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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Kiss?

("Hey Bailey, I heard you kissed Shane. We can talk about it later if you want to and good luck in Toronto. You are cool, stay that way Bales.") -Rain

Bailey: Hello?
Rain: Bailey?
Bailey: Yea, listen Rain. I did kiss Shane.
Rain: I thought he was lying, well how is it like over there in Canada?
Bailey: It's great. I met a guy named, Andrew about my age with some cool hair and yea.
Rain: Is he your new boyfriend?
Bailey: Of course not. Shane and I-.. Is Shane my boyfriend?
Rain: Shane is asking the same thing so you should go and ask him.
Bailey: Really?
Rain: Yup, so you should probably call him now.
Bailey: Alright then. Bye Rain.
Rain: Bye Bailey. I miss you!
Bailey: I miss you too little dork. Say hi to Juliette, Aaron, and Heather for me.
Rain: I will.
Bailey: And tell Mandy that I hate her. *laughs*
Rain: I'll try.

Bailey hung up with Rain and then thought of what he said,"Shane is asking the same thing."
She smiled and decided to go to Andrew's room. It was third room to my... left! Bailey thought. "Andrew, I need advice." she said after knocking on his door. "Oh, what kind?" Andrew asked. "The kind "when you kiss the best friend since you were born and don't know if you and him are together" kind of advice." Bailey said. "Well, best friends since being born? Hm... I don't know what to say. I guess you guys are together. But if your friend says no, then he probably is confused. I would say yes a billion times for a girl like you." Andrew smiled. "Aw.. that is so sweet for you to say." Bailey giggled. "So, I guess that's it? No hug.. no kiss?" Andrew asked. "Well, I just met you so I'll probably get to know you better." Bailey told him. "Well just know that I think you are pretty and I am not afraid to tell you." Andrew replied. Bailey smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Andrew turned red as tomato and Bailey noticed that. "You're turning red!" Bailey told him with her mouth dropped. Andrew hid his face. "I think it's adorable for someone to turn red as an apple when I kiss them. It's too cute." Bailey reminded him. "You think.. I-I am cute?" Andrew asked begging for the word yes in his mind. "Yea. You are pretty cute to me just for a judgement." Bailey replied. Andrew nodded with a pleasured face. "Cool." Bailey giggled hoping he would make a move. She carelessly forgot about Shane. Andrew walked nearer to her getting off his window sill. Bailey knew he was going to make a move. Andrew put his hand through her hair and smiled excitedly knowing by her stiffness she approves the kiss. Bailey closed her eyes getting her face closer to his. Andrew's face was relaxed and he felt good just getting something from someone very beautiful to him. They got closer and the nerve build up inside Bailey. Andrew kissed her so passionately and Bailey went along with it. She smiled inside still forgetting about Shane. Bailey was running out of breath and just pulled her lips away and still had her face on his head. Andrew smiled and took a deep breath. Bailey kissed him even more and then felt the wall in her back. The wall was pretty cold and then the thought came to her. She opened her eyes and pulled away. "Andrew, sorry." Bailey told him embarrassed running to her room. Andrew watched her run away and sighed. He just went to his bed and threw his basketball up in the air and catched it. Bailey was in her room sitting behind the closed door. She was thinking about Shane and how he didn't call him like how Rain told her to. "What am I going to do?" Bailey asked to herself.

