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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Head to Toe

Andrew and Bailey continued the song they wrote with their heads and Rain listened from the other room.

"I am the one you will be with, when life turns you down. And turns you in to a clown. Yea! And I am the one who will fix your broken smile. The one who will wash away the pile. And find the love dug underneath it. Ohh! Find the one that I enjoy looking at. And nothing will ever change that. Yea yea yea.

You are the one in my mind. My life with you has intertwined. And I have loved those days. When you keep me amazed. And you are the one that makes my whole world spin. The one who finds my grin. And I have loved you so. You are mine from head to toe."

Andrew stopped and smiled. "That was good, I think your voice is amazing." he told Bailey. "Your's is perfection. No lie." Bailey smiled. "Thanks." Andrew replied. Bailey stared at his eyes for a while and then Andrew looked at her and then she quickly stood on her feet and said,"Well I guess we should go get a sandwhich or something." "Okay." Andrew stood up with her and went to the kitchen. Andrew made her a sandwich and for him too. "Thank you." Bailey said picking up her sandwhich. She took a bite of it and smiled. "Your welcome." Andrew smiled back. When they finished their sandwhiches, Rain said to come with them to go to Heather's house. "Heather?" Andrew asked. "Yea, she's one of my friends. And apperantly Rain's girlfriend." Bailey responded putting on her coat. Rain put on his and Andrew put his on too. They walked out looking at the snow falling making it turn to 3 inches of snow. "Wow. Lots of snow flakes!" Andrew shouted amazed.

They walked next door to go to Heather's house. Rain rang the door bell excitedly. Toby (Heather's 12 year old brother) opened the door and said,"Even if you carol for me, I won't give money." "We are here to see Heather." Rain told him. "Toby!" Heather shouted angrily. She ran to the door and pushed Toby away. "Come in, sorry for the Toby incident." Heather told Rain. Bailey was hiding behind Rain and Andrew. "It's alright." Rain smiled leaning in for a kiss. Bailey ran in front of Heather and shouted,"Hey!" "AHH! Bailey I missed you!" Heather yelled hugging her. "How is life without me?"Bailey asked. "Shane was depressed, Rain was quiet, Juliette was bored, and I was annoyed by Mandy because of Rain and I getting together." Heather replied. "Oh. Well Shane is no longer depressed because I got with him!" Bailey corrected. "Nuh-uh!" Heather shouted. "Yuh-huh!" Bailey and Heather shrieked. "Alright, can we end this girl fest?" Rain said sticking his finger in his ear for their girl shriek. Heather rolled her eyes sarcastically and noticed Andrew. "Who's this?" Heather asked. "This is my friend, Andrew. I met him in the foster home in Toronto." Bailey told Heather getting closer to Andrew. "Hi." Heather smiled sticking out her hand. Andrew shook her hand and said, "Hi." "Heather, do you got any hot chocolate? It was so cold out there." Rain asked. "Yea, come on." she said leading them to the kitchen. The minute Bailey walked in the kitchen, she heard a scream. "Bailey!!" Juliette yelled. "Juliette!!" Bailey dropped her mouth and hugged her. "Heather." Heather laughed. "Is sexy." Rain added. "Shut up." Heather pushed Rain. "Shut up and let me go. Hey!" Andrew finished. Everyone laughed and had a great time shouting out random stuff. "Andrew, you are so silly." Bailey told him. Andrew smiled. When their hot chocolate was done getting hot, Bailey grabbed two and gave one to Rain. "Oh yea, I didn't mention that I only had two." Heather told Bailey. Andrew blushed and knew he was going to share with Bailey. "No, it's cool. I can share with Andrew." Bailey smiled. "And I will share with you, baby doll." Rain told Heather. Heather blushed and just kissed his lips. "Thanks, babe." Heather replied. Rain drank the hot chocolate and let Heather drink it while he held the mug. Bailey drank from it and then gave it to Andrew. Andrew drank out of it too and then smiled at Bailey. Bailey smiled back and took the mug. Out of nowhere, Bailey felt lips hit her cheek softly. She looked at Andrew and blushed. (Once again she forgot about Shane) Rain, Juliette, and Heather looked at her shocked. Bailey finally snapped out of it and then gave Andrew the mug. "Sorry." Bailey told Andrew walking away, leaving Heather's house. They looked at Andrew and watched what he was going to do next. Andrew stood there for a second and then ran after her. Bailey sat on Heather's stairs and heard the door slam behind her. "Bailey.." Bailey knew who it was now. ".. I'm sorry. I couldn't..." "Help it?" Bailey interrupted.

Andrew looked to his feet and put his hands in his coat pockets.

To be continued...


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

"Shut up and let me go. Hey!" Andrew finished. <-- LOVL I love that line and song!!!

xO OMGness!!! Who will Bailey choose?! Please continue asap!!!!

~ MeGaN
<33 xD

Ali said...

I think Andrew has always liked Bailey ever since she came to the foster home. It just felt like he did. I think they belong together.


Rose Valentine said...

Aww thanks!! :)

OOOh what a heated scene! What's going to happen next??

Anonymous said...

Did you actually write that song cuz its amazing:)