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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not a Secret Anymore...

Heather was coming down the stairs and when she saw Shane, she didn't bother talking to that cheater. That enemy kisser. "Heather! I need to tell you something." Shane said. Heather crossed her arms. "What?" "Look, there is a good reason for it. And I was being a stupid boyfriend and a good friend." Shane replied. Heather wanted to stop the confusion happening between friends, Rain, love, and all this madness. "Well, what is the secret? I am getting tired of this stupid confusion. You kissing Jenna, Rain involved in a secret, and... Ugh! Tell me now." Heather commanded. Shane looked to his feet and slowly spread the secret to Heather's ears,"Rain... likes you." Heather couldn't believe it. She didn't know what to do. Heather thought that Rain was only a friend. Well, now he's a friend that likes Heather. She tried to speak and say some words to Shane, all that came out was,"What? I- and... what!?" Shane closed his eyes and thought if Heather ever got with Rain then Shane will have to see other people. But then, Mandy will try to split Rain and Heather apart. "Are you going to get with him since you are mad at me?" Shane asked almost trying to cry. Heather put on her sad face and looked to her feet. "Shane, I-I just don't know what to do since both of you like me. It's crazy!" Heather said. "Go on, talk to him." Shane encouraged her with a smile. Heather smiled back and hugged him. Rain suddenly came from behind the stairs and saw them hugging. He just stared for a while and then sat on the second step of the stairs. Heather stopped hugging him and then searched for him. Rain looked at her without catching her eye. Shane saw him on the steps looking at Heather and came to him and told him that he spilled Rain's secret to her. "What!?" Rain yelled. "Rain, it's cool. She's looking for you. Go find her." Shane said. Rain widened his eyes and actually was glad that Heather was looking for him that he was blushing without her near him. "Thanks. Shane you're the coolest friend I ever had." Rain smiled. Shane looked at him and did a "difficult to learn" handshake with him. "I know," Shane laughed. "now go get her." he finished. Rain got on his feet and went on the search to find Heather. After 5 minutes, Rain got tired and couldn't find Heather. He sat on the couch near this crazy jock that always burps every minute and 30 seconds. The jock burped and it smelled like cheddar popcorn with morning breath to Rain. The smell was horrible. The song, "Control" by Metro Station came up and Rain got up because he LOVED the song. He always sang to it. "Whoa! It feels just like I'm taking control. Tonight. Tonight. Yea, yea." Rain sang. "Rain?" Rain heard someone say his name and he looked around. In through the crowd came Heather. Yeah! Rain thought. When they were about to talk, the wrong part of the song came up. The, "I'm coming down, bring me up, take it off, let's just touch." part. Rain felt shy because of that part. "Hey." Heather smiled. Rain smiled and slowly said,"Hey Heather." Rain smiled back. "Shane told me." Heather looked away when she said that. "Oh." Rain didn't know what to say. He had an urge in him, he had to... hold her hand. Heather looked at him and Rain let go and said,"Sorry." Rain blushed and felt like an idiot. "No, it's okay." Heather giggled. Oh her sweet giggle made Rain fall in love with her. She was so beautiful he couldn't take it anymore, she already knew that he liked her. What's the point? Give her some peck, Rain! Rain thought to himself. It felt like a dare to him and he just kissed her lips instead of a peck on the cheek. Heather expected this moment. She knew it will happen, gladly. Rain's kiss was so soft and romantic. It felt like the world was spinning faster than it is right now and the sun shines for a second and the night comes back and the sun keeps coming and going. It was magical to Heather! She loved the kiss. When Rain pulled away, Heather followed his face but didn't kiss him. "Wow." Heather bragged. Rain felt himself flying inside. She's the one. He thought. The next song that came up was,"Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls. Rain grabbed her hand and pulled her next to Bailey, Juliette, and Aaron so they couldn't be too alone and also so the good friends of theirs don't have to wonder were they both are... alone. Juliette kept dancing with Aaron and singing a little. It was fun to Juliette. It was like they are best friends/ boyfriend and girlfriend. Bailey looked at them dance together and smiled. Rain pulled her in to dance with them. Heather sees the lust in him now. She likes him! (Finally,right?) Heather kept smiling and so did Bailey and Rain. To Rain, he completely forgot about of Bailey's kiss since he kissed Heather now. After the song, Heather asked him out in front of Bailey. "Yes!" Rain yelled excitedly. "FINALLY!!" Bailey yelled that everyone heard. "I thought you promised not to do that in a big crowd." Heather whispered. "Sorry." Bailey whispered back.


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...


That's so sweet for Heather and Rain!! But now I feel bad for Shane ... he's gotta go get Bailey!!! =D lol

Write more supah soon!
~ MeGaN
<33 =D

Krosemarie said...

YES YES YES!!! I was sooooooo pyched when I read this post!!! Rain and Heather FOREVER!!!!!!!!
awesome, I can't wait to read the next post!!!

Oh yeah, I have a new post on "All We Know Is A Fallen World" if you're interested, it's a little bit similiar to this one.....