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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Head to Toe

Andrew and Bailey continued the song they wrote with their heads and Rain listened from the other room.

"I am the one you will be with, when life turns you down. And turns you in to a clown. Yea! And I am the one who will fix your broken smile. The one who will wash away the pile. And find the love dug underneath it. Ohh! Find the one that I enjoy looking at. And nothing will ever change that. Yea yea yea.

You are the one in my mind. My life with you has intertwined. And I have loved those days. When you keep me amazed. And you are the one that makes my whole world spin. The one who finds my grin. And I have loved you so. You are mine from head to toe."

Andrew stopped and smiled. "That was good, I think your voice is amazing." he told Bailey. "Your's is perfection. No lie." Bailey smiled. "Thanks." Andrew replied. Bailey stared at his eyes for a while and then Andrew looked at her and then she quickly stood on her feet and said,"Well I guess we should go get a sandwhich or something." "Okay." Andrew stood up with her and went to the kitchen. Andrew made her a sandwich and for him too. "Thank you." Bailey said picking up her sandwhich. She took a bite of it and smiled. "Your welcome." Andrew smiled back. When they finished their sandwhiches, Rain said to come with them to go to Heather's house. "Heather?" Andrew asked. "Yea, she's one of my friends. And apperantly Rain's girlfriend." Bailey responded putting on her coat. Rain put on his and Andrew put his on too. They walked out looking at the snow falling making it turn to 3 inches of snow. "Wow. Lots of snow flakes!" Andrew shouted amazed.

They walked next door to go to Heather's house. Rain rang the door bell excitedly. Toby (Heather's 12 year old brother) opened the door and said,"Even if you carol for me, I won't give money." "We are here to see Heather." Rain told him. "Toby!" Heather shouted angrily. She ran to the door and pushed Toby away. "Come in, sorry for the Toby incident." Heather told Rain. Bailey was hiding behind Rain and Andrew. "It's alright." Rain smiled leaning in for a kiss. Bailey ran in front of Heather and shouted,"Hey!" "AHH! Bailey I missed you!" Heather yelled hugging her. "How is life without me?"Bailey asked. "Shane was depressed, Rain was quiet, Juliette was bored, and I was annoyed by Mandy because of Rain and I getting together." Heather replied. "Oh. Well Shane is no longer depressed because I got with him!" Bailey corrected. "Nuh-uh!" Heather shouted. "Yuh-huh!" Bailey and Heather shrieked. "Alright, can we end this girl fest?" Rain said sticking his finger in his ear for their girl shriek. Heather rolled her eyes sarcastically and noticed Andrew. "Who's this?" Heather asked. "This is my friend, Andrew. I met him in the foster home in Toronto." Bailey told Heather getting closer to Andrew. "Hi." Heather smiled sticking out her hand. Andrew shook her hand and said, "Hi." "Heather, do you got any hot chocolate? It was so cold out there." Rain asked. "Yea, come on." she said leading them to the kitchen. The minute Bailey walked in the kitchen, she heard a scream. "Bailey!!" Juliette yelled. "Juliette!!" Bailey dropped her mouth and hugged her. "Heather." Heather laughed. "Is sexy." Rain added. "Shut up." Heather pushed Rain. "Shut up and let me go. Hey!" Andrew finished. Everyone laughed and had a great time shouting out random stuff. "Andrew, you are so silly." Bailey told him. Andrew smiled. When their hot chocolate was done getting hot, Bailey grabbed two and gave one to Rain. "Oh yea, I didn't mention that I only had two." Heather told Bailey. Andrew blushed and knew he was going to share with Bailey. "No, it's cool. I can share with Andrew." Bailey smiled. "And I will share with you, baby doll." Rain told Heather. Heather blushed and just kissed his lips. "Thanks, babe." Heather replied. Rain drank the hot chocolate and let Heather drink it while he held the mug. Bailey drank from it and then gave it to Andrew. Andrew drank out of it too and then smiled at Bailey. Bailey smiled back and took the mug. Out of nowhere, Bailey felt lips hit her cheek softly. She looked at Andrew and blushed. (Once again she forgot about Shane) Rain, Juliette, and Heather looked at her shocked. Bailey finally snapped out of it and then gave Andrew the mug. "Sorry." Bailey told Andrew walking away, leaving Heather's house. They looked at Andrew and watched what he was going to do next. Andrew stood there for a second and then ran after her. Bailey sat on Heather's stairs and heard the door slam behind her. "Bailey.." Bailey knew who it was now. ".. I'm sorry. I couldn't..." "Help it?" Bailey interrupted.