Andrew... The Foster Friend

When Bailey arrived in Toronto, she woke up with the airplane going down landing for the airport. Bailey sighed and when the plane landed, she grabbed her bag and then walked out the airplane. She was looking around for her foster parents. She looked everywhere. When she got tired, she went to sit down on a chair. Then someone sat next to her. The lady had a sign that said.. "Bailey from the United States" "I'm Bailey." she said turning to the lady. "Bailey! Finally. My name is Abbey." Abbey told her. After a little chat, they went to a parking lot and then Bailey saw a BMW car as Abbey's car. "Your car is so cool." Bailey screamed excitedly. "Thank you Bailey." Abbey smiled. Bailey returned the smile and got in. Bailey most of the time stayed quiet and looked out the window to see Toronto's features. 12 minutes later, there they were. In front of Bailey's new home. Bailey let herself easy by not crying. It's a new beginning in a sad way. But let's find some friends in here. "There is other people that are fostered here, right?" Bailey asked. Abbey nodded in a smile. Bailey got her bag and then followed her to the front door. They walked in and Bailey walked through a hallway leading to her new room. She put her bags on her new bags. "Wow. Everything seems different here compared to New York." she told Abbey. Suddenly, there was this guy that came in to Bailey's room. "Hey Abbey. Who is that pretty new girl?" the guy said. "Her name is Bailey. She is from New York City. Bailey this is Andrew." Abbey knew they were going to be good friends, so she gave them alone time for them to produce a friendship. Bailey stuck out her hand and smiled. Andrew blushed and then shook her hand. "I'm from Seattle, Washington. And New York City? Pretty cool for a cute girl like you." Andrew smiled. "Thanks. You are pretty yourself, Andrew." Bailey blushed. Andrew laughed a little. "So what are you here for?" Andrew asked. "Abuse, you?" Bailey told him. "Orphan." he gave a broken smile. "Oh, it must be hard." Bailey's heart broke a little just for him. "It's okay. But it must be harder for your mom... er, dad.. to abuse you." Andrew said. "You are pretty cool just looking at you." Bailey said. "Thanks." Andrew smiled. Andrew defenitely had a crush on Bailey. Andrew had an urge to hug her. Well, he was a major flirt so he just did. He barely has a mind to think if he is going to do what he will do. So he is an uncontrollable rebel sometimes. Bailey went with the hug. It was so squeezable and fun to do it with Andrew. So Bailey just smiled when she pulled away from the hug. "So.. I think you have some unpacking to do. If you need me, my room is.. third room to your left." Andrew said and picked up her hand and kissed it. Bailey thought he was going to be a "friend for benefits" guy. So she would probably go with it for fun. When she opened her bag, first thing she grabbed was her cell phone. She opened it and then saw that Rain left a voice message. "Hey Bailey, I heard you kissed Shane. We can talk about it later if you want to and good luck in Toronto. You are cool, stay that way Bales." Bailey smiled and called him after unpacking. (Phone conversation next post...)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bye Bye Bailey

When Shane got home, his mom asked him why is he smiling so big about. "Well, its a long story." Shane spun once. "I'm up for a long story." his mom said. Shane threw his jacket on his bed. He came to the kitchen where Shane's mom was making something to eat for Shane and herself. "Well, as I was cheering up Bailey. She told me that she cares about me and... no one else other than you ever told me how much they cared. It was so sweet." Shane told her. His mom nodded and said,"That's very sweet for your best friend to say." Shane looked at her and his smile disappeared. "Best friend?" "Well, yea. She has been there with you since diapers were changed, Er... is she your best friend?" "Um.. we did kiss and then that -"His mom interrupted by saying,"Kiss?" Shane nodded and smiled. She hid her smile and then let him go on. "It makes me think that... that Bailey and I are.. together!" Shane told her looking at the floor. "Well, I remember you had a crush on her since you were 3. You and her would kiss, so it was probably normal. I recorded that." she told him. "What?!" Shane frowned and then opened his eyes a little wider. "It's true. I can show you." "NO MOM... it's okay." Shane shouted. His mom laughed and then Shane just went to his room and laid on his bed thinking of Bailey. He smiled and then held on to his cell phone. He looked at it and then dialed Rain's number. "Hello?" Rain said. "Dude, I kissed Bailey." Shane told him in a "freaked out" tone. Rain just gave him a laugh. "No! Really!" Shane told him. "Are you serious?" Rain asked. "Yup. You can even ask her." Shane said. "Alright. I'll call her now." Rain said smiling. "Alright." Shane told him. Rain hung up on Shane and called Bailey, but all he heard is her voice message saying,"Hey, it's Bailey. I'm busy today.. I'm going to go to Toronto today so please leave a message or just call tomorrow." Rain was going to leave a message. "Hey Bailey, I heard you kissed Shane. We can talk about it later if you want to and good luck in Toronto. You are cool, stay that way Bales." He hung up and then just moved on with whatever he did before Shane called. He forgot to return Shane's call but decided he would waste money on just one simple sentence,"She didn't pick up."
