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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alone in Hospital

Rain felt so alone in the hospital that he waisted his time watching the clock and thinking most of the time. He felt a little sore but a little okay. He wanted to fall in to a deep sleep and stop thinking of Heather. Heather. She's the only one that Rain had in mind. Is she okay? Is she thinking of me? Rain got himself depressed without people around. Especially Heather. He just wanted to talk to her exactly like yesterday. He was thinking of their lips almost meeting and saying hello to each other. AHH! Why did she have to sneeze? Stupid allergies. He was also wondering if she was getting along wonderfully with Shane. And by wonderfully, he jealously means,"WONDERFULLY" Rain was actually in the first time jealous of his best friend, Shane. Heather liked Shane. Rain predicted. She kept on giggling the cute giggle that came through her mouth yesterday. It was adorable to Rain. It made him like her more than ever. One day might be just as lucky as... well almost like yesterday. But more better. Rain sighed. He heard the clock ticking. He lay down in his bed, taking off the covers from his body. He didn't feel too cold. Just normal. The clock said 12:48 PM. Just 3 more hours left and maybe Heather will come to the hospital. He grabbed his cellphone and texted Heather. He knew what time to go to lunch. So, she must have her cellphone at lunch. Er, would she? Rain texted,"Hey Heather. Hows the lunch?" He waited for a text from her. Hopefully. He jumped when he heard the phone go off. It read,"Are you okay? The lunch here is okay." He smiled and imagine her voice saying the text on his phone. He couldn't take anymore of it. "I'm ok. Go to the restroom or somewhere private, I wanna call you." he texted her. He waited 30 seconds to go by. He sighed. He felt like yelling for exactly no reason. He dialed in her number. "Hello?" Heather said. Rain smiled and said,"Heather!" He felt so excited to hear her voice finally. "What are you doing?" Heather asked customarily. "Just laying in bed having so much pain for so many reasons," he replied. Heather was one of the reasons why he had a pain. He didn't just want to hear her. See her to be exact. "I feel so alone without Juliette, Bailey, and you." he finished. "Oh. I miss you too." Heather said. Heather said that so she can calm him down. She didn't know him that much but decided to say it anyways. Rain smiled at the phone. "So are you going to come over here to see me?" Rain asked. He knew and hoped that the answer would be yes. "Yes. I am going straight there." Heather told him smiling. "Cool. Tell Bailey, Juliette, and Shane that I said hi." Rain commanded. "O-," Suddenly, Rain started shouting of pain. "OWWW!" Heather felt scared. She didn't know what to do. Rain closed his eyes very tightly and grinded his teeth shut together and putting his hand on his shoulder. "Rain! Are you okay?" Heather asked feeling more and more scared. No reply. Heather hung up and went straight to the lunch room to warn Bailey and Juliette. "What!?" Bailey yelled. "He shouted full of pain. I tried asking if he was okay but there was no answer." Heather said. "Don't worry. He must have pain." Juliette calmed them down. Heather had a frown and a scared face mixed together on her face. She shook her head and thought of him. And while she was thinking of him, she didn't notice Shane coming to sit next to her and put his arm around her. "Hey Heather." Shane said. Heather blushed and felt his muscles lie down on her back. "Hi." Heather replied. She totally forgot about Rain. Juliette and Bailey smiled at each other for Shane calming her down. "So, you look pretty in that polo shirt." Shane told her. "Thanks." Heather said while she multi-tasked. Smiles, giggles, and blushing. That is what I mean by multi-task. He got on his feet when he took his arm off of her. "Come with me." Shane told her. "Okay!" Heather said waiting for what will happen next. He took her somewhere where the people weren't so it could only be just them two alone. When they reached a private spot he let go of her hand and turned around to look at her. He smiled the smile that Heather wanted to see every second of her life. "It's just you and me." Shane told her. Heather nodded smiling shyly. "So..." Heather managed to say. Shane looked around for exactly no reason. It's just so cool to do when he is alone with some so pretty as Heather. So now you know that Shane has a little crush on Heather too. A little breeze went to them making Heather a little cold. She forgot to bring her hoodie because the weather channel forcasted a cold front. "Oh my gosh! It's cold." Heather said. Shane took off his hoodie and gave it to her,"Here. You can wear this." Shane told her nicely. Heather smiled. "Thanks." "You're welcome." Shane replied fastly. They both hugged in the wind. Shane smiled ear to ear and so did Heather. Heather kissed his cheek and felt very warm in her face. Shane laughed and then kissed her lips. Heather never felt this happier in her life. "Th-Th-Thank you!" Heather stuttered.


♥ MeganLurvesYouuu said...

Oh noes!!! RAAAIIINNN!!! Come back to us!!!!!!!

Shane. Dude. Three words: Heather and Rain. Go away. Hehe jk

Awesome chapter! Eagerly awaiting the next one!

~ MeGaN
<3 =D

Anonymous said...

I think Rain might be my favorite character. Keep writing:)

One BIG Mesh said...

Back of bitch heather is rain's. don't you be flirted and kissing your bff's love. Back stabber. okay no sorry had to rant there for a sec. but why why??????????

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mariposa said...

Hey! Awesome writing! I'll definitely be coming back for more :) By the way, thanks so much for the comment on my blog.

Krosemarie said...

Oh, I know I should be happy for Shane and Heather, but I really, really feel bad for rain, he likes her so much!!!! Love the story, I'm staying posted!!

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