Andrew looked to his feet and put his hands in his coat pockets.

To be continued...

Monday, December 22, 2008

↑The Hook Up↑ :D

A day after the movies coincidence, Bailey was feeling a little bit better since the hug of hers and Andrew. She really needed it. :) She was getting up out of bed with her blue silky butterfly pajama pants and a red shirt with a Smurf on it that says,"Blonds have it easier!" Well sometimes, blonds have it the hard way. Bailey thought. Her hair was up in a pony tail and wavy going all over the place. She yawned and smelled the smell of pancakes. Rain's mom was making pancakes. Yay! She made delicious pancakes. Rain was in the kitchen eating two pancakes in his Sponge bob pajama pants with an Metallica 1997 tour shirt. "Hey Bailey." Rain called out swallowing. Bailey sat in a chair in front of him and smiled. "Are you okay now?" he asked. Bailey nodded and looked down to his mom's feet. Ooh! Nice slippers! "Shit, I am so tired!" Rain whispered. "Rain, we don't use this language in this house! Especially in the morning." his mom frowned. "Mom, then you are being racist to the language." Rain told her. Bailey hid her grin. "Yes, I am proud of it." she talked back. "Ohh!! You got owned by your own mom." Bailey smiled. "Shut up." Rain pushed her laughing.

Later on that day...

The door bell rang. Rain answered it and saw Shane freezing out there and let him in. "Dude, what are you doing here? Bailey told me she was mad at you." he whispered. Bailey was in her guest room with Andrew making a duet together, they both shared their laughter with their stupid rhymes. Andrew played the guitar sitting on the floor and Bailey sat on the bed. "I know. I came to apologize to her, so can you call her out here?" Shane asked begging. "I'll try." Rain said going to her guest room. He opened the door and saw them laughing. "Bailey, come out here." Rain commanded. "Alright? Andrew, I'll be right back." Bailey smiled. Bailey stepped out the guest room and asked Rain what was going on. He ignored the question and lead her to the front of the house. She saw Shane and decided the conversation was going to be interesting. Rain walked away and went to the kitchen to talk to his brother. Shane took off the sweater that Bailey gave him for his fifteenth birthday last summer in 2007. "We need to talk." Shane said. Bailey looked at his eyes and knew yesterday was stupid and knew he didn't want to be friends anymore. Bailey looked down feeling something cold traveling down her face. Bailey frowned and touched her face and in her two fingers were one tear. Shane held her hand and sat on the couch with her. "I broke up with Kelsi, she took it well." Shane smiled and hugged her. Bailey felt awkward trying to speak while he hugged her. "Oh. That's great." Bailey said not that excited. "What do you mean? I thought you would be happy to hear that." Shane confusedly responded. "I am it's just that, I didn't expect this. I thought you would hate me since I was a spoiled brat." Bailey told him. "No, that's not true. I didn't mean to say that. It just slipped out." Shane explained. Bailey looked him in the eye. "Are you sure?" Bailey asked. "Look, I have liked you since I was 3 and there was no problem as we grew up together. Now, I just can't take it anymore. I don't want you to be mad at me forever. We shouldn't act like this. Especially since you have been my best friend since I was 4 months old." Shane replied. Bailey made a dramatic pause and looked at the door. Shane looked at her and probably knew what she was thinking. He cried only 2 tears and stood up and took his jacket and put it on. Bailey stood up with him. Shane turned around as the door was in front of him and looked at Bailey. Bailey got near him and said,"We should not be friends anymore." Bailey told him. Shane sighed and after that he closed his eyes and knew he screwed up. He felt two cold hands wrap around his neck and felt soft lips kiss his. Fireworks began starting everywhere as they kissed. Er.. It felt like that to both of them. Shane opened his eyes and felt those lips pull away. He blushed and Bailey smiled that smile that Shane loved to see so he can fall in deeper love with her. "We should be together." Bailey whispered in his ear. Bailey just walked away and headed to her guest room. Rain walked in. "What happened?" Rain asked worried. "We're together man!" Shane yelled. Bailey heard him and laughed as she walked in the door and closed it. Andrew was playing a relaxing tune on his guitar similar to "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. Bailey sat next to him on the floor. "What are you playing?" she asked. "I don't know, I just made it up." Andrew smiled. "Cool. Let's see if we can rhyme this sucker." Bailey told him. Andrew looked at her and nodded. "I am the one you will be with, when life turns you down," Bailey sang. She paused a moment. "And turns you in to a clown. Yea!" she finished. "And I am the one who will fix your broken smile. The one who will wash away the pile."Andrew sang back. "And find the love dug underneath it. Ohh!"Bailey continued. "Find the one that I enjoy looking at." Andrew paused. "I won't ever call you a brat." he told Bailey. "Uh.. he didn't mean to call me that!" Bailey explained. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "Ugh! Never mind. Let's continue.." Bailey rubbed her face.
To be continued...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Movies

