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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shocked Buddies

Juliette looked in the piece of plastic and it read + for positive. She put her hand over her mouth in shock. Juliette burst in to tears. I'm not ready to be a mom. Not at this age. Juliette thought to herself. Juliette snatched the phone from her desk and called Rain. "Hello?" "Rain, it read.." Juliette cried so hard that Rain couldn't understand. "Juliette? Are you okay?" Rain didn't know if she was or wasn't. After a few seconds Juliette sucked it up and told him, "I am pregnant." Rain gasped and never thought that one of her friends would be a mom at 15 or 16. "Um.. well, I don't know what to say. You're going to be a mother. What are you going to do?" Rain asked. "I haven't thought of it. I don't want a baby now. I want abortion." Juliette said without thinking. "Are you sure of that?" Rain seemed concerned. "I am not sure. But why should I have a baby at this age? I was hoping to save it until I turn 19 or 20." Juliette added. "You should do what you think is right." Rain encouraged her. "I don't even know what the right thing to do is here. It'll ruin my life if I let the baby make my belly very big," Juliette cried once more. "And then abortion is a sin and plus it cost money." Juliette began. "I can help you raise the money so your mom doesn't find out. And come on, I have done many sins but later get baptized." Rain told Juliette. "Thanks Rain. I'll leave it all to you."

Monday in lunch....
Juliette was one month pregnant. She was skinny, but Juliette had a little bump. It was luckily unnoticeable. "Hey babe." Heather told Rain. "Hey." they both quick kissed and Heather sat down next to him. Juliette came in the lunchroom and sat in front of them. She had a worried look and showed it to Rain. Rain looked down at the table and frowned. "What's wrong? Rain? Juliette?" Heather took this serious and knew for sure something was wrong. "Nothing. I got A LOT on my mind." Juliette made her sentence obvious to Rain. "Yea, what she says." Rain agreed. "Come on, be happy birds or else just tell me now and I sware I won't tell no one." Heather promised. Rain and Juliette looked at each other and then Juliette suddenly said, "Go ahead." Rain put his whisper hands on Heather's ear and whispered the drama. "YOU WHAT!?" Heather yelled out getting out of her chair. Juliette shushed Heather and slowly sat back down with her. "Why are you... the way you are?" Heather screamed in her whisper. "It was not really my fault. Aaron and I... and it was a beautiful moment though I think he is mad at me since I yelled at him for not having a condom." Juliette replied.

Aaron walked by slowly in front of her and caught her eye. Juliette waved hello to him. Aaron looked down and frowned like if he did something wrong. Rain went to get Aaron over here. "Hey Aaron, are you mad at me?" Juliette asked. "No, I thought you were mad at me." Aaron replied. "Well, I'm not. I just panicked and because of that, I have a little someone on the inside of my body." Juliette told him. "Serious? What are you going to do? I don't think I should be a dad. I'm sorry Juliette, but I can't at this age." Aaron responded. "Oh my God, I'm glad you said that. I don't want to be a parent yet too." Juliette smiled. "We are going to raise money to get her an abortion." Rain told Aaron and Heather. "Oh, I would be glad to help you Rain." "How could you?" Heather angrily shouted at them. They all looked at her. "So, you decide not to have whatever you will have and then just destroy his or her future?" Heather finished. "No Heather, it's for my own good." Juliette corrected. "Is it for the baby's good?" Heather asked her not letting her answer. Heather just walked away not wanting to face them right now. Juliette hid her face with her hands and let one tear escape from her eye. "Don't worry Juliette, she will get over it." Rain encouraged her. "Everything she said was true." Juliette whispered to them. "We are still going to raise $300 no matter what happens." Rain told her. "Hey, I have $270.00! We only need $30.00 and we'll be okay." Aaron deliriously shouted. "Great." Juliette said laying her head down. "I only have 14 dollars and... 56 cents." Rain told Aaron. "So that equals $284.56. And now we need...." "Shutup! Just mow a lawn, babysit, or clean a car!" Juliette yelled. "Ah!" Aaron and Rain pointed each other like if this abortion was already possible. Heather's voice still ran around Juliette's mind. Is it for the baby's good?
To be continued...


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