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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Slap Fight

Bailey: Are you serious?!

Juliette: Not lying a word. He likes her.

Bailey: WoW! Rain is a freak though. Ha! LOL!

Juliette: Yea. Man, this substitute is wicked. She is boring.

Bailey: Dude, let's talk after class, okay?

Juliette: Sure.

Bailey looks at Heather and then smiles at her without her knowing. She smiled of the whole Rain liking Heather thing. It was something she wanted to know more about. It was interesting to her that Rain has a crush that doesn't involve the stupid brat, Mandy. And her dumb preppy leader, Jenna. Jenna was the most evilest girl that lived on the planet. She was a cheerleader, teacher's pets, and had lots of popularity and boys. Who needs that to be cool? Boys. Some were cute. But the cute ones were idiots. Why did it always end up this way? Guess all the cute guys were too immature to figure it out. The other cute ones were always with Jenna and Mandy. It was always too freaky that guys want to be near Jenna. It was either that Jenna hypnotized them or the guys are just too stupid to notice that she was evil. Bailey sighed thinking about how she was so bored to be in this class. She was just sitting there, the substitute was literally sleeping, and the kids were just either whispering so she couldn't wake up or passing notes. Ah! What a suckish day for Bailey. The bell finally rang and Bailey was gossiping about the whole Rain and Heather thing with Juliette. Mandy noticed that they were talking about Rain. But she didn't know that they were talking of Heather also. "Hey, stop talking about my boyfriend, geeks!" Mandy yelled. "Make us." Bailey yelled back. Mandy had her 'Bring it on' face and walked 3 inches in to Bailey's face. "You want me to make you?" Mandy asked harshly. "Go ahead Ms. 'I do whatever Jenna says' girl."Bailey teased her. Mandy and Bailey were in a fight I guess. Heather was watching in awe. Rain came in behind her and Heather looked at him when he looked at her. Rain felt like smiling from ear to ear. But he couldn't since the fight was urging to see. Yes, the whole school always wanted to see Mandy and Bailey fight. Bailey slapped her. Mandy slapped her back. Bailey of course did it even harder that she knocked Mandy off her feet."Bailey!"Juliette yelled. Bailey turned around to find Juliette. "Stop fighting! It is rude to be slapping your neighbor." Juliette said. Juliette of course was against fighting and loved peace. Rain came in next to her. Bailey saw him and smiled when the thought came popping in her head like popcorn in the microwave. Juliette knew what she was smiling of so then Juliette and Bailey went somewhere where Bailey wouldn't blab it out. So then the bell rang. It was only Rain and Heather in the hall. The teachers were already locked in their classrooms just staying there most of the time like locked royalty. "So.."Rain managed to say. Heather smiled and blushed because he said it like if he needed to go somewhere in a manly voice."So?" Heather replied. Rain leaned against the lockers. Heather just looked at Mandy still on the floor covering her head in pain. Rain took a deep breath. "Want to go to lunch?"Rain asked. "We already go there?" Heather asked surprised. Rain nodded. "Oh!" Heather said. "Follow me."Rain told her. Heather came his way and just walked with him feeling a little weird. She felt like falling in his arms for her tiredness. But instead, she yawned and then laid her head on his shoulder like how most friends do when they are tired. Rain blushed and felt his stomach twist. He was thinking to put his arm around her. So he did. Heather looked at him with a smile. Mandy saw them walk away with the cuddling. "She is taking him away from me!" Mandy thought as she was getting up.


Ali loves Island Park said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad for Heather and Rain!! I LOVE Rain!! He's so awesome!! I think they could be the cutest couple!!! :D I love Demi Lovato but I HATE Mandy!! She is eeeeeeevil!!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

<3 it!!

I'm hooked!


Aurley said...

Not bad!!
I like the complexity with the relationships of people. :)
Nice job!!!
Cute intro with the conversation too.
And that Mandy's so evil. >:O
Thanks so much for reading Abelia Mabel... It means alot!! Ill be sure to read your blog too. :)