A day later, Shane invited Bailey to go to the movies with him. They both went to go see the movie, Four Christmases. Once they got in the theatre, they both sat together in the middle of the seats. The movie commercials showed up and new movies that were going to come up in 2009 or 2010 were coming up also. "Shane, I'm going to the restroom real quick. Alright?" "Okay."Shane smiled. Bailey stood up and took her purse with her. She was going to take a look at herself in the mirror and apply a little more make up. She entered the bathroom and put her purse on the sink counter and zipped open the purse and took out her eye liner. A girl next to her was fixing her hair and watching her fingers go through her hair. Bailey took the eyeliner cap off and then slowly put eyeliner on her eyes. Suddenly, the girl's purse fell on the floor. Bailey couldn't help but... of course, help the girl. "Oh thanks." she said. "No problem." Bailey smiled while picking up her favorite shade of lip gloss from Wet N' Wild, Strawberry Ice! "Hey, have this lip gloss at my... house." Bailey told her. "Oh really? That shade is my favorite." the girl replied. "It's my favorite too!" Bailey responded excitedly. "Cool. What's your name?" she asked. "Bailey." "Nice name. My name is Kelsi." she told Bailey. "Kelsi?" Bailey thunk deeply. Kelsi... Kelsi...Kelsi. "Where have I heard your name before?" Bailey asked. "I'm not sure, but I guess it's from a song that Metro Station made up." Kelsi said. Wait! The thought hit Bailey in the face. SHANE'S GIRLFRIEND!! "Do you have a boyfriend named, Shane?" Bailey asked her. "Yea. How did you-" "Um... he's been my best friend since I was born."Bailey interrupted. "Really? 16 years?" Kelsi dropped her mouth amazed. Bailey nodded angrily not showing her feelings on her face. Kelsi walked out the restroom with Bailey and kept talking of what Pop Star! Magazine mentioned on the last issue. "...and that is why Kevin Jonas dissed Miley Cyrus!" Kelsi said. "Oh, that's nice but mean at the same time. He is doing a favor for his brother since she treated Nick like crap." Bailey told her while she kept walking slowly. Shane suddenly appeared walking up to both of them. "Kelsi!" Shane shouted like if he didn't want to deal with her now. "Yea, Shane guess who met each other?" Bailey asked looking at him angrily. "Yea, isn't it great? We can all see a movie together!" Kelsi smiled. "Uh... yea," Shane faked. Bailey crossed her arms and leaned on one leg. "We are watching Four Christmases, meet us there. Bailey and I need to talk." Shane finished. Kelsi smiled and ran along to the theatre. "Bailey, listen-" "Don't worry, I got the message that you don't want to break up with her and instead just leave me." Bailey said. "Bailey, look..." "Why won't you look? I been waiting to see you so we can be together and finally call ourselves taken. But I guess you never seemed to understand my fantasy that will probably never come true." Bailey shouted. "Why won't you let me speak?" Shane yelled back. Bailey added a sigh to the sentence. "She asked me out. How am I going to break her heart? I am not that kind of guy." Shane told her calmly. "You broke my heart." Bailey shed a tear. Shane rubbed her tear away with the end of his jacket where his hand is. "I didn't realize that. But if you give me a chance.." "Forget it now. It would be too awkward to breathe the same air with your girlfriend." Bailey crossed her arms. "You know what Bailey, I think you are becoming a spoiled brat." Shane told her angrily. Bailey looked somewhere else and her mad frown became a sad frown as two tears came out and fell off her face. Bailey wiped one side of her face and then ran in the front of the theatre. Shane followed her and asked,"Where are you going?" Shane asked. "Rain's house." Bailey told him with her voice shaking as one more tear fell of her face. She yelled out 'Taxi' like there was nothing wrong with her. A taxi pulled over and then picked Bailey up. Shane watched her leave him. He felt like a jerk now. What best friends we are. Shane thought. Once Bailey got to Rain's house, she rang the doorbell. Rain opened the door and there was Bailey in tears. "Bailey what's wrong?" Rain asked her feeling concerned. "Shane fell for Kelsi instead." Bailey closed her eyes as tears squeezed through and came out running throughout her face like free horses. "I thought he liked you." Rain replied. "He called me a spoiled brat because...." Bailey continued on and on until Andrew came in and saw her. "Bailey? Are you... crying?" Andrew asked. Bailey ignored the question and came near him to hug him. Andrewhugged her back closing his eyes and smiling. "Whatever it is, I don't need to know. All I need to know is if you okay." Bailey nodded looking him in the eyes. Rain watch them hug even more and smiled feeling the connection of both of them.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mistle Toe

