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Leilah here.... Just wanted to say that I will be posting up post randomly since my computer has been acting dumb and also because I have been busy so much. Sorry for that. It's a misunderstanding if you think I don't care of this story anymore. I care because I want to please my readers.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yes to New York!

Shane started to strum chords on his guitar. He knew how to play guitar. His strums turned in to the song,"Mexican Wrestler" by Emma Roberts. He closed his eyes after a minute and stopped playing. Once he opened his eyes the vision he had experienced was still there. The park, kids playing double dutch, couples kissing, and mothers strolling their babies. He sighed and looked to his right for no reason. It was a jogger listening to his iPod. Shane watched him go by. He brought his guitar all the time to the park when he felt his, "song writing" mood. It was quiet in the park anyways all the time. Now the mood was gone. Meanwhile, Bailey was holding on to her phone and eating at the same time. She sat next to Andrew. Abbey sat near her husband, Joseph. Next to them sat 2 little boys about the age of 8 years old. Bailey looked down at her lap where her hands held her cell phone and texted. "Bailey? Are you texting again?" Joseph asked. "Uhh... No! I wasn't. I was... praying," Bailey smiled innocently. "Amen!" she finished. Bailey continued her eating. Abbey looked at her suspiciously and Andrew just hid his face with her making up a silly excuse. Shane just stood on his feet and took his guitar case and went straight home.

12 minutes later...
He opened the front door with his key and then felt the warm heater. It was cold outside. Like what, 36 degrees? Today was December 6, 2008. It's been three weeks ago since those love they kissed. Meanwhile, Bailey and everybody else was done eating and then Andrew walked with Bailey to her room. "Hey Bailey, that was a good lie. Praying? Wow." Andrew smiled. "Well, I had to text Shane. But I couldn't because of dinner." Bailey explained. "Oh. Alright, Shane." Andrew making an,"I don't believe you" face sarcastically. "No, really! He doesn't know yet that I like him. I'll have to call him tomorrow." Bailey told Andrew. "So you can get with him even though you are way far from each other?" Andrew fastly asked. Bailey looked at him. He has a point. She thought. "Well," "Come on! You know that I am right." Andrew smiled sweetly. "You are. But I might see him over his school Christmas Break." Bailey replied. "You should ask Abbey if she will let you go to New York City for Christmas." Andrew reminded. "Come with me then to ask Abbey." Bailey looked at him. Andrew giggled and came with her to ask Abbey.

"No way!" Abbey yelled. "What? Come on! Why not?" Bailey asked. "Because there needs to be someone to go with you. You can't go alone! You need someone 17 or older to go with you." Abbey told Bailey. "I'm 17, I can go with her!" Andrew smiled excitedly. Bailey dropped her mouth with a smile. "Okay. That will work. But you got to promise to not leave her alone by herself. She might get kidnapped or lost or anything else." Abbey replied. "Trust me, I can't stop doing it now." Andrew whispered to himself. "Excuse me?" Abbey asked. "Uh.. Nothing!" Andrew said. Bailey giggled because she heard him. "So when do you want to go?" Abbey asked Bailey. "Um.. December 19, 2008." Bailey responded excitedly. "Alright." Abbey said walking away. "Oh my god! Thanks so much Andrew." Bailey hugged Andrew. Andrew couldn't breathe because he blushed so hard. While walking to his room Bailey explained how great he would think of New York City. "And then Times Square is filled with tons of people and fashion trend setters, musicians, and famous people like Mary Kate Olsen or Robert Pattison!" she smiled. "How can I ever pay you back?" she asked as they both entered his room and she closed the door. "Well," Andrew widened his eyes. "you don't need to pay me." Andrew got closer to her. "Okay, fine." Bailey said. Andrew smiled and pushed her softly against his room's door. They kissed so passionately. Bailey enjoyed kissing Andrew sometimes. They were like friends of benefits. Andrew pulled away for air. His hair covered his eyes which made him look hot to Bailey. They both sat down behind the door and kept kissing. Five seconds later, Andrew got on top of her and smiled. Bailey felt a little tired. It was 8:57 PM and she usually slept in midnight every Friday. So she fell asleep with Andrew on top of her on the floor. Andrew got on his feet and picked up Bailey and carried her to her room. "Goodnight Bailey." he whispered in her ear. And at that he left her sleeping on her bed, Andrew closed the door after leaving to go and sleep in his room. Bailey woke up in her bed at 9:47 AM the next morning on December 7, 2008. She had a new text message from Rain.
Rain: Did you hear that Shane has a girlfriend?
To be continued...


Ali said...

Whoa! that text came out of nowhere! i was so not expecting that!

wonder what happens next...

great post leilah! :D

Anonymous said...

to be continued!!!! now now now.