Bailey was getting on the plane to Toronto. I wonder if Shane and I are together because of that kiss. Bailey thought. Shane was thinking of the exact same thing of, Are we together? It felt so confusing to both of them. I will probably ask him tomorrow when I am in Toronto. Bailey smiled and bit her lip softly. The plane took off and Bailey just sighed as her ears popped. She cried looking out the window to take a last look of her New York City. I am off the top of the world. Bailey whispered to herself.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bailey's Break Down

The next week, Bailey got healed and this day was November 16, 2008. She felt her eyeliner going down her cheeks. But now, she was going to a foster home where she can be safe and no one can abuse her. She was finally happy. She didn't know what to feel, leaving the friend that she met when she was a child. Shane. Bailey took a look at a picture that his mom took when they were in diapers. They were hugging. Bailey cried so much that she couldn't breathe. "Bailey! What's wrong?" Officer Rose asked. Rose let Bailey stay over at her house. "I can't go! I don't want to leave." Bailey gasped the words out while collapsing to the ground and holding her hands over her stomach. "Bailey!" Officer Rose yelled out a little shocked. Bailey continued her crying. "What do you want me to do?" Rose asked her patiently and slowly. Bailey grabbed her phone and dialed Shane's number. She handed it to Rose, she looked at the phone and put it to her ear. Meanwhile, Shane heard his phone ring while laying in bed thinking of good times him and Bailey had when they were younger. He got surprised that it was Bailey. "Hello?" he said excitedly. "Hello?" Rose said. "Who is this?" Shane asked. "It's Officer Rose. Listen, Shale.." "It's Shane," he interrupted. "Shane... Bailey is having a break down. She wants you over here. The address is 616 East 140th Street." Rose said quickly. Shane knew where that was, though it took him 8 minutes to get there. "Alright." And at that point, Shane hung up and grabbed his sweater. "Mom, take me to 616 East 140th Street!" Shane yelled out. "What's the problem?" his mom asked. "I will tell you in the car. Hurry mom!" Shane shouted. His mom ran to him and then she followed him to the car. When they got in the car, Shane's mom asked,"What happened?" "Officer Rose needs me to go see Bailey. She is having a break down." he replied. "Oh my. Is it because she is going to Toronto today?" she asked. "Might be." Shane said. When they got in front of the house, Shane opened the car quickly and ran up the steps. He rang the doorbell. Rose opened it and then Shane ran inside to see Bailey crying on the living room floor with 3 suitcases around her. "Bailey." Shane said softly. Rose gave them privacy. Shane came closer to her and then stood on his knees in front of her. "Shane." Bailey cried. "What's wrong?" Shane asked her holding her hand. Bailey looked at him in the eyes,"I don't want to leave you. I never want to. You're my best friend since I was born." Bailey told him calming down. "It's alright, I will be fine." "But what about me? I can't live without you." Bailey told him passionately. "Really?" Shane smiled. Bailey nodded like she would never nod again. "That is sweet." Shane grinned even more. Bailey held his hand. And apparently, they were both holding each others hand and getting closer. And they got even closer until they almost kissed, Rose interrupted and said,"Well, I see we got the tears to stop falling." Shane turned to see her. He stood on his feet and helped Bailey up. Bailey smiled and so did Shane. "So when am I going to see you again?" he asked Bailey. "Christmas break." Bailey told him. Shane nodded in pleasure hidding his lips and smacking them. "I'd better get going. I'll miss you a lot. You been such a good person to me." Shane said awkwardly. Rose went in to the kitchen and was about to make something for Bailey before she left. Shane was going to the front door to leave, Bailey followed him and then Shane turned around when the front door was right there. "I'll miss you too." Bailey whispered. Shane kissed her lips goodbye for a good 5 seconds and then hugged her. It was so passionate, when they both pulled away, Bailey felt empty inside and so did Shane. Shane put on a weird face. "I kissed my best friend." Shane laughed. Bailey smiled and kissed him one more time just for a month without him. It's crazy! He walked away to his mom's car and drove away and smiled. Bailey leaned on the front door feeling her lips.