("Open your eyes." the voice whispered. Bailey slowly opened her eyes excitedly. She gasped.)

"Shane!" Bailey shouted. Bailey hugged him like the last time she hugged him. She was crying because she missed him so much. "Bailey, what's wrong?" Shane asked her. "What do you mean?" Bailey's voice shook. Shane wiped her tears with his thumb. "I missed you so much. I-I just couldn't help being without you." Bailey said. "Don't you got a boyfriend to comfort you from all this sadness?" Shane asked. "What!? What are you talking about?" Bailey finally got hit by the thought. Oh God, the text. "Him." Shane pointed to Andrew as he walked by. "Okay, Andrew is my friend only." Bailey told Shane. "Friends for benefits." Andrew smiled. Bailey looked at him with her eyes widening up and her mouth scrunching up. Andrew looked at Bailey,"Nah! I am just joking. I'll leave you two alone." Andrew just walked away. "What about your girl?" Bailey asked him crossing her arms. "Well, I might break up with her later because I heard you like me." Shane smiled and held her hand. Bailey blushed. "Well yea, wasn't it obvious?" Shane shook his head. "I am not a girl's mind reader. I'm the clueless type for your information." Shane said laughing. "Oh, well now I know more about you. I am clueless too." Bailey agreed. "Bailey, I need to tell you something." Shane told her. Bailey perked up and looked him in the eye. "I don't want to be your best friend anymore." he said. A tear fell down Bailey's face and then she looked somewhere else. "What?" she blurted out feeling broken and dead. "I want to be... your boyfriend." Shane replied picking her head up to look at him. Bailey rubbed her face to take away the tears that fell for no reason. "Look up." Shane commanded. Bailey looked up and saw a mistle toe above both of them. Bailey stood on her toes to reach him and leaned in to kiss him. She felt the world spinning! The nerve building up inside of her and the fireworks popping up all around the place as if they were the only two on the planet and they could do what they desired to do. Once she pulled away, her head automatically lied against his chest. Shane held her knowing that they weren't best friends, they were each others.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bailey Goes to New York City!

