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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Thunder and the Rain

"Listen, my boyfriend is Shane and you got to know that is true." Heather told Mandy. "I never seen you guys kiss." Mandy said. "Well, why do you need to see us kiss? It's between Shane and me. It's our relationship. Not yours." Heather meanly confronted. "Well, I got to see some "proving it" scenes." Mandy softly hyped up. "Fine! But if you think that that will help you believe it, I will. Before lunch." Heather smiled meanly. "Oh, and before you go Heather," Heather turned to her, waiting for an answer to go catch up with her dorks. "There is a party at my house on Halloween. You are invited." Mandy smiled sweetly. That face was fake but gullible to Heather. Heather just faked a sweet smile back and walked fast to catch up to Rain and Shane. The rain sounded like tapping two pencils on a wooden desk. Mandy smiled intensely with the evilest mind ever. She hoped one day to be as evil as her idol, Jenna Reese. They were practically sisters and listened to each other like normal friends. But outside the walls where all the people stand, they torture them like chicken being cooked in an oven. It was cruel and sad. Too much drama. That was their friendship quote for everybody else they thought were losers. Once Heather was behind Shane and they didn't know that she was behind them, then Heather jumped on Shane's back to give her a piggy-back ride. Shane grunted as he felt weight coming on his back. He saw Heather's hair in his shoulder and held on to her legs. "I didn't know it was you." Shane told her. "Surprise weird little man," Heather laughed. "Mandy still doesn't believe we are together and then now she-" Shane interrupted to avoid Rain feel so sad about them two being love birds. "Uh... why don't we talk about something else?" Heather jumped off his back. "Why?" "Huh... Mm... Because Mandy is not that cool to be talked about." Shane said. "Yea, that is kind of true." Heather agreed. Heather lied her head on the side of his shoulder and put her arm around his waist. Shane shook a little. "Shane! What's wrong with you? You are acting strange." Heather told him. Rain looked down then looked at Shane and then Shane read Rain's lips,"Don't worry about me." Shane looked back at Heather and said,"Nothing. You just tickled me." Heather smiled and then continued with putting her arm around his waist. Then Shane put his hand around her waist too. The rain kept on pouring. Falling down the gray and puffy clouds and the sky making little thunder storms. It was misty and beautiful. Rain loved the way the lights reflected on the wet streets when it rained. It was just so beautiful. Like Heather. Heather was like wet streets in the city to him. It was noticeable and lovely. Once they got near the school, they found Bailey sitting on a bench with a sad face. "Bailey, what's wrong? Why the long face?" Shane asked. Bailey looked at him and shook her head. She didn't want to tell him, Rain, or Heather. Or even Juliette. It seemed as if her heart was broken to pieces. Rain sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. "You can tell me. We are best friends since the fourth grade." Rain begged. Bailey cried and then you can notice her eye liner going down her cheek. She covered her face by hiding it with her hands and putting her head on Rain's shoulder. Rain hugged her. He felt sympathetic for a day. Rain hugged her. Bailey started mumbling something to him. "What?" Rain asked. "My parents are divorced and now I am stuck with my dad. And my dad beats me." Bailey whispered in his ear. "Bailey," she looked up to him. "You got to stand up to your father." Rain told her. "I tried. He only slapped my face," Bailey cried getting closer to him. Rain hugged her even tighter. "I want to run away!" she finished. Rain widened his eyes. "What!? That means I will lose my best friend since primary school." Rain sadly told her. Shane cleared his throat and said,"Hello?" Rain shook his head and sighed, "You can't run away. You might die." "Maybe heaven is a better place for me than living with my dad." Bailey mumbled. "It shouldn't be at this time when you are only 16 years old!" Rain yelled softly. "What do you know?" Bailey barked. "I know chemistry, calculus, and other subjects. I also know what is right for people. " Rain told her. Bailey smiled a little. Shane and Heather left at this time. They weren't even talking to Bailey or Rain at all. "Maybe, I shouldn't live with my dad but I shouldn't run away either." Bailey planned. "What are you going to do?" Rain asked curiously. "I don't know yet." Bailey stared behind him. "Why don't you come live with one of us freaks?" Rain suggested. Bailey sniffed her nose and then smiled and then she said,"Thanks. That's what a good person would do. I love you Rain." Bailey hugged him tight and closed her eyes. When they pulled away, Bailey looked at him and got closer to him and kissed him. Once she took her lips back. Rain looked at her. "Wh-What was that for?" Rain asked stuttering. "Oh my gosh! I just kissed you. I am so sorry." Bailey panicked at the wrong time. She kissed her best friend! She couldn't believe her actions. Though she thought that Rain's lips were soft. What will happen if Mandy finds out? What will be Shane, Heather, and Juliette's reactions? Will Jenna do payback on Bailey? Will Rain and Bailey end up being a couple?


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!! What drama! What awesome writing! What the heck is going on??!! Lol poor Bailey ... I kinda know what that's like ... I kinda hope that Rain and Bailey end up together, but I still like Heather and Rain ... UGH! Lol

Keep it up!! You rock!!!

~ MeGaN
<33 =D

One BIG Mesh said...

this is annoying me....just put heather and rain together already!!!! and bailey can have....add another character. =)

Krosemarie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Thats crazy!!! I can't believe Bailey kissed Rain!!! wow, I love love love this story!!! but I still think Rain and Heather need to get together


Nisey♥Liite said...

i abutley love this

Anonymous said...

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