(Was this a good post? You tell me, it might be a little weird for you of the whole kissing between Shane and Bailey)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lenox Hill Hospital

2 hours later, the clock turned 3:57 PM. Rain, Heather, and Juliette were still in the waiting room wanting to go inside Bailey's room to go see her. "We've been here for 2 hours already. When are we going to see Bailey?" Rain asked out loud. A doctor came up to him and said,"Our patient, Bailey Fox will be available in a couple of minutes. Please stand by." Rain looked at Heather. Heather smiled a little. Shane came in through the doors and Juliette jumped on her feet and ran to hug him. "Shane!" she screamed. They hugged and then when Heather and Shane both looked at each other, they had an awkward moment. "Hey." Shane said. Shane spread his arms wide open for a hug. Heather gave him a quick hug and smiled. Rain did this "difficult to learn" handshake with him and stepped back. "Wow, you should of seen those line of cops asking me a bunch of questions." Shane told them. "So what is one of them you remembered?" Juliette asked firmly. "One of them asked me what Bailey did while she got her abuse, I said that she was screaming."Shane replied with a sad face. Rain shared an upside down smile with him. "Excuse me, are you guys trying to find... um... Bailey Fox?" a nurse asked. "Yea." Heather said. "Let me take you there. This way please." she replied. Rain held Heather's hand all the way until they got in front of Bailey's hospital room. The nurse opened it and walked away. Bailey woke up when she heard foot steps come near her. When she turned her head to the left where her friends were, she smiled. "Guys," she whispered dramatically. They looked at her with their eyes filling up with water. "I love you all." Heather was the first one to burst into tears. Bailey hugged her and told her everything will be okay. "No, it won't. You are going to be in a foster home away from us. And we will probably never get to see you." Heather said. Bailey cried with her. "I know. But, I will tell my foster parents to go take me here so I can see you, Rain, Juliette, and Shane. You know that our friendship will never end and it won't stop because of my dad. I am finally safe and there is nothing no one can do about it." Bailey replied. All the friends hugged her. "We love you so much Bailey." Juliette blurted out. Bailey smiled of joy and depression all at the same time. "I love you guys too." she said. Rain smiled. They all stepped back for space. "Well, Bailey we got to get going." Juliette said. "Yea, and my mom will wonder where I am with Rain since she knows we are going out now." Heather added. "Really?" Bailey smiled. Shane felt lonely. Bailey did also. But no way are they getting together! I mean, they are friends! What is up with them being friends then just being together. Psh! No... Besides, Bailey is off to Toronto, Canada.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

:O --Rain and Heather-- <33

When it was 12:36 PM, Rain was slipping on his converse and about to comb his hair. Meanwhile, Heather was putting on her gray baby doll shirt. She already put on her skinny jeans, and her high heels. She felt pretty. Her shirt was cute to her. When the clock turned to 1:27 PM, Heather was done with her hair... straightening it and all. She brushed her teeth which took a couple of minutes. Let me skip to 1:45 PM.... Heather went outside on her steps and Rain was still not there. She heard a door slam, she looked to her left and saw Rain coming out, running down his stairs and over to her steps. He gasped for air but didn't seem to break a sweat. Heather smiled when he was near her. "Hi." Heather waved her hand. Rain smiled and repeated her word. He took her hand and let her walk down the stairs. "Where are we going to go?" Heather asked. "Hm.. Never thought of that. How about we go to the park." Rain insisted. "Okay," Heather smiled. "how long have you liked me." she asked while she was walking with him to the park. "Since