A week went by and now it was the day that Bailey went to New York City. Bailey woke up early so excited that it was 6:28 AM, 4 hours until she had to go to the airport. Which was at 10:30 AM. Andrew woke up with Bailey's excitement which was jumping up and down in front of her room's mirror. Andrew's hair was all messed up, he had his pajama pants on and a Slipknot band tee. "Andrew, today is the day for you to experience New York City and meet my friends!" Bailey shouted quietly. "Cool. I'm going to New York City today!" Andrew smiled. Bailey took a bath and Andrew put his iPod in his pocket for in the plane when Bailey sleeps and he feels bored. 4 hours later, they got to the airport to go to New York! "Bye Abbey. I'll miss you!" Bailey told her. Bailey hugged her as she was getting to the plane. Andrew gave Abbey a goodbye hug and went on the plane with Bailey. They took a seat and Andrew saw Bailey smile. Bailey sat by the window and Andrew sat in the middle. He put his backpack on the seat to his right. "Well, are you happy because I got you this far by begging?" Andrew asked Bailey. "Yea, thanks so much." Bailey told him crossing one foot under where she sat. Andrew smiled and looked at her. Bailey looked at him and blushed. She looked out the window and then thought, Well go ahead Ms. Bailey. Shane has a girlfriend anyways. Bailey turned to him and of course Andrew was still looking at her. Bailey kissed him with her hands around his head. And now so far Bailey tongue-kissed him. When she slowed down to stop, she took her hands back and then smiled. "Uh... Thanks?" Andrew turned red. Bailey giggled and then layed her head on his chest about to sleep. Andrew quickly kissed her lips.

Andrew shook Bailey and then she woke up. There they were! Landing in New York City! Bailey dropped her mouth in a smile. "We are here in New York, beautiful." Andrew said. "Oh my god! We are!" Bailey shouted while her ears popped. They finally landed and were on the grounds of New York! Bailey and Andrew got off the plane and got their bags and were running together laughing. There in front of the airport they shouted out for a taxi to come. They got in and were going to drive to Rain's house. Once they got there, Rain opened the door and saw Bailey. "Bailey!" Rain shouted. Bailey hugged him and then saw Andrew. "Oh, Rain this is Andrew. Andrew this is one of my best friends, Rain." They shook hands and smiled. Rain told them to come in and then in a room, they dropped their bags and took off their coats. Bailey went to go to the restroom to look at herself in the mirror. Perfect hair, makeup... okay, and sexiness.... red hot. When she came out, she walked slowly to her right. She stopped to sense that someone was behind her. She felt cold hands cover her eyes. "Who is this?" Bailey asked. "Guess." the voice whispered in her ear. Bailey felt confused. Who could it be!? The hands pushed her somewhere that was 5 steps away. The hands turned Bailey around still closing her eyes. "Open your eyes." the voice whispered. Bailey slowly opened her eyes excitedly. She gasped.
To be continued...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Girlfriend?

(Rain: Did you hear that Shane has a girlfriend?)

