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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Movies

A day later, Shane invited Bailey to go to the movies with him. They both went to go see the movie, Four Christmases. Once they got in the theatre, they both sat together in the middle of the seats. The movie commercials showed up and new movies that were going to come up in 2009 or 2010 were coming up also. "Shane, I'm going to the restroom real quick. Alright?" "Okay."Shane smiled. Bailey stood up and took her purse with her. She was going to take a look at herself in the mirror and apply a little more make up. She entered the bathroom and put her purse on the sink counter and zipped open the purse and took out her eye liner. A girl next to her was fixing her hair and watching her fingers go through her hair. Bailey took the eyeliner cap off and then slowly put eyeliner on her eyes. Suddenly, the girl's purse fell on the floor. Bailey couldn't help but... of course, help the girl. "Oh thanks." she said. "No problem." Bailey smiled while picking up her favorite shade of lip gloss from Wet N' Wild, Strawberry Ice! "Hey, have this lip gloss at my... house." Bailey told her. "Oh really? That shade is my favorite." the girl replied. "It's my favorite too!" Bailey responded excitedly. "Cool. What's your name?" she asked. "Bailey." "Nice name. My name is Kelsi." she told Bailey. "Kelsi?" Bailey thunk deeply. Kelsi... Kelsi...Kelsi. "Where have I heard your name before?" Bailey asked. "I'm not sure, but I guess it's from a song that Metro Station made up." Kelsi said. Wait! The thought hit Bailey in the face. SHANE'S GIRLFRIEND!! "Do you have a boyfriend named, Shane?" Bailey asked her. "Yea. How did you-" "Um... he's been my best friend since I was born."Bailey interrupted. "Really? 16 years?" Kelsi dropped her mouth amazed. Bailey nodded angrily not showing her feelings on her face. Kelsi walked out the restroom with Bailey and kept talking of what Pop Star! Magazine mentioned on the last issue. "...and that is why Kevin Jonas dissed Miley Cyrus!" Kelsi said. "Oh, that's nice but mean at the same time. He is doing a favor for his brother since she treated Nick like crap." Bailey told her while she kept walking slowly. Shane suddenly appeared walking up to both of them. "Kelsi!" Shane shouted like if he didn't want to deal with her now. "Yea, Shane guess who met each other?" Bailey asked looking at him angrily. "Yea, isn't it great? We can all see a movie together!" Kelsi smiled. "Uh... yea," Shane faked. Bailey crossed her arms and leaned on one leg. "We are watching Four Christmases, meet us there. Bailey and I need to talk." Shane finished. Kelsi smiled and ran along to the theatre. "Bailey, listen-" "Don't worry, I got the message that you don't want to break up with her and instead just leave me." Bailey said. "Bailey, look..." "Why won't you look? I been waiting to see you so we can be together and finally call ourselves taken. But I guess you never seemed to understand my fantasy that will probably never come true." Bailey shouted. "Why won't you let me speak?" Shane yelled back. Bailey added a sigh to the sentence. "She asked me out. How am I going to break her heart? I am not that kind of guy." Shane told her calmly. "You broke my heart." Bailey shed a tear. Shane rubbed her tear away with the end of his jacket where his hand is. "I didn't realize that. But if you give me a chance.." "Forget it now. It would be too awkward to breathe the same air with your girlfriend." Bailey crossed her arms. "You know what Bailey, I think you are becoming a spoiled brat." Shane told her angrily. Bailey looked somewhere else and her mad frown became a sad frown as two tears came out and fell off her face. Bailey wiped one side of her face and then ran in the front of the theatre. Shane followed her and asked,"Where are you going?" Shane asked. "Rain's house." Bailey told him with her voice shaking as one more tear fell of her face. She yelled out 'Taxi' like there was nothing wrong with her. A taxi pulled over and then picked Bailey up. Shane watched her leave him. He felt like a jerk now. What best friends we are. Shane thought. Once Bailey got to Rain's house, she rang the doorbell. Rain opened the door and there was Bailey in tears. "Bailey what's wrong?" Rain asked her feeling concerned. "Shane fell for Kelsi instead." Bailey closed her eyes as tears squeezed through and came out running throughout her face like free horses. "I thought he liked you." Rain replied. "He called me a spoiled brat because...." Bailey continued on and on until Andrew came in and saw her. "Bailey? Are you... crying?" Andrew asked. Bailey ignored the question and came near him to hug him. Andrewhugged her back closing his eyes and smiling. "Whatever it is, I don't need to know. All I need to know is if you okay." Bailey nodded looking him in the eyes. Rain watch them hug even more and smiled feeling the connection of both of them.


Audrey said...

Hey this is awesome!!! Write more- love the plotline!

LOL I am so betting on Andrew and Bailey! Haha