I first saw you, which was your first day at a school in New York." Rain said looking at her. "Aw! That is so sweet." Heather smiled showing her teeth. Rain smiled inside, for her beautiful smile. When Madison Square Park was right in front of them, they looked at each other. "Here we are." Rain said. "Cool." Heather replied. When they crossed the street, they went to sit on the bench. Out of nowhere, there was an ambulence and a police car going down their street. Rain just worried what happened with Heather for now. "Wow, I am so tired." Heather sighed. "You would've let me carry you." Rain laughed and so did Heather. Rain got closer to her and put his arm around her, Heather looked at him and kissed him. Rain smiled and laughed after 7 seconds of holding breath with her. "What are you laughing about?" Heather asked. "Nothing, I am just," he laughed a little more. "sorry, I am so excited that we are actually together." Rain explained. "Oh." Heather smiled. Rain's phone rang, he answered the call. "Rain?" It was Juliette. "Yea, what's up?" he asked. "Bailey is in the hospital!" Juliette said. "What?" Rain couldn't believe it. It must of been her abusive dad. "It's true. I tried calling Heather but she isn't at her house." Juliette told him. "Heather is with me. We are going out now." Rain replied. "Really!? Happy Birthday. Tell her what happened to Bailey." Rain put his phone on his chest and told her what happened. "What!?" Heather yelled feeling uncomfortable. "What hospital is she in?" Rain asked Juliette. "Lenox Hill Hospital. Come quickly!" Rain hung up the phone and stood on his feet. "We got to go to Lenox Hill." Rain told her. Heather stood on her feet also and then she grabbed his hand and then ran to the edge of the sidewalk with him. "Taxi!" Rain yelled. Heather laughed a little. "What are you giggling about?" "You say 'taxi' very cute." Heather smiled. Rain smiled back and kissed her. A taxi came right in front of them and then Rain opened the car for Heather. When they all got in, Rain told him to go to the Lenox Hill Hospital. After 15 minutes, they got there and stepped out of the taxi. Once they got inside, they saw Juliette sitting in a chair looking to her feet. "Juliette!" Heather yelled out. Juliette looked up and came to hug Rain and Heather. "Her dad abused her once again. Shane said that he was going by her house and then saw through a window that Bailey's father was beating her and all he heard was screaming." she said. Rain put on his hurt face on. Heather sighed in sympathetics. "Where is Shane?" Rain asked. "He is with these cops doing an investigation." Juliette answered. "Where is Bailey? Why are we still out here not looking at her in pain?" Heather asked. "They said they are going to heal her and she will be okay in a couple of days or so. We won't see her in school on Monday. They are going to put Bailey's dad in jail and they might put Bailey in a foster home." Juliette cried.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Black Stairs

Once the room got loud again, it was 8:58 PM. Heather felt a little tired. She yawned and Rain saw her with her sleepy eyes on. "Are you sleepy?" Rain asked. Heather nodded. "I'll take you home." Rain insisted. "Okay." Heather finally spoke. Heather hugged Bailey, Juliette, and Shane goodbye and then they left the party. So, it was both of them alone... walking. Heather was getting closer to Rain so she can put her arm around his waist. Rain did the same. Rain wondered how mad Mandy will get if she ever found out of them two dating. He felt rebellious to Mandy. Once Heather's house was in front of them, Heather walked up the stairs with Rain and he asked,"Will I see you tomorrow?" Heather nodded. "Okay. What time?" Heather asked. "Um... 1:45 PM, here." Rain insisted. "Sure." Heather smiled and sat on the stone rail of her stairs and relaxed on it by finally sitting down. "Alright." Rain smiled excitedly like if he was going to fall. I mean seriously, Rain and Heather.... FINALLY! Shane understood that they were together and