"What?" Bailey yelled out loud to her phone. She shut her phone and knew that she will enter New York City next week without Shane's love. It was over, though she still wanted to go to there to see all her friends. She missed Rain, Heather, and Juliette too much. She did have a break down at Officer Rose's house. She wanted to go see Rose too. Rose was such a good cop. Shane on the other hand was too complicated now to miss. Shane has a girlfriend, how else can Bailey's heart break? Her dad abusing her, her parents divorcing, never seeing her mom again, moving to Toronto, and now Shane's new lover? What a wonderful world. Besides, there was 7 more days until she was in New York City... with Andrew! She would probably pretend to be with him and get Shane jealous!? Score one for Bailey! Bailey thought. She smiled and sent a message to Rain.
Bailey: Oh, that's great! I have a boyfriend now too. Isn't that a coincidence?
She put her phone on the side of her bed and then smiled and knew this was wrong to lie to her friends. She gave herself a sigh and knew it was half of a sacrifice to her. She wants to lie but she does not at the same time. She was heart broken and Rain didn't need to tell her that or else she would of been happier now if Rain sent it to her. Meanwhile, Shane and Kelsi were at the movies watching the movie, Madagascar 2. Kelsi is the girl in the last post that Shane saw walk by him. Shane asked her out after all the sighs and sadness all in his mind because he thinks that Bailey never liked him and now has a boyfriend. Sad, sad, sad, huh? "I'm so glad you and I are together now." Kelsi whispered during the movie. Shane smiled and looked at her. "I know. Listen, I will get us more popcorn, alright?" Shane told her. Kelsi nodded and watched the movie as he left the theatre. When he was going to the buy more popcorn he went to the restroom for all the vibration in his hoodie. It must of been Rain calling him. "Hello?" "Shane, you know how you told me that your new girlfriend is Kelsi?" Rain asked Shane. "Yea." "Bailey didn't even...make such a big deal of it. She has a boyfriend too. I guess it's that Andrew guy that lives with her in the foster home." Rain said. "Oh." Shane shocked by his words. It was never meant to be. Shane thought. "Well, I feel happy for her if she is happy with Andrew. Well, I thought we were meant to be but I was wrong." Shane replied. "You like her?" Rain asked him. "Yea since I was 3. Why?" Shane responded. "She likes you too! I wonder why she has a boyfriend anyways." Rain told Shane. "Oh my god! Did you tell her I was with Kelsi? No wonder she has a boyfriend!" Shane yelled. "Chill, it's only Bailey." "Yes, Bailey! The one that is my best friend, the one who I save from dyeing from so much abuse, the one I been liking since I was 3, the one.... that will never live in New York." Shane slowly said. "Well, what do you want me to do?" Rain asked. "I want you.... to stay out of our lives until she comes to New York City for Christmas Break next week." Shane told him. Rain hung up feeling bad. And so Shane thought, Well, it's too late for me. I got Kelsi and she has Andrew.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yes to New York!

Shane started to strum chords on his guitar. He knew how to play guitar. His strums turned in to the song,"Mexican Wrestler" by Emma Roberts. He closed his eyes after a minute and stopped playing. Once he opened his eyes the vision he had experienced was still there. The park, kids playing double dutch, couples kissing, and mothers strolling their babies. He sighed and looked to his right for no reason. It was a jogger listening to his iPod. Shane watched him go by. He brought his guitar all the time to the park when he felt his, "song writing" mood. It was quiet in the park anyways all the time. Now the mood was gone. Meanwhile, Bailey was holding on to her phone and eating at the same time. She sat next to Andrew. Abbey sat near her husband, Joseph. Next to them sat 2 little boys about the age of 8 years old. Bailey looked down at her lap where her hands held her cell phone and texted. "Bailey? Are you texting again?" Joseph asked. "Uhh... No! I wasn't. I was... praying," Bailey smiled innocently. "Amen!" she finished. Bailey continued her eating. Abbey looked at her suspiciously and Andrew just hid his face with her making up a silly excuse. Shane just stood on his feet and took his guitar case and went straight home.

12 minutes later...
He opened the front door with his key and then felt the warm heater. It was cold outside. Like what, 36 degrees? Today was December 6, 2008. It's been three weeks ago since those love they kissed. Meanwhile, Bailey and everybody else was done eating and then Andrew walked with Bailey to her room. "Hey Bailey, that was a good lie. Praying? Wow." Andrew smiled. "Well, I had to text Shane. But I couldn't because of dinner." Bailey explained. "Oh. Alright, Shane." Andrew making an,"I don't believe you" face sarcastically. "No, really! He doesn't know yet that I like him. I'll have to call him tomorrow." Bailey told Andrew. "So you can get with him even though you are way far from each other?" Andrew fastly asked. Bailey looked at him. He has a point. She thought. "Well," "Come on! You know that I am right." Andrew smiled sweetly. "You are. But I might see him over his school Christmas Break." Bailey replied. "You should ask Abbey if she will let you go to New York City for Christmas." Andrew reminded. "Come with me then to ask Abbey." Bailey looked at him. Andrew giggled and came with her to ask Abbey.

