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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flashback Love

( Mrs. Altree was calling roll and Rain was just sitting in his seat drawing what he saw this morning. He saw the most beautifulest thing that ever appeared in front of his face. Which was Heather.)
Rain was thinking of the drawing he drew of Heather on the first day of school. 9/17/08 He could never forget when he drew it and first saw Heather. She was so beautiful to him. Rain went to his room to search through his drawers. Two drawers later, he found the drawing. The next thing you know, he went to Heather's house while looking at the drawing. He pressed on the doorbell. There was Heather in a ponytail, with eyeliner in her eyes, blue jeans, and a purple shirt that has a cute dinosaur on it that says,"Rawr!" Rain looked up and smiled,"I like your shirt." Heather laughed and kissed him quickly. "What's up?" Heather asked Rain. "Well, I reminded myself of something I drew that was very beautiful to me on the first day of school." Rain told her. "Is that the drawing?" Heather asked pointing to the paper he held. Rain looked at her and nodded. "Can I see it?" Heather asked all flirty. Rain gave it to her turned over the blank page. Heather turned it over and saw a sketch so good. Is that me? Heather thought. "That's you. I drew you because I fell in love with you the first time I ever layed my eyes on you." Rain reminded her. Heather dropped her mouth in a smiled like if she was about to say,"Aw!" Heather hugged him. Rain smiled while he was hugging her. "Thank you Rain. You're such a good friend... Wait! I ment boyfriend." Heather messed up awkwardly. "Yea. It's kind of hard to believe, huh?" Rain asked smiling. "Yea." Heather sighed. Heather looked at him,"You are so special to me." Rain looked to another way and then quickly kissed her cheek. Heather smiled while leaning on the stair's handle bars. "I know." he said. "Have you heard from Bailey?" Heather asked. "Yea, actually I did. She kissed Shane and both aren't sure that they are together. And she met someone in her foster home. A guy named, Andrew." Rain replied. "Are you serious!? She kissed Shane? That is so sweet, they should totally hook up since they are the only two that are single in our group." Heather smiled. "They should. Have you heard of Juliette and Aaron so far?" Rain asked. "Well, kind of. I hear that they are still together since the day of Halloween." Heather mentioned. "That's when we got together too." Rain replied. Heather blushed and said,"Well, I got to get going. My brother, Toby needs help on his homework." "Alright." Rain stepped off the stairs to her house. Heather followed him slowly and then kissed him goodbye. "Bye, Rain." Heather headed towards her house and then looked back when she got inside. Rain smiled and walked back to his house with no drawing in his hand. He gave it to Heather. (Finally they are together, huh?) Meanwhile in Toronto, Ontario, Bailey was looking at her phone and wondered if she should call Shane. She sighed and finally dialed his number feeling butterflies going everywhere around her body.


Ali said...

I wonder what that phone call is going to be like...

can't wait :)

☮(:♥♡Su-sU♡♥:)☮ said...

Can't wait for the call post.
I hope Bailes and Shane get togetha!
And that is sweet of Rain to give the drawing to her.
Though you havent been talking of them much since Bailey left New York.