But do you think she should know? I already did abortion. What's the point now?" Juliette exclaimed. "I bet she wouldn't believe you." Heather surely responded. "You're right. So, are you and Rain back together? You both talked to each other finally on Thursday." Juliette asked teasing Heather.
To be continued...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shocked Buddies

Juliette looked in the piece of plastic and it read + for positive. She put her hand over her mouth in shock. Juliette burst in to tears. I'm not ready to be a mom. Not at this age. Juliette thought to herself. Juliette snatched the phone from her desk and called Rain. "Hello?" "Rain, it read.." Juliette cried so hard that Rain couldn't understand. "Juliette? Are you okay?" Rain didn't know if she was or wasn't. After a few seconds Juliette sucked it up and told him, "I am pregnant." Rain gasped and never thought that one of her friends would be a mom at 15 or 16. "Um.. well, I don't know what to say. You're going to be a mother. What are you going to do?" Rain asked. "I haven't thought of it. I don't want a baby now. I want abortion." Juliette said without thinking. "Are you sure of that?" Rain seemed concerned. "I am not sure. But why should I have a baby at this age? I was hoping to save it until I turn 19 or 20." Juliette added. "You should do what you think is right." Rain encouraged her. "I don't even know what the right thing to do is here. It'll ruin my life if I let the baby make my belly very big," Juliette cried once more. "And then abortion is a sin and plus it cost money." Juliette began. "I can help you raise the money so your mom doesn't find out. And come on, I have done many sins but later get baptized." Rain told Juliette. "Thanks Rain. I'll leave it all to you."

Monday in lunch....
Juliette was one month pregnant. She was skinny, but Juliette had a little bump. It was luckily unnoticeable. "Hey babe." Heather told Rain. "Hey." they both quick kissed and Heather sat down next to him. Juliette came in the lunchroom and sat in front of them. She had a worried look and showed it to Rain. Rain looked down at the table and frowned. "What's wrong? Rain? Juliette?" Heather took this serious and knew for sure something was wrong. "Nothing. I got A LOT on my mind." Juliette made her sentence obvious to Rain. "Yea, what she says." Rain agreed. "Come on, be happy birds or else just tell me now and I sware I won't tell no one." Heather promised. Rain and Juliette looked at each other and then Juliette suddenly said, "Go ahead." Rain put his whisper hands on Heather's ear and whispered the drama. "YOU WHAT!?" Heather yelled out getting out of her chair. Juliette shushed Heather and slowly sat back down with her. "Why are you... the way you are?" Heather screamed in her whisper. "It was not really my fault. Aaron and I... and it was a beautiful moment though I think he is mad at me since I yelled at him for not having a condom." Juliette replied.

Aaron walked by slowly in front of her and caught her eye. Juliette waved hello to him. Aaron looked down and frowned like if he did something wrong. Rain went to get Aaron over here. "Hey Aaron, are you mad at me?" Juliette asked. "No, I thought you were mad at me." Aaron replied. "Well, I'm not. I just panicked and because of that, I have a little someone on the inside of my body." Juliette told him. "Serious? What are you going to do? I don't think I should be a dad. I'm sorry Juliette, but I can't at this age." Aaron responded. "Oh my God, I'm glad you said that. I don't want to be a parent yet too." Juliette smiled. "We are going to raise money to get her an abortion." Rain told Aaron and Heather. "Oh, I would be glad to help you Rain." "How could you?" Heather angrily shouted at them. They all looked at her. "So, you decide not to have whatever you will have and then just destroy his or her future?" Heather finished. "No Heather, it's for my own good." Juliette corrected. "Is it for the baby's good?" Heather asked her not letting her answer. Heather just walked away not wanting to face them right now. Juliette hid her face with her hands and let one tear escape from her eye. "Don't worry Juliette, she will get over it." Rain encouraged her. "Everything she said was true." Juliette whispered to them. "We are still going to raise $300 no matter what happens." Rain told her. "Hey, I have $270.00! We only need $30.00 and we'll be okay." Aaron deliriously shouted. "Great." Juliette said laying her head down. "I only have 14 dollars and... 56 cents." Rain told Aaron. "So that equals $284.56. And now we need...." "Shutup! Just mow a lawn, babysit, or clean a car!" Juliette yelled. "Ah!" Aaron and Rain pointed each other like if this abortion was already possible. Heather's voice still ran around Juliette's mind. Is it for the baby's good?
To be continued...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Pregnancy Test...