"No way!" Abbey yelled. "What? Come on! Why not?" Bailey asked. "Because there needs to be someone to go with you. You can't go alone! You need someone 17 or older to go with you." Abbey told Bailey. "I'm 17, I can go with her!" Andrew smiled excitedly. Bailey dropped her mouth with a smile. "Okay. That will work. But you got to promise to not leave her alone by herself. She might get kidnapped or lost or anything else." Abbey replied. "Trust me, I can't stop doing it now." Andrew whispered to himself. "Excuse me?" Abbey asked. "Uh.. Nothing!" Andrew said. Bailey giggled because she heard him. "So when do you want to go?" Abbey asked Bailey. "Um.. December 19, 2008." Bailey responded excitedly. "Alright." Abbey said walking away. "Oh my god! Thanks so much Andrew." Bailey hugged Andrew. Andrew couldn't breathe because he blushed so hard. While walking to his room Bailey explained how great he would think of New York City. "And then Times Square is filled with tons of people and fashion trend setters, musicians, and famous people like Mary Kate Olsen or Robert Pattison!" she smiled. "How can I ever pay you back?" she asked as they both entered his room and she closed the door. "Well," Andrew widened his eyes. "you don't need to pay me." Andrew got closer to her. "Okay, fine." Bailey said. Andrew smiled and pushed her softly against his room's door. They kissed so passionately. Bailey enjoyed kissing Andrew sometimes. They were like friends of benefits. Andrew pulled away for air. His hair covered his eyes which made him look hot to Bailey. They both sat down behind the door and kept kissing. Five seconds later, Andrew got on top of her and smiled. Bailey felt a little tired. It was 8:57 PM and she usually slept in midnight every Friday. So she fell asleep with Andrew on top of her on the floor. Andrew got on his feet and picked up Bailey and carried her to her room. "Goodnight Bailey." he whispered in her ear. And at that he left her sleeping on her bed, Andrew closed the door after leaving to go and sleep in his room. Bailey woke up in her bed at 9:47 AM the next morning on December 7, 2008. She had a new text message from Rain.
Rain: Did you hear that Shane has a girlfriend?
To be continued...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shane's Tears

"Hello?" Shane's voice appeared in Bailey's ear. Bailey smiled and then she excitedly said,"Hi!" "Bailey?" Shane smiled. "Shane?" Bailey sarcastically replied. "Bailey, I miss you so much." Shane told her. "I miss you too." Shane was going to ask her something they were both wondering. "So how is Canada?" Shane asked. He wasn't going to ask her that, he was going to ask the other thing he is supposed to ask her! "It's cool. I met a guy in my foster home. His name is Andrew." Bailey told him. Shane thought the negative of their relationship. "Oh." Shane awkwardly said. "Hey, I was going to ask you something." Bailey responded. "Um.. Well I am not really up for one. I got to go and finish my chores." Shane lied feeling sad about Andrew and her. "Can I ask please!?" Bailey asked begging. "I should better get to my chores before my mom gets on her cranky side." Shane said with his voice shaking. "Oh, alright. I'll call you later." Bailey sadly told him. Shane hung up without telling her goodbye. Was it something I said? Bailey thought. Shane started to cover his face and rubbing it. Bailey sighed and just lied on her new bed. Shane just sat there in the bench with cold air blowing through his face. It was nothing all this time. Shane thought. He looked up and saw two girls walking past him. He checked them out. Wow! That girl with the green scarf was cute. She looked at him and giggled. Shane smiled a little. The girls walked away and Shane's smile disappeared. He picked up his feet on the bench and dug his face into his lap. He sighed about to cry about Bailey. Should I tell her the truth? Shane thought. He looked up and only saw the people walking all over the park and having a great time with smiles. Shane looked the other way and saw lots of couples hugging and kissing. He shed only one tear. Bailey will never love me. Shane thought. His phone vibrated. He took his phone out of his hoodie pocket. It was a text from Bailey.
Bailey: I seriously need to ask you something.
Shane was very curious of what she wanted to ask him. Shane texted back with, "What?"
Bailey was texting until Abbey came in and told her, "It's dinner time." "Hang on one moment. I need to text my friend something." Bailey replied. "Make it quick, Bailey. Two minutes tops!" Abbey said leaving the room.
Bailey: I wanted to ask you if you were still single.
Shane: Yea, why?
Bailey: Um.. Who do you like?
Shane: Well, who do you like?
Bailey: You.
Shane: Really?
Abbey came in the room telling Bailey to come already. "One more text?" Bailey asked with a puppy face. "No more. Dinner. Now." Abbey said. Bailey sighed and put her phone in her pocket. 3 minutes went by and Shane waited for her text and nothing. He sighed because he thought he was tricking him. There's my answer. Shane thought.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flashback Love

