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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Awkward Moment

"It's okay Bailey. It was just-" Rain paused for a second and didn't know what to say next. Bailey looked down. "I am such a mess up, aren't I?" Bailey asked. Rain shook his head as if that was the stupidest question she has asked. Bailey hid her lips behind her mouth and then looked at him. "You know it's true. My parents are divorced, my dad beats me, I got two enemies, and I just kissed my best friend." Bailey said. "But Bailey, there is one thing that is good about your life," Bailey perked up and hid her frown. "You have some good friends that will never stab you in the back and you are a very beautiful girl." Rain told her hoping he would make her feel better. "Thanks. But, I see other people having the time of their life. Mandy and Jenna are popular, they got the looks, they are cheerleaders, and they get the boys." Bailey responded. "Are you sure that you need all that to be happy?"Rain asked. Bailey leaned her head on her hand. "No. I don't." Bailey confessed. Rain thought she was such a good person. She was clever enough to be happy with all of the stuff that she mentioned about Mandy. "So, do you want to go inside?"Rain asked. "Uh, sure. And Rain," Bailey was going to remind him of something. Rain turned around. "Pretend that the kiss never happened." Bailey commanded. Rain smiled and nodded like a bobble head. They both laughed and they hugged. But Mandy overheard them and got confusedly mad. So when Bailey went inside with Rain, Mandy thought of lots of stuff to get back at Bailey... and Heather. She wanted to include Juliette for no exact reason. It will happen at the perfect place. Mandy's Halloween Party. Her Halloween party was 4 days away. It was going to be on October 31 of course. Today was Wednesday, October 27, 2008. Mandy was going to be dressed up as a disco ball fairy. Her costume was silver and had a little bit of black in it. She wanted to be sexy just for Rain. Maybe Rain would fall for me and forget about Heather! She thought. Mandy was finally happy again but still she wanted to create revenge on Heather, Bailey, and Juliette. She already had the most perfect revenge for Heather. But she has to think about the revenge on the two others. After school, Shane and Heather were together talking to each other about the math test and how hard it was. "Man, I thought I was going to die in the middle of it!" Shane said. "Too late. I am glad you are alive." Heather smiled. "I guess," Shane smiled back. "Oh! I got something for you..." Shane stuck his hand in his backpack and then took out a necklace that had a heart with little diamonds on it. He put it around her neck and then said,"It's a necklace for you." Heather smiled with a big O on her face. "You didn't have to give me this." Heather said knowing that all relationships in the movies always have that sentence in the movie. "Well, I hope you like it." Shane blinked. "Like it? I love it!" Heather jumped. Shane's heart popped out to her for that sentence. Shane loved her as a best friend that like each other. It was too sweet to him. He was going to go to Mandy's Halloween Party. Not that he thought she was cool, only to have his party on. He hasn't been to a party since the last day of school. It was pretty inappropriate. Every jock was throwing beer around their faces and Shane gagged. He smelt like beer for a week. His mom grounded him for 2 months because she thought that he drank some. He hoped that Mandy wouldn't bring alcohol to her party. It was horrible last day of school party. He couldn't wait to go with Heather. He was going to go as Joker. He wondered what Heather was going to be for the party when he got home. But it would be too weird to call her just for one answer. Shane was very tired so he took a nap in his bed. In the city. Dreaming with his mind wide open.


Krosemarie said...

Thats so sweet that Shane gave her that necklace!!!! I <3 it!!!! This story is awesome so far, I can't wait to read more!