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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Andrew... The Foster Friend

When Bailey arrived in Toronto, she woke up with the airplane going down landing for the airport. Bailey sighed and when the plane landed, she grabbed her bag and then walked out the airplane. She was looking around for her foster parents. She looked everywhere. When she got tired, she went to sit down on a chair. Then someone sat next to her. The lady had a sign that said.. "Bailey from the United States" "I'm Bailey." she said turning to the lady. "Bailey! Finally. My name is Abbey." Abbey told her. After a little chat, they went to a parking lot and then Bailey saw a BMW car as Abbey's car. "Your car is so cool." Bailey screamed excitedly. "Thank you Bailey." Abbey smiled. Bailey returned the smile and got in. Bailey most of the time stayed quiet and looked out the window to see Toronto's features. 12 minutes later, there they were. In front of Bailey's new home. Bailey let herself easy by not crying. It's a new beginning in a sad way. But let's find some friends in here. "There is other people that are fostered here, right?" Bailey asked. Abbey nodded in a smile. Bailey got her bag and then followed her to the front door. They walked in and Bailey walked through a hallway leading to her new room. She put her bags on her new bags. "Wow. Everything seems different here compared to New York." she told Abbey. Suddenly, there was this guy that came in to Bailey's room. "Hey Abbey. Who is that pretty new girl?" the guy said. "Her name is Bailey. She is from New York City. Bailey this is Andrew." Abbey knew they were going to be good friends, so she gave them alone time for them to produce a friendship. Bailey stuck out her hand and smiled. Andrew blushed and then shook her hand. "I'm from Seattle, Washington. And New York City? Pretty cool for a cute girl like you." Andrew smiled. "Thanks. You are pretty yourself, Andrew." Bailey blushed. Andrew laughed a little. "So what are you here for?" Andrew asked. "Abuse, you?" Bailey told him. "Orphan." he gave a broken smile. "Oh, it must be hard." Bailey's heart broke a little just for him. "It's okay. But it must be harder for your mom... er, dad.. to abuse you." Andrew said. "You are pretty cool just looking at you." Bailey said. "Thanks." Andrew smiled. Andrew defenitely had a crush on Bailey. Andrew had an urge to hug her. Well, he was a major flirt so he just did. He barely has a mind to think if he is going to do what he will do. So he is an uncontrollable rebel sometimes. Bailey went with the hug. It was so squeezable and fun to do it with Andrew. So Bailey just smiled when she pulled away from the hug. "So.. I think you have some unpacking to do. If you need me, my room is.. third room to your left." Andrew said and picked up her hand and kissed it. Bailey thought he was going to be a "friend for benefits" guy. So she would probably go with it for fun. When she opened her bag, first thing she grabbed was her cell phone. She opened it and then saw that Rain left a voice message. "Hey Bailey, I heard you kissed Shane. We can talk about it later if you want to and good luck in Toronto. You are cool, stay that way Bales." Bailey smiled and called him after unpacking. (Phone conversation next post...)


Ali said...

Ooh. I wonder whats in store for Bailey and Andrew...dun dun dun! JK I bet something adorable and good will happen! And Bailey needs that right now! :D

keep writing leilah, you do an amazing job! =]