( Mrs. Altree was calling roll and Rain was just sitting in his seat drawing what he saw this morning. He saw the most beautifulest thing that ever appeared in front of his face. Which was Heather.)
Rain was thinking of the drawing he drew of Heather on the first day of school. 9/17/08 He could never forget when he drew it and first saw Heather. She was so beautiful to him. Rain went to his room to search through his drawers. Two drawers later, he found the drawing. The next thing you know, he went to Heather's house while looking at the drawing. He pressed on the doorbell. There was Heather in a ponytail, with eyeliner in her eyes, blue jeans, and a purple shirt that has a cute dinosaur on it that says,"Rawr!" Rain looked up and smiled,"I like your shirt." Heather laughed and kissed him quickly. "What's up?" Heather asked Rain. "Well, I reminded myself of something I drew that was very beautiful to me on the first day of school." Rain told her. "Is that the drawing?" Heather asked pointing to the paper he held. Rain looked at her and nodded. "Can I see it?" Heather asked all flirty. Rain gave it to her turned over the blank page. Heather turned it over and saw a sketch so good. Is that me? Heather thought. "That's you. I drew you because I fell in love with you the first time I ever layed my eyes on you." Rain reminded her. Heather dropped her mouth in a smiled like if she was about to say,"Aw!" Heather hugged him. Rain smiled while he was hugging her. "Thank you Rain. You're such a good friend... Wait! I ment boyfriend." Heather messed up awkwardly. "Yea. It's kind of hard to believe, huh?" Rain asked smiling. "Yea." Heather sighed. Heather looked at him,"You are so special to me." Rain looked to another way and then quickly kissed her cheek. Heather smiled while leaning on the stair's handle bars. "I know." he said. "Have you heard from Bailey?" Heather asked. "Yea, actually I did. She kissed Shane and both aren't sure that they are together. And she met someone in her foster home. A guy named, Andrew." Rain replied. "Are you serious!? She kissed Shane? That is so sweet, they should totally hook up since they are the only two that are single in our group." Heather smiled. "They should. Have you heard of Juliette and Aaron so far?" Rain asked. "Well, kind of. I hear that they are still together since the day of Halloween." Heather mentioned. "That's when we got together too." Rain replied. Heather blushed and said,"Well, I got to get going. My brother, Toby needs help on his homework." "Alright." Rain stepped off the stairs to her house. Heather followed him slowly and then kissed him goodbye. "Bye, Rain." Heather headed towards her house and then looked back when she got inside. Rain smiled and walked back to his house with no drawing in his hand. He gave it to Heather. (Finally they are together, huh?) Meanwhile in Toronto, Ontario, Bailey was looking at her phone and wondered if she should call Shane. She sighed and finally dialed his number feeling butterflies going everywhere around her body.