that he will find another girl sooner or later. He just felt a little sad because he liked Heather though he didn't LOVE her like Rain did. Rain was perfect for her is what Shane thought because of his mind. Shane never had a love at first sight. It was too difficult to do. You get a crush, the crush turns out to be your friend, you get together, you break up, and then friends again. As simple as that to Shane. Meanwhile, Rain smiled after he spoke to Heather. "So, I am going to go to bed already," Heather yawned. "I'm so tired. Bye." she finished. Once she took out her key to get inside, she held it in her hand and put her arms around Rain's shoulders, tipsy toed, and kissed him. She opened her door and closed it. When Rain was coming down the stairs, he wanted to fall since he was shaking a lot. When he got home, he was yelling and jumping on his bed with excitement that they were both together. When he finished his small little parade in his room, his brother Allen came in and sat in Rain's bed. Allen was 2 years older than him like about 18 years old. He was skinny, but not too skinny that he seems like Nicole Richie and not too fat. He had beautiful light brown eyes and black hair. He was 5"8 in height. He was pretty tall (compared to me). "Dude, calm down. I'm trying to sleep. What's up? You seem hyper and pretty darn excited." Allen asked in his manly voice about to sleep. "Well, remember Heather? I always talk about her." Rain smiled. "Yea. She must be pretty." Allen said. "Oh yea, very. She asked me out!" Rain screamed. "Really? That's great! But, whatever happened to Mandy?" Allen asked confusedly proud. "I broke up with her like 2 weeks ago." Rain laughed. "Oh, I always thought she was evil."Allen frowned. "Queen Jenna made me get with her because of a depressing break up she had with her other ex boyfriend, Mason Arnold." Allen got interested in this drama in the life where he use to go to high school. Allen didn't expect too much. "Oh, that must be tough. I heard of her and seen her before. She looks sweet but is evil." Allen reminded. "The evilest girl in school, Mandy is the second evilest in school." Rain shook his head with pity. "Well, I got to go on to bed. They are announcing this thing tomorrow in college." Allen yawned standing to get the heck out of his room and sleep. Rain jumped before he closed the door and turned off the lights to go to sleep. He kept dreaming with his eyes opened and the darkness entering his eyes. He even felt his lips on random moments of his dream. He smiled, and after 6 touches of his lips, he fell asleep.... in New York City. Meanwhile, Heather was sitting in bed with the lights turned off. Her brother, Toby was already sleeping with the stomach ache of the candies. She turned on her lamp and got her diary out.
Dear Diary,
News here will be crazy. New York is very.. different and I love it. It's interesting to me. Notice that I did not say cool. Oh yea, because that makes me seem older. Using big words. Anyways, Shane and I broke up at the party because he kissed Jenna. I know it's shocking. I still kind of like him, though. Juliette got a boyfriend, her enemy, Aaron Livingstone. It turns out Mandy and him are step brothers and sisters. It's sad. No wonder he gets his cruelty from Mandy before he got with Juliette. He is sweet deep inside though. And this sounds wild, I know but, Rain likes me and Shane told me as a friend and that is why he kissed Jenna for a secret of Rain she was going to spill. He is a good friend but a bad boyfriend at that moment but then when he told me, I didn't know what to do so he encouraged me to go find him. It turns out we got together with a giggle of mine and smacking lips. I wonder if it is my giggle. I myself, think that my giggle is adorable. Much like a 5 year old laugh with a 15 year old voice laugh. Rain and I are going out tomorrow at 1:45 PM. I got to go! I am so sleepy and I want to get up early for the date.
See-you later, Alligator!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not a Secret Anymore...