Many things happened in the past month...

Juliette remembered what happened with Aaron and her. January 2009.

Flashback: It was a Saturday night, Aaron went on a date with Juliette. After a long day, Juliette mentioned that her parents were away for the weekend and they both went to her house. The lights were off and they made out with each other. It started getting intense. Forgetting the world, Juliette forgot the condom. So then she screamed, "Aaron! Do you have a condom on?" Aaron's face flushed and he panicked. "Uh..." "You don't have one on?" Juliette asked worried. "Well, I don't want to say 'no' but then I'd be lying by saying 'yes'." Aaron responded. "Oh my God, I'm gonna be pregnant!" Juliette yelled. "Um.. We don't know if it will be negative. Don't worry, Juliette." Aaron calmly told her. "How can I not worry? My name now is Juliette Livingstone!!" Juliette yelled. The yelling went on and on. Once it was over, Aaron ambled home with thoughts roaming his head like an angry bee. I might be a father. He thought panicking.

Now: Juliette cried for a little bit and then walked to a nearby store. She looked for pregnancy test and once she spotted one, Juliette put her hand on it and noticed a lady holding a baby. Juliette's eyes widened and she sighed like if she couldn't breathe. Suddenly, the store's door opened and Rain came in. Juliette gasped because she didn't want no one to find out she might be pregnant. Juliette ran quietly to another aisle with the pregnancy test box in her hand. Juliette closed her eyes and sighed deeply. Rain's eyes turned to confused and walked slowly to where Juliette was. "Juliette?" Rain looked at her. "Oh hey, Rain!" Juliette smiled and hid her hand behind her back. "What's going on? You're acting weird." Rain said. "Oh nothing. I'm just in the happy mood." Juliette laughed suspiciously. "What's up?" Rain asked. "Oh, um.. No. I'm just mood swinging here and there." Juliette told him. "What's in your hand?" he was going to look behind her. "NOTHING!" Juliette yelled. Rain knew there was something in her hand. Rain grabbed her tight and quickly pulled the object out of Juliette's hand.
His mouth dropped shocked with Juliette. "Definitely nothing." Juliette laughed once more. "Juliette, are you pregnant?" Rain asked concerned. Juliette sighed,"I might be." Juliette looked at her feet. "With Aaron?" Juliette nodded feeling guilty. "Why didn't you tell me? You know I wouldn't tell no one and I cross my heart I sware." "What if Mandy finds out? Aaron is her step brother." Juliette almost cried. "I don't know, but I think you should talk with your parents." Rain suggested. "So you won't see me the next day?" Juliette madly shouted. "Calm down, just go home and take the test. Tell me over the phone the results." Rain replied. Juliette ended the conversation there and went up to the clerk and bought it with a broken smile on her face. Rain just came to the store for grocery shopping for chores.
Later, Juliette took the test and she waited there on her bed for the result to pop out on the piece of plastic. After waiting, the answer that showed up was....
To be continued...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

With or Without Chance

A month past and it was February 21, 2009. Heather sadly was not speaking to Rain. She still didn't know that Mandy kissed him.

