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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Dear Diary,

This is my first time I say and do this in all my life to live. I am moving to New York City! I am going to miss my friends. Well, we all got to live somewhere else. I'll make new friends. I might find a crush too. If I have time for them. Hmm... Here is my last goodbyes and looks to New Jersey. I will miss it here a lot. But I know for sure that I will visit here over the Christmas break or even Summer. I will come back for more when I enter the city that doesn't sleep. I got to hit the road.


Heather was already packed and ready to go to New York. "Mom, I am ready!" Heather yelled out feeling a little melancholy. "Okay. Come on down. We are going to the car and the moving van to put in our stuff." her mom replied. Heather came downstairs and set down her suitcase near the car and sighed. "I'll miss you New Jersey." Heather was thinking to say bye to her friends. But, it would be too sad to see them cry and follow the car all the way to New York. Or, that is what Heather thought would happen. Some of her friends can be a little too sensitive. "I'll send them a message on Facebook later on." she told herself. When everybody was ready to go, they got in the car and had a long driveway to New York. All the ride, she had her iPod on and listened to all her favorite songs. Which was all 56 songs. She wondered what will happen to her in New York. What happens in New York, stays in New York. Typically. This was actually the best drive ever. Only because dad didn't sleep and snore, Toby, her brother didn't ask her billions of questions, and mom didn't sing to the radio. It was madness if all that was put together. Things couldn't get any better. Oh, there it is. The sign that says,"Welcome to New York City!"


Ali loves Island Park said...

Exciting!! Hey, is Heather Skye Sweetnam??

♡☮Su-sU tHe OREO LoVeR♥☮ said...

Cool. This story will be interesting I am going to follow this blog!!
Do not delete this story. Keep going!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

Woohoo another story blogger...

Loving it so far!!