Heather was coming down the stairs and when she saw Shane, she didn't bother talking to that cheater. That enemy kisser. "Heather! I need to tell you something." Shane said. Heather crossed her arms. "What?" "Look, there is a good reason for it. And I was being a stupid boyfriend and a good friend." Shane replied. Heather wanted to stop the confusion happening between friends, Rain, love, and all this madness. "Well, what is the secret? I am getting tired of this stupid confusion. You kissing Jenna, Rain involved in a secret, and... Ugh! Tell me now." Heather commanded. Shane looked to his feet and slowly spread the secret to Heather's ears,"Rain... likes you." Heather couldn't believe it. She didn't know what to do. Heather thought that Rain was only a friend. Well, now he's a friend that likes Heather. She tried to speak and say some words to Shane, all that came out was,"What? I- and... what!?" Shane closed his eyes and thought if Heather ever got with Rain then Shane will have to see other people. But then, Mandy will try to split Rain and Heather apart. "Are you going to get with him since you are mad at me?" Shane asked almost trying to cry. Heather put on her sad face and looked to her feet. "Shane, I-I just don't know what to do since both of you like me. It's crazy!" Heather said. "Go on, talk to him." Shane encouraged her with a smile. Heather smiled back and hugged him. Rain suddenly came from behind the stairs and saw them hugging. He just stared for a while and then sat on the second step of the stairs. Heather stopped hugging him and then searched for him. Rain looked at her without catching her eye. Shane saw him on the steps looking at Heather and came to him and told him that he spilled Rain's secret to her. "What!?" Rain yelled. "Rain, it's cool. She's looking for you. Go find her." Shane said. Rain widened his eyes and actually was glad that Heather was looking for him that he was blushing without her near him. "Thanks. Shane you're the coolest friend I ever had." Rain smiled. Shane looked at him and did a "difficult to learn" handshake with him. "I know," Shane laughed. "now go get her." he finished. Rain got on his feet and went on the search to find Heather. After 5 minutes, Rain got tired and couldn't find Heather. He sat on the couch near this crazy jock that always burps every minute and 30 seconds. The jock burped and it smelled like cheddar popcorn with morning breath to Rain. The smell was horrible. The song, "Control" by Metro Station came up and Rain got up because he LOVED the song. He always sang to it. "Whoa! It feels just like I'm taking control. Tonight. Tonight. Yea, yea." Rain sang. "Rain?" Rain heard someone say his name and he looked around. In through the crowd came Heather. Yeah! Rain thought. When they were about to talk, the wrong part of the song came up. The, "I'm coming down, bring me up, take it off, let's just touch." part. Rain felt shy because of that part. "Hey." Heather smiled. Rain smiled and slowly said,"Hey Heather." Rain smiled back. "Shane told me." Heather looked away when she said that. "Oh." Rain didn't know what to say. He had an urge in him, he had to... hold her hand. Heather looked at him and Rain let go and said,"Sorry." Rain blushed and felt like an idiot. "No, it's okay." Heather giggled. Oh her sweet giggle made Rain fall in love with her. She was so beautiful he couldn't take it anymore, she already knew that he liked her. What's the point? Give her some peck, Rain! Rain thought to himself. It felt like a dare to him and he just kissed her lips instead of a peck on the cheek. Heather expected this moment. She knew it will happen, gladly. Rain's kiss was so soft and romantic. It felt like the world was spinning faster than it is right now and the sun shines for a second and the night comes back and the sun keeps coming and going. It was magical to Heather! She loved the kiss. When Rain pulled away, Heather followed his face but didn't kiss him. "Wow." Heather bragged. Rain felt himself flying inside. She's the one. He thought. The next song that came up was,"Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls. Rain grabbed her hand and pulled her next to Bailey, Juliette, and Aaron so they couldn't be too alone and also so the good friends of theirs don't have to wonder were they both are... alone. Juliette kept dancing with Aaron and singing a little. It was fun to Juliette. It was like they are best friends/ boyfriend and girlfriend. Bailey looked at them dance together and smiled. Rain pulled her in to dance with them. Heather sees the lust in him now. She likes him! (Finally,right?) Heather kept smiling and so did Bailey and Rain. To Rain, he completely forgot about of Bailey's kiss since he kissed Heather now. After the song, Heather asked him out in front of Bailey. "Yes!" Rain yelled excitedly. "FINALLY!!" Bailey yelled that everyone heard. "I thought you promised not to do that in a big crowd." Heather whispered. "Sorry." Bailey whispered back.