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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shane's Tears

"Hello?" Shane's voice appeared in Bailey's ear. Bailey smiled and then she excitedly said,"Hi!" "Bailey?" Shane smiled. "Shane?" Bailey sarcastically replied. "Bailey, I miss you so much." Shane told her. "I miss you too." Shane was going to ask her something they were both wondering. "So how is Canada?" Shane asked. He wasn't going to ask her that, he was going to ask the other thing he is supposed to ask her! "It's cool. I met a guy in my foster home. His name is Andrew." Bailey told him. Shane thought the negative of their relationship. "Oh." Shane awkwardly said. "Hey, I was going to ask you something." Bailey responded. "Um.. Well I am not really up for one. I got to go and finish my chores." Shane lied feeling sad about Andrew and her. "Can I ask please!?" Bailey asked begging. "I should better get to my chores before my mom gets on her cranky side." Shane said with his voice shaking. "Oh, alright. I'll call you later." Bailey sadly told him. Shane hung up without telling her goodbye. Was it something I said? Bailey thought. Shane started to cover his face and rubbing it. Bailey sighed and just lied on her new bed. Shane just sat there in the bench with cold air blowing through his face. It was nothing all this time. Shane thought. He looked up and saw two girls walking past him. He checked them out. Wow! That girl with the green scarf was cute. She looked at him and giggled. Shane smiled a little. The girls walked away and Shane's smile disappeared. He picked up his feet on the bench and dug his face into his lap. He sighed about to cry about Bailey. Should I tell her the truth? Shane thought. He looked up and only saw the people walking all over the park and having a great time with smiles. Shane looked the other way and saw lots of couples hugging and kissing. He shed only one tear. Bailey will never love me. Shane thought. His phone vibrated. He took his phone out of his hoodie pocket. It was a text from Bailey.
Bailey: I seriously need to ask you something.
Shane was very curious of what she wanted to ask him. Shane texted back with, "What?"
Bailey was texting until Abbey came in and told her, "It's dinner time." "Hang on one moment. I need to text my friend something." Bailey replied. "Make it quick, Bailey. Two minutes tops!" Abbey said leaving the room.
Bailey: I wanted to ask you if you were still single.
Shane: Yea, why?
Bailey: Um.. Who do you like?
Shane: Well, who do you like?
Bailey: You.
Shane: Really?
Abbey came in the room telling Bailey to come already. "One more text?" Bailey asked with a puppy face. "No more. Dinner. Now." Abbey said. Bailey sighed and put her phone in her pocket. 3 minutes went by and Shane waited for her text and nothing. He sighed because he thought he was tricking him. There's my answer. Shane thought.


Ali said...

Oh no! That's so not good.

Things better get straightened out between the two of them ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Like Ali Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!