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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday... Mandy's Party

It was Saturday morning in New York City. Shane was awake since 6 AM and thought of starting his days by the usual. Eat breakfast, brush teeth, watch a little bit of TV, and go out for a walk. He usually did that while going to school. But he didn't walk to school today, of course. After his walk, he just sat on the front of his house's stairs looking at the weekend's rush hour start. He looked at his watch and read 7:38 AM. He heard some birds sing and saw some flying in the skies. He sighed of tiredness. He spent half an hour sitting on the stairs. He went inside to sleep a little more to let himself cool down and let his eyes relax. Once he woke up it was 10 AM. He was on the couch and still his whole family was asleep. His little sisters and Ali (twins), his mom, and his dad. Heather kind of woke up at the same time with Shane. She was thinking of Mandy's party and how it's going to be today. AAH! Today is Halloween. She was going to be Lovely Ladybug. Shane was going to be Indiana Jones, Rain is going as Captain Jack Sparrow, Bailey is Sponge babe, and Juliette was going to be Graveyard Fairy. Heather couldn't wait to be there at the party. It's the first time for Heather to go to a party with lots of people that she doesn't really know. She will probably see that guy she talks to in her Chemistry class. His name is Jared and is a football player. He is very funny to her. Heather wondered if Juliette, Bailey, Shane, or Rain knew him. It would be cool if they did. Mandy has not made a plan to destroy the people that she hates the most. But she hopes there will be a coincidence at her party that will get her to cry home and never try to show her face again. Mandy was going to be Disco Fairy. It was a short dress and was the color silver and black. She hopes to get Rain's attention. Jenna was going to be Dorothy for the party. She couldn't wait to be partying. Jenna really didn't know that Mandy invited Heather. Also referred to as "boyfriend stealer". It would totally confuse Jenna if she saw Heather at the party. Jenna would probably get a little mad that Mandy's ex-boyfriend's friend was at the party. If it was something to do for fun, she will separate Rain and Heather and make them never talk to each other. Of course, she tried once. But she will try harder the next time she hears something horrible. When the clock turned to 3:06 PM, Heather went to get her costume out of her closet and went to the restroom to change, put make-up, and look at her reflection. Once she was done straightening her hair and everything else, she finally looked at herself in the mirror and said,"Wow." It was 5:48 now and when she got out of the restroom she heard the doorbell ring. Must be the trick or treat-ers. She thought. She was walking to the door until Toby ran and opened the door. "Hello. May I help you?" Toby asked. "Yea, is Heather there?" Heather recognized that voice. It was Rain! "Toby!" Heather yelled out annoyed. She ran to the door and pushed Toby. "Is that your other boyfriend?" he asked. "Toby, shut up," Heather yelled. "Sorry Rain." she finished. "It's okay." Rain blushed. "So, you are.." "Jack Sparrow. And you must be a lady bug." Rain said. Heather smiled and nodded. "So are we going to party or what?" Heather asked excitedly. "Let's go." Rain finished. He took her hand and walked her down the stairs. He let go quickly when they reached Earth's surface. "Where is Juliette, Bailey, and Shane?" Heather asked. "Juliette and Bailey are going to catch up to us at the party and Shane is going to meet us at his house," Rain explained. "Want a candy?" Rain asked. "Alright. Thanks." Heather laughed. They both walked to his house which was not too far away from Heather's house. Once they got to Shane's house, Shane was sitting on the stair steps and stood on his feet when he saw Heather. "Trick-or-Treat!" Heather smiled. "I got no candy." Shane said. Heather rolled her eyes sarcastically. "That sucks. Rain is better than you. He gave me candy." Heather frowned and hugged Rain. Rain felt his stomach drop and was glad he gave her a candy. "Sorry okay. I am not bad. I am Indiana Jones!" Shane smiled. Heather laughed and let go of Rain. Rain had his moment there. He smiled from ear to ear. They walked two blocks just to get to Mandy's house. "Are we there yet? This lady bug is tired." Heather gasped feeling sweaty. "Yea. Just 10 steps away." Shane said. Heather counted while she stepped a foot. Once she got to 10, she said,"We are here?" "Not yet." Rain smiled. "How about I piggy back you?" Shane planned. Heather shrugged and just got on his back. Rain scratched his head and just kept walking feeling awkward. When they got there, Shane set her down. "Yeah! We are here!" Heather screamed of excitement. Juliette came laughing with Bailey in there costumes and then saw Shane and came running. "Hey!" Bailey and Juliette hugged Rain, Heather, and Shane. Bailey stood next to Rain since she kept thinking about the kiss and all. Rain thought about it too but tried to erase that thought out of his mind. "Hi." Bailey told Rain. "Hey." Rain said looking down to his feet. Heather looked at him with a, "Why is he looking down in an awkward way?" face. It was 6 PM already and they went inside. Mandy saw Rain coming in with Bailey. She hummed a little bit and heard the song,"Forever" by Chris Brown pop up. She came up to Rain and said,"Hey Rain." Rain felt like he didn't want to face her right now. So he just said,"Hi." very quickly to get the conversation over with. "Do you want to dance with me?" Mandy asked with a smile. "Uhh.. I am not a good dancer." Rain told her. "Yea right. Come on. Only one song?" Mandy begged. Rain felt like rolling his eyes but he couldn't so he just had to dance with her. It was only one song, right?


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