"Bailey, how could Rain do this to me? I thought he hated Mandy. Maybe, she told him something that made him kiss her. UGH! Rain owes me $2.00 for those churros that I didn't even eat on New Years Eve. What do you think I should do? Strangely, he isn't with Mandy." Heather told Bailey over the phone. "I think maybe you should go talk to him. Maybe he didn't mean to hurt you." Bailey advised. "I shouldn't." Heather sadly confessed. "YOU should. It probably wasn't his fault. And God, all this time you would've gotten yourself a new man in your life. Shane apparently doesn't trust me with Andrew. And it sucks." Bailey said. "Well yea, he loves you that much that he doesn't want you to just cheat on him." Heather replied. "He loves me?" Bailey asked feeling butterflies in her stomach. "I didn't really say that but it is obvious." Heather told her. "EEEEEHHHH" is all Heather could hear through her phone. "Thanks for your help for me to be deaf!" Heather sarcastically yelled. "Your welcome! Oh my God. Do you think it is possible for him to love me?" Bailey asked surprised. "Oh yes, he bought you a ring last week." Heather sarcastically babbled. "Well, can you ask him? Every time I try to call him or text him he is either busy or isn't available." Bailey told her. "Alright." Heather smiled. "Oh, and remember to talk to Rain. If you don't then I will beat the shit out of you when I go over there for Spring Break." Bailey sarcastically bullied her. "FINE!" Heather shouted and hung up. She sighed and then stood on her feet. It was cold outside and the streets were covered with a blanket of snow. It was 31 degrees and the wind blew slightly making it colder than it seemed. It probably wasn't his fault. Bailey's voice went around Heather's head and it couldn't get it even if it tried to. Heather already knew the remedy to the voice of Bailey in her head. Heather just didn't want to deal with it. What was she going to do? Hear Bailey's voice 24/7 or go talk to the lying cheater, Rain?
Heather was frustrated. She put on her coat and finally ambled to Rain's house with only one tear going down her face. For some reason she produced butterflies and more butterflies as she got near Rain's house.
The next thing you know, Heather's finger was on the doorbell.
Rain opened the door and seemed confused. "Hey." Heather sadly looked down her converse. "I have been trying to tell you what happened." Rain told her. "Was it Mandy?" Heather asked looking him in the eyes with her eyes watering up. "Yes. And if I was lying, let God strike me with lightning. I would never lie to the most beautifulest girl I ever knew in my whole entire life of living." Rain cried. "Rain, don't cry. I'm sorry if I believed the lie. I was just so mad that I-I couldn't..." Heather stopped there without thinking. She cried because of her confusion. Rain wiped her tears away as well as his. "Look, I don't ever want to lose you. EVER! I love you so much. It's been a month since I haven't heard your voice and I am glad you actually came today to come and mend my broken heart." Rain said with his hands on her face. "I love you too." Heather stuttered. They kissed passionately and stopped after many many many MANY seconds. "I'll never let you go." Rain whispered in her ear. Heather smiled at him and kissed him one more time.
To be continued...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Broken Hearts

Mandy smiled and said, "I was thinking of... being nicer since I was such a bitch like you said a few weeks ago." Rain thought deeply. Oh shit, she did say all this! "So, what do you think?" Mandy asked him. "Cool, we can be friends." Rain smiled. Mandy looked at him and smiled sweetly and saw Heather was coming. Mandy suddenly kissed Rain making it look like he was kissing her. "Fag!" Heather yelled out and dropped the churros. Rain looked at her shocked. "No, Heather! This isn't how it looks like!" Rain told her. "Oh, I know what I saw. I saw that you want to break up." Heather replied. "Heather," "Don't talk to me." Heather shouted. Heather ran crying back to her house. You can now hear people counting down. "3...2...1! Woo!!" "Happy New Year." Mandy said. Rain shed a tear and walked away. "Where are you going?" Mandy asked. "DON'T TALK TO ME! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED HEATHER!" Rain yelled very loud at her. Mandy's face was so shocked and her mind told her. He really always loved her. Look what I did. "Sorry." Mandy looked to her feet. Rain walked away and was going to catch up to Heather.

3 days later...
Bailey was at an airport with Andrew and Shane. It was her time to go in two minutes. "So, this is tough to do." Bailey told Shane. "Yea. I never thought you would be in a foster home because of your dad. I am going to miss you but there is something I need to tell you." Shane responded. "What?" Bailey frowned confused. "I think we need to break up." Shane told her. "Why?" Bailey asked. "Because, I think it will be too complicated to have a long distance relationship." Shane said. Bailey shed one tear and wiped it herself. "Oh. So we should just stick back to being best friends and trust each other?" Bailey asked sad. Shane nodded hiding his lips. "Do you even trust me even if we were together?" " really because Andrew and you always see each other there and I don't know if you guys like," "Wait, you don't trust me? I can't believe you! Andrew and I are friends only and we talked this over to stop his flirting and he agreed." Bailey interrupted. "Then why would I hear that Andrew kissed your cheek while we were together?" Shane asked angrily. "It was a misunderstanding and you know what? If you can't trust me, we are over as relationship and friends." Bailey shouted. "Fine!" Shane shouted back. "Fine! I got a plane to catch." Bailey frowned and went in the plane with Andrew. Two tears fell down Shane's face. "Goodbye Bailey." he whispered to himself. Bailey cried and didn't dare take a look. But she did anyways and saw a sad face on him. She came up to him and hugged him one last time even though she was mad at him. "I can't stay mad at you forever, now will work though." Bailey told him and walked away.

