Uhh yea,
Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Heather Danish is a new girl in Barrymore High School. She moved to New York City, New York. She use to live in New Jersey. Where everything was normal. And if you screwed up, it will just go away quickly or just stay with you. She is going to a new school to start all over, and make new friends, and probably meet some boys. Only if she had time for them. To her, the city she is moving to, seems like a place to never sleep because of all the honking of taxi's and everything. But after every thought, everything goes quite different. So she decides that not everyone wakes up in the middle of the night to want to try to sleep again. So here we go, off to a new place. Starting.... NOW!!