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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Black Stairs

Once the room got loud again, it was 8:58 PM. Heather felt a little tired. She yawned and Rain saw her with her sleepy eyes on. "Are you sleepy?" Rain asked. Heather nodded. "I'll take you home." Rain insisted. "Okay." Heather finally spoke. Heather hugged Bailey, Juliette, and Shane goodbye and then they left the party. So, it was both of them alone... walking. Heather was getting closer to Rain so she can put her arm around his waist. Rain did the same. Rain wondered how mad Mandy will get if she ever found out of them two dating. He felt rebellious to Mandy. Once Heather's house was in front of them, Heather walked up the stairs with Rain and he asked,"Will I see you tomorrow?" Heather nodded. "Okay. What time?" Heather asked. "Um... 1:45 PM, here." Rain insisted. "Sure." Heather smiled and sat on the stone rail of her stairs and relaxed on it by finally sitting down. "Alright." Rain smiled excitedly like if he was going to fall. I mean seriously, Rain and Heather.... FINALLY! Shane understood that they were together and that he will find another girl sooner or later. He just felt a little sad because he liked Heather though he didn't LOVE her like Rain did. Rain was perfect for her is what Shane thought because of his mind. Shane never had a love at first sight. It was too difficult to do. You get a crush, the crush turns out to be your friend, you get together, you break up, and then friends again. As simple as that to Shane. Meanwhile, Rain smiled after he spoke to Heather. "So, I am going to go to bed already," Heather yawned. "I'm so tired. Bye." she finished. Once she took out her key to get inside, she held it in her hand and put her arms around Rain's shoulders, tipsy toed, and kissed him. She opened her door and closed it. When Rain was coming down the stairs, he wanted to fall since he was shaking a lot. When he got home, he was yelling and jumping on his bed with excitement that they were both together. When he finished his small little parade in his room, his brother Allen came in and sat in Rain's bed. Allen was 2 years older than him like about 18 years old. He was skinny, but not too skinny that he seems like Nicole Richie and not too fat. He had beautiful light brown eyes and black hair. He was 5"8 in height. He was pretty tall (compared to me). "Dude, calm down. I'm trying to sleep. What's up? You seem hyper and pretty darn excited." Allen asked in his manly voice about to sleep. "Well, remember Heather? I always talk about her." Rain smiled. "Yea. She must be pretty." Allen said. "Oh yea, very. She asked me out!" Rain screamed. "Really? That's great! But, whatever happened to Mandy?" Allen asked confusedly proud. "I broke up with her like 2 weeks ago." Rain laughed. "Oh, I always thought she was evil."Allen frowned. "Queen Jenna made me get with her because of a depressing break up she had with her other ex boyfriend, Mason Arnold." Allen got interested in this drama in the life where he use to go to high school. Allen didn't expect too much. "Oh, that must be tough. I heard of her and seen her before. She looks sweet but is evil." Allen reminded. "The evilest girl in school, Mandy is the second evilest in school." Rain shook his head with pity. "Well, I got to go on to bed. They are announcing this thing tomorrow in college." Allen yawned standing to get the heck out of his room and sleep. Rain jumped before he closed the door and turned off the lights to go to sleep. He kept dreaming with his eyes opened and the darkness entering his eyes. He even felt his lips on random moments of his dream. He smiled, and after 6 touches of his lips, he fell asleep.... in New York City. Meanwhile, Heather was sitting in bed with the lights turned off. Her brother, Toby was already sleeping with the stomach ache of the candies. She turned on her lamp and got her diary out.
Dear Diary,
News here will be crazy. New York is very.. different and I love it. It's interesting to me. Notice that I did not say cool. Oh yea, because that makes me seem older. Using big words. Anyways, Shane and I broke up at the party because he kissed Jenna. I know it's shocking. I still kind of like him, though. Juliette got a boyfriend, her enemy, Aaron Livingstone. It turns out Mandy and him are step brothers and sisters. It's sad. No wonder he gets his cruelty from Mandy before he got with Juliette. He is sweet deep inside though. And this sounds wild, I know but, Rain likes me and Shane told me as a friend and that is why he kissed Jenna for a secret of Rain she was going to spill. He is a good friend but a bad boyfriend at that moment but then when he told me, I didn't know what to do so he encouraged me to go find him. It turns out we got together with a giggle of mine and smacking lips. I wonder if it is my giggle. I myself, think that my giggle is adorable. Much like a 5 year old laugh with a 15 year old voice laugh. Rain and I are going out tomorrow at 1:45 PM. I got to go! I am so sleepy and I want to get up early for the date.
See-you later, Alligator!


Ali loves Keyshia Cole! said...

YAY LEILAH!! I AM SO HAPPY THAT Rain and Heather are together!! FINALLY!!!!!

Now I just hope everything goes smoothly! =]

Krosemarie said...

That is amazing, I love the turn this story has taken!

I also love how Shane is so understanding, it's really great! I hope he finds a great person to be with!


Anonymous said...

did i tell you how much i heart this blog?

Anonymous said...

hey a question? who is aaron he looks like someone in degrassi

Nisey♥Smooches said...

this is one of my ave stories :)