There was only one couple still alive. That was Juliette and Aaron. The hearts broken were Shailey and Raether

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pockets N' Hands

Andrew kept his hands in his pocket as he watched a taxi pass by. The snow kept falling slowly and the wind blew slightly exactly like the weather channel mentioned. It seemed like he ignored Bailey's interruption. "Maybe I couldn't help it." Andrew calmly told her. Bailey nodded, hiding her lips as she almost froze for so much cold surrounding her. She shivered a little bit. Andrew noticed that and sat next to her. "Are you cold?" he asked. "No, I'm fine." Bailey replied. "Are you sure?" he asked again a bit concerned. "Well.." Bailey looked at him. "I know you are." Andrew confessed. "Yea, I am cold." Andrew put her arm around her hoping she would forget about the kiss. Bailey got closer to him and smiled. "You are very hot and sweet but, I don't think we should really be in to each other now. I'm with Shane and he would be disappointed that I'm cheating on him." Bailey said.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself and I understand that you have a boyfriend. The thing is that the very first time I saw you, I couldn't believe my dream came true. I wasn't afraid to tell you I loved you or to kiss you. And that is so not me. I usually am shy with the girl that is in my heart. But it seems like your one of a kind to me." Andrew romantically told her holding her hand. "Really? That is the most sweetest thing I have ever heard from a guy like yourself." Bailey smiled. "It's sweet because it's true," Andrew slowly whispered in her ear. Bailey smiled even more but really didn't know what to do. This time, Andrew didn't kiss her and knew that he needed to back off since he wants a good life for Shane and Bailey. "I wish you and Shane good luck in your relationship." Andrew looked in her eyes. Bailey looked in his eyes too and then hugged him. She felt warm and didn't feel too cold anymore. The clouds were moving away and there was the sun with clouds hiding it after 10 seconds. "We should better get inside now." Andrew said. "Andrew," Andrew turned to her. " can wait for me if you want to." Bailey looked to her feet and blushed. "I will." Andrew stared at her as he put his hand on the cold door knob and opened the door to get inside and tell them it was all a misunderstanding...

New Years Eve:

"Wow, Times Square is so packed!" Heather told Rain. "It always is. But every year, I go to the park." Rain said. "Should we go there?" Heather asked him almost yelling her guts out since it was very loud. "Okay." Rain nodded and took her hand and lead her to the park. The time was 11:24 PM when they finally got to the park. They sat on the bench for all the walking. Rain sighed and smiled at Heather. "What?" Heather asked acting like she was teased by him. "No, I never thought we would be.... together. You pretty much liked Shane and seemed more like a friend to me before we got together." Rain told her. "Yea, that was before Shane cheated on me. But I liked you, only because you cared about me. No other guy has ever did that and I think that is the sweetest." Heather responded. "You are so beautiful. I just can't help it." Rain blushed. Heather blushed with him and kissed his cheek. "You are beautiful yourself." Heather laughed. "You know, the thing that made me fall in love with you the most is your giggle." "What? My giggle is weird." Heather said shocked. "No! Your giggle is so cute to me." Rain smiled. "Well, to you." Rain looked at her seriously. "Maybe a little?" Heather asked. "Try a lot." Rain said. Once there was 5 more minutes for 2009, Heather was going to buy a churro from a guy. Rain stood on his feet and heard the people counting down even though there was already 3 minutes left to go and suddenly there came Mandy with an innocent face. "Listen Rain, we need to talk."
To be continued...